CHAPTER 1: Subway Coincidence and Ice Cream

"We just need to get on this subway. Then we exit and the limo will be there," Sara said with a smile, trying to quiet our complaints. Then she looked down at her black dress—which came down just above her knee—picking a piece of white lint off her waist. She absentmindedly twirled her index finger around her long pearl necklaces.

"When will it get here?" Katie asked to no one in particular as she peered from left to right for the sub train to appear. As if to answer her question, a noise of an engine and the rattling of the railway bars grew faint to unnoticeable as a subway train came closer.

"Wait, so who's coming in the limo with us again?" Jenn asked, as she looked at Sara.

"The usual; the guys," Sara answered with an excited smile. Hearing this, Jenn looked down at her red dress—that matched her self confidence and outgoing personality—which also came above the knee. Actually all of our dresses ended above the knee. Jenn fixed her straight, black hair.

The guys. My heart skipped a beat when I heard Sara. The guys whom obviously meant Chad, Mark, Spencer, and Brenton. I smiled, showing my own excitement for the night.

"Well, let's get on," Sara said, interrupting my thoughts, as she started towards the subway train that was now in front of us. The doors slid open, revealing a crowded subway train. All the seats were taken, and there were people standing and holding onto the metal poles to keep their balance.

We stepped inside, making the subway even more crowded. There was no room to move, and if you wanted to move you had to push and shove. I was actually sandwiched between two people and couldn't move an inch. I tried to look around my surroundings, and past the people I was standing by for a pole to hang on to.

Then I felt somebody shove me in the back—accidental or not—just as the doors closed. Because of the shove, I accidentally bumped into the back of the person in front of me. I didn't have time to say sorry because I was quickly scanning for something to hold on to before the subway would take off and I would inevitably fall from the jerk of the train.

"Speak of the devils," Katie's amused voice came from beside me. I was about to look at her, and ask what the heck she was talking about. But my question was answered, when the person I accidentally bumped into turned around. My mouth slightly fell open as I stared at the light brown eyes that looked right into my brown ones. My heart skipped a beat.

"I didn't know you liked me that much Sienna," the tall guy in front of me said with a smirk. Suddenly, I was aware that I was really close to him—past the personal space bubble.

"Oh, please Brenton," I laughed with an eye roll. The shock of actually seeing Brenton right in front of me, and being in the same subway train as my friends and I (which was a rare possibility and therefore a shock of it's own), I was taken aback when the subway train suddenly jerked forward.

On instinct, my hands grabbed onto the closest thing next to me from losing my balance. And the closest thing just had to be Brenton's free arm; his other arm, extended behind him as he had a hold on a pole. I looked up to see Brenton's eyes looking down at me.

"Easy there," he said with a smile. I stared back at him with a slight smile. I let go of his arm, planning to reach towards the pole he was holding on to. But just as I released my hold on Brenton's arm, I knew I couldn't reach the pole. Partly because Brenton was in the way, and I would have to step towards it which wasn't an option because of the little empty space available. I was stuck where I was; pressed against Brenton. Our lower bodies were pressed together, but at least there was space between our faces and our upper bodies. Then the subway jerked to a stop, and again I instinctively grabbed onto Brenton's free arm.

"Are we getting off this one?" I heard Jenn ask from my right side. I turned to my right, searching for her but I couldn't see her past the other strangers on the subway. Then I recognized Mark, wearing a white dress shirt, just a few feet away from me.

"No," I heard Sara call from the left of me. I turned towards my left and was able to spot her, standing next to Chad. I caught Chad's blue sparkling eyes, and he smiled at me.

I heard the subway doors hiss close from behind me and I realized I still had a hold of Brenton's arm. I finally looked up at him as he looked down.

"Don't deny you don't like me," he said with laughter in his voice, "You're practically holding on to me." He looked pointedly towards my hand on his arm.

I laughed and rolled my eyes, "Don't flatter yourself." I kept my grip on his arm as the subway train jerked forward.

Brenton laughed, showing off his white teeth. I looked away from his face, coming face to face with his chest. He wore a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, just like Mark's. But unlike Mark, Brenton was wearing a black tie; slightly lose around his neck.

Then I was suddenly aware of how warm it was in the subway train, full of strangers and their body heat. Brenton's body heat next to mine. I looked up at him to surprisingly see him making humorous facial expressions at mark. I laughed after watching the guys make faces at each other for a few seconds. Brenton looked down at me we a laughing smile.

