If there was ever a time that Alexis wanted time to slow down so she could enjoy the moment; now was not one of those moments that she wanted to savor and cherish.

She gripped at her wavy brown hair with two fists as she paced around the bathroom, her bottom lip victim to her brutal assault of her teeth gnawing nervously. Removing her hands from her hair, her fingers moved to her shirt to wring the bottom of the fabric as her hazel eyes darted to the white object resting on the bathroom sink. She couldn't help to expect the worst as that thing sat innocently on the counter, taunting her as it took its time to give her a result.

"Alexis Cassidy, I cannot believe you!"

Her eyes swung to the closed bathroom door as her friend spoke from the hallway. "Um, I'm sorry, but I'm absolutely positive that I am not the only person that gets into these situations. Don't judge me!"

"I'm not judging; I am just expressing my surprise," her friend explained, sighing loudly as she leaned against the hallway wall. You're so cute, so innocent, so…" She crossed her arms over her chest, momentarily checking the ends of her black hair for split ends. "I just didn't expect it from you—but I'm not judging! Totally here for you right now! Weren't you a virgin? We're close and all, but you're so secretive when it comes to men…"

"Savannah, we are not discussing this," came a grumbled reply behind the white door.

"…How many minutes has it been?"

"…It's only been thirty seconds. God, I hate myself." She sat on the edge of the bathtub, rubbing her face with her hands as the night blurrily put itself on repeat in her mind.

Her back met the front of an unfamiliar door as his mouth hungrily assaulted her own, his hands firmly on her rear as she tilted her head for better access of his mouth. One hand removed itself from her body to search in his pocket for keys, a groan being pulled from his throat as she playfully bit his bottom lip. He hurriedly checked his other side pocket and finally found it successfully in his back pocket after a bit of fumbling. Alexis kept her hold on him as he attempted to properly unlock his door, failing miserably as he dropped his keys on the ground.

"Why me? Really? This would happen to me. I am never drinking again because clearly, I cannot handle myself and nothing good ever comes out of my drunken situations. Actually, why the hell did you leave the club without me?!"

"Hey, you wandered off and I was no better off than you. When we were getting ready to leave, we looked for you and he finally managed to get a hold of you and you said you met up with a friend and got a ride from him. Which we now know is a complete lie. So, have you been showing any symptoms?"

"Well, no, but my aunt didn't know she was pregnant until her second month because she didn't have morning sickness or anything. Just really tired, but she assumed it was just because of working so much. I just need to know because I don't know if we used a condom and I wasn't thinking about the morning-after pill and…I just really hate myself right now."

By the time they reached his room with a few bumps into the wall and a bit of stumbling, their clothes were nearly completely off and tossed carelessly along the hallway. His mouth remained attached to hers as he backed her into the darkness of his bedroom, his pants loosening as he slid his belt out of his pant loops and dropped his belt next to him. His large hands came up to thread his fingers through her soft hair as his tongue slowly moved against hers, slowing the pace down as the back of her legs met his bed and her fingertips lightly grazed his muscled abdomen.

"I hate when good looking people throw themselves in my path when I'm intoxicated," Alexis groaned, a small smile coming to her lips as her statement got a quick giggle from her friend. "It's not funny…"

Warmth surrounded Alexis comfortably as she started to wake, her brows wrinkling immediately as she noticed that something was off as she laid in bed. It didn't feel like her bed. Why was she naked? She never slept completely naked. She groaned as she shifted, her hangover announcing its presence as she continued to lie in a bed that she was starting to notice was not hers. She curled into a fetal position, her eyes snapping open as her bare knees brushed against warm skim. Her hazel eyes stared at a lightly tanned bicep as she stiffened completely and held her breathe. She was single. Who the hell was this man?!

A million thoughts were running through her mind as her eyes drifted upwards, flinching as he made a noise in his sleep and rolled his head to the side to face her. His brows drew together for a moment before he relaxed in his sleep once again. Her mouth fell open as she sat up with the navy blue sheet pulled up to her bosom, her wide eyes focused on the handsome stranger next to him. He was stunning, but she couldn't gaze at his strong jaw and parted lips for long before nausea started to rumble in her stomach.

