The media: Controlling us?

Yesterday (Saturday 05th September 2009) there was a big commotion (and stir) over Google's logo change which you may have Google logo changes are common and the Google company often do this for important day, e.g. birthdays of great people, special days like Christmas and new years logo had only slightly changed, a UFO half way through taking the letter 'O'.Unlike usually people could not understand what this meant and why the logo was over it did not help explain why it had changed as it usually would and clicking on it brought you to the search results for 'Unexplained Phenomenon'.The only other real clue was the code they gave "1.12.12 15 1.18.5 .14.7 20.15 21.19″.This code when unravelled (the number would mean the letter it stood for from 1-26 e.g.1= A, 2= B and 3= C) gave the phrase "All your O are belong to us" which is because the 'O' out of google was being taken and linked to the phrase "All your base are belong to us".The phrase is to do with a game called 'Zero Wing' which celebrated it's 20th Anniversary yesterday and that is why the Google team changed it's logo.

That is what happened, but not exactly what I want to talk reason I am writing this small essay is because the page clicking the logo yesterday brought up, search results for 'Unexplained Phenomenon' was one of the most visited sites and 'unexplained phenomenon' was one of Googles most hottest trends for Telegraph wrote yesterday 'It is unclear whether Google is responding to popular demand or dictating what the public should be interested in' which interests quote was a theory to explain why Google had changed their was not the correct answer, as explained above what the correct answer was to do with the game , Google did show us that it can dictate to us what we should be interested in, that the media has some form of control over us as it is shown many people went onto the search results because it was put up by Google.

Why did people press the link and look at the result sites brought up by Google?Thinking they were interested in the results, that Google knew something they weren't telling us and therefore they should research?People obsessed for many hours, talking to other people over facebook, twitter and alike to confer and try solve the question over everybody's head 'Why have they changed their logo?'.People came up with mad answers like Google know something, that it is world UFO day or that aliens landed here so many years ago.

This shows so much about our world these days, that we are gullible, obsessed and easily controlled and it worries will happen in the future?This is not the only case of being controlled, each day the media tells us stories but leaving bits out, exaggerating or even lying to suit themselves or others like the are deciding who we support, what we believe in and so much more on a regular basis, e.g. rows between celebrity couples have been put in such a light that we will support certain celebrities because they want us to or like making celebrities sound like angels or devils to suit themselves (Princess Diana and Amy Winehouse being two of them).They do this so simply, by phrasing things in such ways like 'lurid scenes', 'she looks like the madam of a sleazy brothel', 'she took part in the revolting snaps' and even a quote on the paper says "Under that beautiful, caring façade was a manipulative, callous and cold woman" these phrases are about Lady Heather Mill in a newspaper shows how the media wanted people to support Sir Paul McCartney over their divorce and in essence showed how the paper had a control over us, because most people supported him and not , as I've said has happened so many times, such as between the split of Peter Andre and Katie Price making people support him, making Princess Diana sound nice, making Amy Winehouse seem like a drug abuser.I am not saying that the media is wrong, that the opposite is true but the media exaggerates and lies so often, that they are not reliable and are controlling.

Or were people clicking it because they were confused to why Google had done this?This would mean that people may not be gullible and controllable by the still in ways is a warning, as if you think about it we are controlled by the media, even if this wasn't one of those times.

I'd like to finish with a small comment: Please let me know your views by reviewing (or e-mailing me) and I think I've covered everything.I hope you've enjoyed this and I hope it's left you thinking.

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