"I'm surprised you actually dressed up," I said, looking into his light brown eyes.

"You underestimate me," he stated with a smile. "Besides, Ally practically threatened us that if we didn't dress up we wouldn't be allowed in the party." He rolled his eyes. I laughed.

Ally was the hostess of this summer bash party. Just yesterday was our last day of school, and Ally invited tons of kids from school to her summer bash party. It wasn't just a party, like the other parties my friends and I would go to. Ally was super rich and she somehow rented a place near Central Park to host her party. Plus, it was a party where you had to dress semi-formal. Guys had to wear dress shirts, ties are optional. And of course girls had to dress in party dresses, which weren't really a problem.

Brenton looked down, taking in what I was wearing. I prepared myself to explain to Brenton why I was wearing what I was wearing. He looked up and cocked an eyebrow. He pointedly searched for one of my friends and spotted Sara. He took in her black dress and pearls. He looked back at me.

"Where's your dress?"

I quietly cleared my throat and informed him, "I'm wearing it. It's just underneath my jeans and jacket."

I noticed the amusement in his intense light brown eyes. And I couldn't help noticing how, today, he spiked his brown hair up in the front. He occasionally did this, and whenever he did do it, it just made him looking even more attractive. My stomach did a quick flip of excitement.

To explain, I was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt because of my parents. Mostly because of my very solicitous mom. Before you starting thinking, I'm not wearing this because I'm wearing a skanky dress or because my mom wouldn't allow it or if she saw what I was wearing she would get a heart attack.

It was because my very concerned mother was concerned that I'll get cold in my navy blue dress—which stopped above the knee—at night in Brooklyn. She pestered me and made me feel guilty when I assured her I wouldn't be cold. But, I ended up wearing jeans and a sweatshirt over my dress. I actually had my dress on, but I pulled it up to allow me to wear my jeans.

I looked away from Brenton's gaze, and I took in the other passengers aboard. I saw some one of the ladies on board sneak glances towards Sara and Chad; wondering why the heck they were dressed up. At least I blend in.

I looked back at Brenton to see a slight curiosity on his face.

"My mom was concerned I'll get cold," I explained with nonchalance. Brenton slightly narrowed his eyes at me, not believing me. I deliberately sighed, and unzipped my jacket a bit. I pointed to the navy blue cotton fabric of my dress I unveiled.

"Ah," he said nodding in understanding.

Just then the subway train jerked to another stop, and I tightened my grip on Brenton's arm to keep my balance.

"Get off this one," I heard Sara call.

I heard the doors hiss open, and I let go of Brenton's arm. I managed to turn around, follow Katie out the doors and onto the subway platform. I noticed Sara with Chad by her side as she walked over to the exit. I followed after her with Katie by my side as I heard Mark's voice from behind us talking to Jenn and Brenton.

"I'm so excited," Katie stated with a huge grin on her fair skined face.

"I know. It's a great way to start off the summer," I agreed with a smile of my own. Katie's brown curls slightly lifted around her heart shaped face.

"Yeah," she agreed, diverting her eyes towards her light pink mesh dress.

We walked up the stairs and were greeted by a cold breeze as we found ourselves standing on the sidewalk. Katie instantly shivered from beside me, "Seriously. This is not New York weather."

"I know," I agreed as we walked over to Sara and Brenton, whom were approaching the black limo waiting for us. New York weather was usually hot and humid but for the last week it has been cloudy and had its occasional rain showers. Tonight was one of those nights, cold. Just slightly. I smiled, as I hugged myself from the cold. At least the jacket and jeans came in handy.

"See, the limo's here," Sara said with a satisfied smile as Katie and I approached her. We were complaining to Sara about riding the subway because apparently the limo Sara rented received the wrong information on where to meet us. So we ended up meeting the limo at this random street. Thankfully the limo will take us to Ally's party and back home-that was about an hour or two away from New York City.

"Yup, it's definitely here," Katie said with a laugh as she climbed in the open door.

"Where's your dress?" Chad curiously asked, as he looked at me. Chad was insanely handsome; too handsome for me. Ha. Just joking but Chad was one sort of known as the 'playboy' with his good looks. Good think Chad could be humble at times. Chad was dressed the same way as Brenton; white dress shirt and a tie. I also noticed him wearing jeans. Was Brenton wearing jeans?