"…Fuck, fuck," she began to chant in a whisper as she looked around in a panic for her clothing. She swung her legs over the side of his bed, a thin layer of sweat starting to cover her body as her panic grew. She had to be out and far away before her mistake woke up. She sniffled as her eyes began to water and her hand flew over her mouth and her eyes darted to the black trash can next to the bed by the nightstand. Forgetting the sheet and not bothering to be modest, she got out of the bed and onto her knees in front of the trash can and vomited. One arm was slung across her breasts as she continued to empty out the contents of her stomach, attempting to be as discreet as possible just in case the mystery man woke to the sound of her throwing up.

She pulled herself together three minutes later, grabbing her red underwear as soon as she saw them on the wood floor as she hurried towards the bedroom door. She scurried out and let out a heavy breathe as she spotted her black dress in the middle of the hallway. She pulled it over her head as she quickly continued in that direction in search for her bra and shoes, biting her lower lip in frustration when she didn't spot either of them. Perhaps she didn't need her bra, but she at least wanted to find her shoes before completing her escape. Alexis moved as quickly as possible, finding one black pump under his leather coat and another in front of the couch that must've been tossed.

"Phone, phone," she chanted to herself as she held her pumps by the heels in one hand and hurried back to the bedroom that held the stranger she wanted to avoid. Standing in the doorway and instead of trying to look for her green phone, her eyes landed on the bare chest of the man and traveled down his torso to the sheet riding dangerously low on his slim hips. Her cheeks warmed as her headache continued to chisel itself into the side of her head. She shook her head, brushing away the inappropriate thoughts and snapping back to reality. Alexis spotted her phone on the nightstand on the other side of the bed, smiling as she tip toed into the room with a smile to only be scared half to death by the sound of a phone ringing that wasn't hers.

"Mmm…shit," came a groan from the man in bed, causing Alexis to drop to the floor at the end of his bed and hide on her hands and knees.

At that moment, Alexis only had two solutions.

Hide under the bed and wait for him to get in the shower or stay in her current position and hope that he answers the phone and just falls back to sleep right after.

His ring tone continued to play much to her displeasure, the piercing and overly annoying jingly making her head throb. After seven rings and no more noise coming from the stranger, the ringing came to a stop and silence flooded the room. She peeked over the end of his bed, clenching her fist victoriously as she went back to her standing position and making a direct maneuver to her cell phone. She whispered a 'yes' as she snatched her phone off of the night stand, cringing when she caught a whiff of her vomit in the trash can next to her leg. She turned to walk out and sent a glance at the sleeping man to only stand rigidly as her eyes met with his brown eyes.

Her mind fizzled and became blank as her mouth fell open as he confusedly stared back at the girl as he laid in bed. As disgusting as she felt as a human being for even having a one night stand, she couldn't help but think that at least he was extremely attractive. He sat up and rubbed his forehead with a groan before looking at her with a look that came off as apologetic. His jaw had a bit of stubble evident, her eyes running themselves over his strong arms that she was in just the night before. Hazel eyes snapped back up to his face as she shut her mouth into a tight line. His sandy blonde hair was a complete attractive mess that he fixed with a quick hand through it as he glanced away briefly.

"Hey," he started gently, snapping Alexis out of whatever thoughts were racing through her mind.

"I…" She swallowed as her face became warm out of embarrassment and awkwardness.


She didn't turn back as he yelled for her as she sprinted out of the room and house.

"Maybe you should've asked him if you guys used a condom instead of just…running like a maniac. I can't believe you ran."

"What did you expect me to do? Ask him if he wanted eggs and bacon for breakfast?" She angrily snatched the pregnancy test off of the counter, her shoulders relaxing as she headed to the door and opened it to look at her best friend. Savannah pushed herself off of the wall, all joking aside as she stared at her. She inhaled sharply as the shorter girl began to cry, but relaxed immediately as a smile began to break through.

"It's negative!"


"You what?! What the hell! Why am I just now finding out about this and Savannah knew before me?!"

