Veneer Asylum

Darkness fades from black to white. Everything is so fuzzy…so clouded…a haze hangs over my mind. Where am I? I reach out, grabbing the railing beside me. It's cold and white, like everything else in this small room.

My fingers lightly trace the cold metal down to where it reaches the itchy fabric of what I assume is the sheet on my bed. This, too, is white. It burns my still unadjusted eyes with its unnaturally clean pallor. I fidget...its so uncomfortable. The bed's springs squeal as I move around.

I stand up on two uncertain shaky legs. Only they break the sea of ashen with a golden tan, but when gravity pulls down my white robe, they disappear too, leaving me surrounded. Where are my thick black locks of hair? Why aren't they saving me from this light? Where has my beautiful hair gone? Have they taken it from me? Haven't they taken enough?

We hope you are comfortable, Miss Valcarase. Welcome to Veneer Asylum. Please take the pills to the left of this note. We'll be with you shortly.

I took the note in my hands, eyes flitting across the sharp, precise handwriting. My name is written in a loopy scrawl, standing out from the neatness of the rest of the paper. I snort; it shows how much they care.

A hand runs through my cropped hair. It's messy and spiky, too short to wrap around a finger and twirl it like I usually do. I grab the small cup of pills that sit next to me and examine the tablets. They're too bright and cheery…yellow with a black smiley face. Disgusted, I slowly stand up and take the pills across the room. A white sink stands alone there, and I quickly dump the pills down the drain. I'm not a child. I don't need to take "happy pills."

"That was your ticket to making me go away, Nicole."

I knew that high child-like voice. I turn around slowly to see the police woman with yellow cat-like eyes. Her red hair swirls around her face, like its writhing in the wind. But there is no breeze in this prison. It's stifling, like I'm surrounded by a wall of fire. She leers at me and laughs, only turning away to examine her crimson nails. The heat washes over me's so I melting? Where is the fire? Is this hell?

But why do I feel so cold?

Two icy hands rest on my shoulders. It's him, the guy that was run over by the train. My blue eyes met his clouded brown ones. I can't help but stare at his face, covered in dirt and grime with a long indent running over his throat. Blood gushes out, splashing over his clothes and mine, making my skin crawl. I know the matching cut resides on his belly. I also know that if I were to look down, I would see his insides spilling onto the white tiled floor. His grasp is deathly cold, covered in a thin coat of freezing sweat.

"You ruined your chance, Nicole."

His voice is so low and dark and faint, just like the others. Why won't they leave me alone?

A sharp claw runs across my leg, drawing blood. The miniature purple tiger sits behind me, looking innocently up at me with big green eyes. Red hot blood rests on his claws, a reminder to what he's done in the past. Unconsciously, my eyes flit to my arm, where deeps cuts and long scars lay. They burn painfully, making me relive every single time the tiger has hurt me. His claws always digging into my scarred flesh...

The tiger yawns and lies on my feet. I glance down at it, seeing how innocent it looks, how adorable he is...But his fangs glint in the light, reminding me, bringing me out of my mislead thoughts. I grab the demon by its scruff and kick it across the room.

"Why'd you do that, Nicole? Why?" The tiger starts crying hot pink tears. His whiskers twitch before he disappears in a ball of fire. Why can't I feel proud that I finally banished the demon? Why do I feel like sobbing?

A door opens, breaking the sound of the police woman cackling.

"Did you take your pills, Nicole? I am Dr. Anna Gregory, and I'll be taking care of you for your stay here."

"Are you real?" I ask in a cracked voice. I've never seen this blond doctor before…is she a new torture? Her large green eyes seem real enough, and there's no sign of death on her. She breathes, and a faint blush touches her cheeks. Blood runs through her veins.

The doctor smiles. "Yes, dear. I am real. Now did you take your pills?"

The pills…the smiling ones. I shake my head slowly. "They winked at me."

I see Dr. Gregory's unpleased expression. She writes quickly on her clip board before looking back at me. "I see." Her voice isn't warm anymore…it's cold, disappointed. She forces a bright smile on her face as she shoves another container of pills at me. This time they're just white, blending into the background like the rest of the room. "Take them, please, Miss Valcarase. They'll make your…visions…go away."

To make this doctor happy, I swallow the tablets. She seems happy that I cooperated. Maybe she's not another one of my demons. Perhaps she actually is here in flesh and blood.

"Where am I? Why am I here?" I ask, eying the doctor nervously.

"You're at Veneer Asylum. You have some disorders that might endanger yourself and others." Her cheery expression makes me sick.

"When can I leave?"

I almost laugh at Dr. Gregory's expression. I can see the gears in her head turning, trying to come up with a good way to put it that I'm not allowed to leave, that I must stay here forever. A cold chuckle leaves my cracked lips.

"Well, you see, you'll stay here for a short time while we do some tests…"

I roll my eyes and send her a glare. "Liar. You know that I'm never leaving here." I hear the police woman cackling. "Shut up!" I shout at her. The doctor gives me a strange look before making a quick excuse and leaving the room.

"BOO!" A black demon jumps in front of my sight, causing me to topple backwards onto my bed. I let out a loud scream, writhing, trying to get away. His terribly bloody red eyes glare at me as he glides forward. The florescent lights reflect off his black scales as he comes closer and closer…

I flinch as my leg is cut open by his barbed tail. I can feel the poison seeping into my system. "Go away…" I manage to get out. The words are shaky; why haven't I gotten used to this?

The demon chuckles, but disappears in a poof of black smoke. White coated people run into the room, flashing lights in my eyes, asking if I'm okay. Are they serious? Am I okay? I was just attacked by a demon! Their words are muffled and darkness creeps around the edges of my vision. Will I ever be free? Will I always be stuck in this torture?

The last thing I feel is my red hot blood running down my skin, seeping through the white cloth that surrounds me. The darkness comes closer…swallowing me up.

Is this my death? It's too peaceful…

Oh God, just let me die now…


So what do you think? Twisted...cruel...? Good, bad? Do tell : )

I'm not a psychopath...I just write twisted things ; )