"You'll see," I said with a smirk as I climbed in. I seated myself next to Katie, near the front of the limo. I quickly unzipped my jacket as I felt my heart pound a bit fast; for some unknown reason. I glanced towards the open door and saw the backs of Chad and Sara.

"Hurry up," Chad called over to our remaining friends.

I pulled down my dress so it went over my jeans. I slipped off my jeans and bundled them up with my jacket. I let out a breath. I quickly fixed my hair out of my face, and straightened up my dress.

I was stuffing my jacket and jeans into a plastic bag I took out from my purse, when the rest of my friends climbed into the limo. I heard Katie laugh from beside me. I looked over at her with a cocked eyebrow.

"You get ready fast," she stated with an amused smile. I laughed and asked seriously, "Do I look okay?"

She gave me a glance over, looked back at me and nodded. "Yup."

I smiled, satisfied. I turned towards my other friends to see them getting situated as the limo started down the street.

"Oh, hey Mark," I greeted, when I realized him sitting next to me.

"Hey Sienna," he greeted with a sweet smile. "You look good," he said as he observed the navy blue dress I was wearing.

"You're so sweet, thanks," I said, telling the truth. Mark was one of the sweetest and nicest guys at our school though he could have his moments.

"You look good too, Katie," he said leaning forward, as he looked at Katie with his round hazel eyes.

"Thanks Mark," she smiled.

Suddenly the radio turned on and the volume increased, blaring Don't Stop The Music by Rihanna.

"Whoo!" Spencer shouted—party ready. He was sitting next to Mark, and leaned forward. He looked at Katie and me, flashing us a smile. Spencer had dark black hair, and was one of the more built guys out of Chad, Brenton, and Mark-partly because Spencer plays football. Excitement radiated off Spencer filled the limo, creating an excited and hot-wired buzz through us for the fun-filled summer night.

We were all hyped up as we talked and danced to the music. After ten minutes, the limo pulled to a stop.

"Sara," I called, looking at her from the back of the limo.

"Yeah?" she turned towards me with her round eyes.

"We're going to come back to this limo, right? Because I have my clothes," I said, lifting up the plastic bag with my jeans and jacket.

"Yeah, we're coming back," she assured me. I smiled leaving the bag on my seat.

We all filed out the limo, greeted by a part of Central Park.

"We just need to walk just two blocks. Ally's party is there," Sara informed us with a nod.

"You look real nice," Chad said, swinging an arm around my shoulders. He looked at me with his intense blue eyes. I laughed as we walked down the sidewalk. "Thanks Chad," I smiled.

"And I thought you were going to go in jeans and a jacket," Chad joked. I opened my mouth to retort something but Jenn appeared on the other side of Chad.

"What about me? Do I look nice?" Jenn asked, fishing for a compliment. Chad looked away from me, and towards his other side at Jenn. "You look nice," he said with smile.

"Ooh, ice cream!" Katie exclaimed from ahead of us, with Sara by her side. Chad, Jenn, and I looked ahead to see an ice cream truck parked on the side of the street.

"Let's get ice cream," Sara suggested with a smile as Katie followed her over to the truck. "I want ice cream," Jenn stated from Chad's right side. "Me too," I agreed with a laugh.

We approached Katie and Sara at the ice cream truck. Katie already had an ice cream cone in her hand, and she happily licked her vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.

"Can I have an ice cream cone with nuts?" Sara asked, pulling out a five dollar bill from her wallet. The man in the truck exchanged the money and ice cream cone with Sara. I slightly cocked my head, as I read the different ice cream toppings he had.

"Uh, can I just have an ice cream cone?" I asked, looking at the man in the truck.

"No toppings?" he asked as he turned to get a cone and swirl some vanilla on top.

"No thank you."

"What should I get?" Jenn mused to herself as she stood beside me.

"Just get a cone like Sienna," Mark replied from behind me.

"Are you going to get some?" I asked, turning around to see Mark. He shook his head, "Nah."

"That'll be four dollars," the man in the truck said, handing me the cone. My mouth slightly opened from the expensiveness of just one ice cream cone, but I quickly recovered when I gave him four dollar bills.

I licked some of the vanilla, as I was about to turn around and head towards my friends on the side of the truck.

