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The music from the band pulsated throughout the bar. Camille Livingston was currently seated at the back not dancing, not nodding, but instead watching, watching the lead singer pour his heart out. The emotion in his voice was raw and it made her feel all the emotions he was apparently going through. A part of her wanted to go up on that stage and kiss all his pain away but the logical part told her this was insane.

She sipped her Dry Martini slowly. Her eyes were mesmerized by the emotions displayed on his face and all she could think was how he looked between the sheets. Stop it Camille, she reprimanded, these thoughts were getting more and more vulgar. She heard applauses erupt from all over the bar as he finished singing.

Camille pushed away her drink, left some money on the table, and sauntered towards the stage. Her emerald green orbs stared intensely at his spiky black hair and stormy grey eyes as he dried off the sweat that had gathered on his forehead. There were many girls crowded around him, apparently having the same intentions as her, except she didn't look nearly as desperate as they did in their tight tube tops and mini skirts. Camille's attire paled in comparison to theirs as she had on only a blue tank top and her favourite tight jeans, which normally made her feel sexy. She hoped it would be enough. She didn't want to have to demean herself anymore than needed. Camille pushed through all of them and as his eyes caught hers, he smiled.

Camille felt her palms sweating as she shouted, "Great song!"

He smiled wider, showing off his perfect, straight, white teeth and said,"Thanks." He jerked his head to his left and Camille comprehended the gesture easily. "I'll catch up with you later." He winked and walked backstage.

Camille could feel the excitement coursing through her body as she headed over to where he said. Less than ten minutes passed before he stood before her, free of sweat and any evidence which would suggest that he had just sang for an hour straight.

He smirked, "So what's your name?"

"No names," she replied.

He smirked again. "That's not fair you know mine, but alright if that's what you want." Actually she didn't know his name, since she'd only recently heard of his band and came just after the band members had introduced themselves. His scent however, was over-powering her thoughts as he continued to stare at her with an intense lustful gaze and Camille began biting her lips, her telltale nervous sign.

"You wanna get out of here?" he asked.

"Well, why else would I be talking to you?" she replied arrogantly as she arched her left eyebrow questioningly. Her inner child squealed triumphantly as he looked surprised by her answer before a corner of his lips twitched upwards. Camille didn't know how long she would be able to hold on to her newly found confidence, but she hoped it would last throughout the night. All she had to do was get rid of that annoying nagging feeling in her gut that told her she was going to regret the whole thing.

Camille however, knew she needed this. It would be the final straw in getting over him. She hoped that just like the women in books and movies or one of her favourite shows Sex and the City, she would become empowered and liberated from the chain of men. And she hoped that this was what had to be done in order to snap those bonds.

Camille suddenly felt a bit dizzy as the effects of her drink started to affect her. One minute he was staring intensely at her and the next his lips were on hers. She barely felt him tugging her hands and pulling her towards his car and barely registered that they had reached his apartment. However, she did register his lips on hers once again and his hands under her top reaching up and unclasping her bra. As his soft but firm lips pressed against hers once more, her brain screamed that she was going to regret this instead of achieving what she was seeking. But at the moment Camille didn't care, she couldn't leave; not in the state she was in. She wanted this and for once she was going to get what she wanted.

He pulled her towards his bedroom and pushed her back onto his bed. She wrapped her arms around him and he settled in between her legs. He deepened the kiss then pulled off her top leaving her chest exposed. His eyes became even darker as seem to be memorizing every curve and flaw. She couldn't take his intense gazing anymore without suddenly feeling insecure so she hurriedly pulled off his clothes and he did the same for her.

"Are you sure?" he asked searching for confirmation. She nodded and he attacked her lips again before getting up.

"Where are you going?" she asked huskily.

"Condom," he replied.

Camille groaned, she didn't want to stop. "Hurry up," she murmured.

And he did just that.

Hours later she looked down at the stranger who now knew her in ways she did not know and kissed his cheeks gently. He looked so sweet while sleeping. And she almost wished that this didn't have to end but logic, which she finally allowed in, told her it had to. This was just a one night stand and nothing more, and if she stayed any longer she would feel that familiar hope swell of this turning into something more. Camille never could understand how Samantha could sleep with all those guys without a thought. Maybe she was too… traditional?

