"Ethan!" she screamed. "What is your problem?!"

I shrugged. "Your mom let me in before they left." Which was true. Addie's family were all going out today and when they were all stepping out they let me in.

"Into the house! Not my room!" Addie screamed and threw a pillow at me. I managed to catch it just before it hit me in the face but as I started to pull it down Addie screamed at me again. This was getting old quick. "No! Don't you dare take that pillow off of your face!"

"Oh, come on, Addie," I said, my voice muffled by the pillow. "It's not like I haven't seen you like this before. Remember our first kiss?"

"Shut up," she said. I could hear her frantically running around her room, trying to put on her clothes. Apparently, I had caught her at a bad time. She had been changing. And, as her boyfriend, I saw no need in having to knock to go into her room. I guess I was wrong because I was assaulted by a string of curse words that still surprised me that my girlfriend actually knew.

"And," I continued, "it's all going to come off in a couple of hours when we get going on our date."

"You are such a pig," she said and I had a clear picture of her rolling her eyes at me in my head. "You can look now."

I smirked. Addie was hot. Wearing my favorite shirt of hers – the one she had worn on Christmas, five month ago – had nothing to do with it. Sure, it was bonus points because sometimes she would be nice enough to spare me a nice view but even without that shirt she was hot. Well, I mean, with any other shirt she was hot.

…But even more so without a shirt on….

I couldn't help myself. So, really, it was a good thing she made me keep the pillow against my face. I couldn't count the times I had let my instincts take over and it was all I could do to keep from ravishing her.

"Hey, hot stuff," I said, sliding up to her and kissing her. She didn't give me the chance to deepen the kiss and pushed me away.

"Hot stuff?" She made a face. "I have a name."

I nodded. "Sure, but you look hot." The blush rising to her cheeks made me smirk. "Are you blushing, dear?"

"No," she said, trying to step away from my arms. I didn't let her.

I laughed. "You're terrible at lying."

Addie shot me a loock. "Yes, you've pointed that out a million times. Thank you. Should we get going now?"

I leaned down and kissed my way from her jaw to her ear and then whispered, "We could always stay in. I wouldn't mind." I loved the way she smelled. I wanted to just sit down and hold her in my lap while I smelled her neck forever. "And it is my birthday so maybe I should be allowed to decide."

Addie pulled my face up to meet my eyes. Her own eyes were already glazing over even as she tried to maintain a firm façade. I smirked again and started moving her back as she said something. I wasn't listening. It was probably an insult anyway. I was too distracted by her pink lips and then by her shirt that shifted, revealing a little slither of red lace and I realized it was the present I had given her for Christmas.

"Are you wearing the bra I gave you?!" I asked, excitedly.

She blushed again. "No."

I kissed her and as she stroked her hands through my hair, I pushed her back onto her bed. I laughed when I heard her sigh as we landed on the bed in a tangle of limbs and she hit my shoulder, looking up at me with a frown. "Addie," I said, kissing her jaw again, "I'm going to find out if you're lying or not."

She rolled her eyes at me. "You already know I am."

I pushed her shirt up her stomach and shot her my most innocent grin. "No I don't."

"We're at my parent's house." She was tripping over her own words as I kissed her navel but I didn't say anything other than, "No one's home."

I don't think my words were exactly clear but I was too busy admiring the tiny birthmark on her ribs to care. And when I gave her an open mouthed kiss on it, she gasped and it was enough for her to stop talking and let me take her shirt off. I admired the red bra and lightly skimmed the strap on her right shoulder with my lips. I was really excited about our progress so far this night but as I debated about my next course of action – either take off my shirt or her bra – I jumped, hearing the loud bang against the door than a whine and lastly, a bark, resounding through the house. Nacho had just run into Addie's door

"Nacho." Addie laughed from under me and it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. "He knows you're up to something."

"Damn dog," I muttered into her neck. Ever since we had saved him, Nacho had been keeping a special eye on us. And it pissed me off even more whenever Addie would slip her shirt back on and actually go to the dog than let me continue my exploration. Like now.

"Watch it," she threatened, heading to her door as I sat dejectedly on her bed.

I grinned anyway. "Oh, I'm watching it."

She spun to me and realized that my eyes were watching her butt. "That's not what I meant." She threw the door open for Nacho who instantly bounded onto her. "Nacho!" She exclaimed, happily. I guess she had finally figured out that he actually liked her the most. "Look, Ethan's here!"

Nacho glanced up at me but then turned away and snuggled even deeper into Addie's arms. Ever since I started dating her, Nacho pretty much ignored me. I can't complain too much though. It was because of him that I had met Addie. And when she finally got up, walked over to me, and planted a firm kiss on my lips, telling me we should go, I couldn't help but reach over and pet Nacho. Even if he did look ready to kill me.

A/N: Short epilogue but I love it :D I hope you do too. Did you like Ethan's point of view?

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