Alexis sighed happily as she entered her room, tossing her purse onto her bed before falling onto her back on the comfortable bed. "Gee, I don't know. Maybe because it's something I don't find the need to brag about."

"You told my girlfriend before me?! I've known you since we were eight! What the hell! I deserve to know things first."

Alexis rolled her eyes, glancing at the packed boxes on the side of her room. "Austin, I'm sorry. I just didn't want to talk about it and when I started feeling sick, I felt like I could only go to a girl about this issue—especially thinking I was pregnant. I think it was just bad food that I ate…"

"Did you take more than one test? Did you get tested for STD's?"

"Yeah, after celebrating the first one we just felt better if we made super sure and yes. I got tested right away…"

"Mm. I'm surprised to even hear this. It's you! You're a self proclaimed man hater and now you're suddenly lifting your skirt up all around town!"

"Austin! Asshole."

He laughed on the other side of the phone, "I kid, I kid. You deserve it since you like to keep secrets from me apparently."

"What a baby. The next time this happens, you'll be the first to know," she joked lightly.

"I appreciate it," he replied with a smile in his tone. "Hey, I'm coming by since I'm over in that area and I'll pick up some Chinese food to celebrate the fact that you're not knocked up by some random dude and you don't have anything infecting that area down there…"

"Thanks…I guess."

"Be there in fifteen and I am still stunned! My mind has been blown for like the second time today! My semi-sweet, innocent Alexis…"

Not amused, Alexis hung up the phone and placed it next to her as she sat up to only glare at her younger brother that was leaning in the doorway. He stood casually before a smile began to creep onto his cute face, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Wyatt, how long have you been there?"

"Long enough," he answered slowly, "to hear that my sister who complains about sluts being everywhere is turning into one herself."

She shot the fifteen year old a nasty look as she got off of her bed to head to her bathroom. "Whatever, Wyatt—it's none of your business anyway. You need to quit being sneaky and eavesdropping!"

"You never tell me anything and Dad appreciates my skills. I'm the man of the house and I need to report back to him with information about his only daughter, yadda yadda. I tell him there's not much to report since you suck with relationships and all."

"Get. Out."

Amusement danced in the blondes blue eyes. "Man, I can only imagine the reaction I would get from Dad if I mentioned a pregnancy test randomly in conversation."

Alexis stomped her foot childishly, looking for something heavy to throw at his head. Her eyes landed on her blow dryer, but she didn't want to miss and break it against the wall. "Get out or else!"

"Or what? Alexis, you don't scare me. You may scare other people with your constant bitch face, but I'm not on that list…"

She crossed her arms as well as she turned to face him. "Get the hell out of my room or harm will come to that new game system you got two weeks ago. I am so clumsy, I may just be walking around with a glass of water or a hammer in my hand and woops!"

The smile was gone in an instant. "…You do that and I'll get you back ten times worse," he threatened.

A staring contest between the siblings commenced, Alexis being the first to break after five minutes of glares sent between the two. "Ten."



He glanced away with a bored look, "Twenty."

"What the-ten!"

"Thirty. I have the habit of rambling just like you and sometimes," he sighed sadly; pretending to be contrite, "information tends to just slip out of my mouth…"

"Fine, thirty, you little…" Jumbled words were spoken under her breath as she went to her purse and rummaged through to pull together thirty dollars and shoving it in his hand. Wyatt was annoying and harsh most of the time, but he kept to his word if paid off. He grinned, sliding the money into his pocket.

"I suppose I can keep my mouth shut about this false alarm pregnancy." He grin slid away just a bit as he watched her toss a few more things into the cardboard box nearby. "So, he was a nobody?"

"Yeah," she said with relief.

"A one night stand, huh…"

Alexis cringed as he said it, but Wyatt smiled at her.

"Hey, at least you're not pregnant and you'll never have to see this guy again and it's a secret, right? Sounds pretty awesome to me," he told her. Even if he was a monster, he was her younger brother and they were very close to each other and she picked up on his attempt to make her situation a little lighter.

"Well…yeah, I suppose you're right. Do I get my money back since we just bonded a little and as my loving brother you'll keep my secret anyway?"



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