She got up slowly being cautious as to not awake him, gathered her clothes together (a hard feat being that there was no light in the room), put them on and left without looking back, fearing that if she did, she would never be able to leave.


"You are glowing," Camille pointed out to her sister, Alice. "Why?" she asked. Camille had to wave her hands repeatedly in front of Alice's face a few times before she snapped out of the trance she was in. Camille repeated the question again.

"Oh, ummm…I met a guy." Camille waited patiently for her sister to elaborate.

"His name is Jace and he's in a band called Generic Flames. He's the lead singer."

As soon as she said this, Camille's mind flickered back to the guy she had met a month ago and she realized that she hadn't learned the name of the band. That fact alone made her feel almost filthy, but she consoled herself with the fact that the women of today did not need to know the details of the guy they were sleeping with. And for an extra boost, she reminded herself that she would never see him again. No matter how great he was in bed.

But she would be lying to herself if she didn't admit that she wouldn't mind having another go. His hands and the way he used them made her blood boil. She could feel her face heating up and she realized that she had to banish those thoughts immediately or else Alice might suspect that she was having a mini-fantasy and that would be mortifying.

"-I mean he's smart and funny and just amazing," Alice finished with a sigh. Camille felt a little guilty that she hadn't really heard a word of what her sister was saying.

Play it cool Camille. "Wow. He sounds great." She smiled, genuinely happy for her sister. But hey, puppy love was rampant in high school although hers ended badly.

"He is," Alice replied firmly.

"Well….then I can't wait to meet lover boy," Camille teased. But instead of Alice blushing and turning away like Camille expected, she looked ecstatic.

"Oh you will. He's meeting me here today."

Camille blinked, shocked and kind of hurt. "Is that why you asked me to meet you here?" Alice nodded.

"I just wanted you meet the guy who makes me so happy Cam." Talk about laying it on thick. How was she supposed to be upset and hurt now?

With a sigh of defeat, Camille responded by saying, "Fine, let's just order while we wait." And they both flipped open their menus.

"So how's college Cammy?" Camille looked up at her and smiled, she knew what Alice really wanted to know i.e. if she had met any new guys.

"Sorry to disappoint you but no Ali." Alice looked at her menu contemplatively before smiling.

"That's because none of them are good enough for you Cam." Camille raised an eyebrow at Alice but felt touched nonetheless.

"So a real question with no underlying meaning how is high school? You know you finally being a senior and all."

"High school is high school, full of drama." And they both smirked at each other at the meaning.

Cam looked back down at her menu, scanning through the list and eliminating all she knew she would never try and checked off all her favourites.

She heard the bell ring signaling that another customer had arrived and looked up as a reflex. What she saw however made her breath hitch in her throat and stay there.

Familiar black hair, except it was no longer spiky but instead wavy, slightly muscular build, stormy grey eyes.


What was he doing here? She had to rub her eyes just to be sure. Camille wasn't sure where he lived (since she hadn't actually paid attention to her surroundings that night), but wasn't it too much of a coincidence that he came here the same time she did?

She straightened up her menu and tried to hide behind it. Stupid, she knew but she had no other choice as he was headed in her direction. It was getting harder to breathe as he came closer because every step he took made a little image of that night appear.

She knew with a sudden resolute that she shouldn't have slept with him, but she had wanted him so badly and even now her body was responding to him. She peeked over her menu to see him getting closer…except he wasn't looking at her but instead someone else. Relief immediately overcame her and another emotion she didn't want to identify, but it made her stomach clench in slight fury.

Alice looked up and gasped her lips beginning to form into the shape of a smile.

Camille watched carefully as she got up and hugged him tightly.


Camille desperately tried to think of many reasons of how they would know each other and only one was prominent.

"No," she whispered to herself.

Alice turned back to her sister, a big smile still on her face. "Cammy, meet my new boyfriend Jace."

Jace looked at Camille and surprised her by smirking triumphantly. However, three words kept flashing repeatedly in her head.

Oh. My. God!