"Expensive, much," I muttered, taking another lick. At that same moment, Brenton appeared by my side. He laughed.

"What are you laughing at?" I asked growing a bit self-conscious as I took another lick.

"Expensive, much?" he asked, quoting from me with amusement in his light brown eyes.

"Uh, yeah," I said giving him an incredulous look, which received another laugh from him. I smiled. Ah, I just made him laugh.

"I could have bought one of these," I said lifting the cone in front of his face, "for a dollar at McDonalds."

"Well, what do you expect?" Brenton asked, motioning to the busy streets of central New York.

"True," I amended with another lick.

"So, can I have some?" he asked, glancing towards the cone in my hand.

"Why don't you get your own?" I laughed, slowly licking some vanilla to show how much I enjoyed my ice cream. Key word: my. Brenton smirked.

"I just want a little," he explained. "Besides, I don't want to waste four bucks."

I laughed but said gently, "Sorry."

Brenton put on a hurt expression and then muttered—loud enough for me to hear, "Selfish, much."

I laughed, pushing him on the shoulder. "Sorry. But I don't want your germs," I jokingly said but with a serious message. Knowing me, I don't like to share my food because I don't know what kind of transmitted bacteria I could get. Don't blame me for my habit; blame my solicitous parents for telling me since I was little. And when I mean share my food, I'm okay with like sharing French fries and stuff but not food where we take the same bite.

Brenton laughed, giving me an 'of-course look'. I licked my ice cream, staring at him.

"How could I have forgotten?" Brenton mused with a chuckle. "I should have learned my lesson when I asked for some of your ice cream the other day."

I laughed at the memory of just last week, "Yeah."

Brenton shook his head, and left my side. I shrugged, putting my attention towards Katie, Sara, and Jenn. I looked around to see Chad and Spencer in their little group, just a few feet away from the girls. I walked up to my friends, who were huddled in a group.

"Spencer looks so cute," Katie whispered with a secretive glance towards him.

"So, do you like him?" Sara asked curiously with a knowing look.

"No," Katie answered with a shake of her head. "I just think he's cute. Alright, enough about me," she said turning her attention towards me.

"What?" I asked, feeling a bit scared. I licked my ice cream.

"Don't act all clueless," Katie said with a laugh. I stared at her with a blank look.

"You and Brenton," Jenn informed me with a smirk.

I laughed and opened my mouth to say something but was interrupted by Sara.

"I think he really likes you," Sara said with an excited smile. I felt my face flush, and distracted myself with my ice cream.

"But," Jenn corrected eyeing Sara. "You know how Brenton is," Jenn said, looking at me and giving me a bad feeling.

"We all know how Brenton is. And that's why girls are falling for him. And that leaves him so many girls to pick from," Sara said.

"Thanks," I said—not meaning at all 'thanks'—giving her a fake smile. Thanks so much for reminding me of the one problem with Brenton; all the girls crushing on him and giving me a lower possibility of Brenton actually liking me.

"Sorry," Sara apologized, with a smile. "But," Sara corrected, giving the same look to Jenn; she then looked at me. "I really think…," she paused with a smirk on her face as she built up the suspense and Katie's, Sara's, and my anxious faces, "you might have a chance."

I laughed under the awkwardness and the nervousness that was forming. Then I said sincerely, "Thanks. But I know not to let my guard off when I'm around him. I'm just going to see how it goes. And besides, Brenton and I are friends."

"Alright," Katie said, ending the conversation about me. I mouthed thanks to her, receiving a smile. "So, you guys think Dylan will be there?" Katie asked, switching the subject of the boy who she has been crushing on. I mostly would have paid attention to the conversation but I zoned out, thinking of Brenton.

What Sara, Jenn, and Katie said about Brenton was true. Many girls are crushing on him which just makes making him like me, a bit harder. Don't get me wrong, Brenton's not the only guy girls are crushing on. Chad, Spencer, and Mark have girls crushing on them too. Anyways, Brenton has those girls to pick from whenever he wants to have a girlfriend. I knew what I was getting myself into when I inevitably started to like him. When I finally admitted I liked him, I knew to not fully fall for him or I might just have my heart broken.

"Look what I got," Brenton said appearing beside me; shocking both me and my friends. My face flushed, knowing I was just thinking about him.

"What?" I asked, licking my ice cream to disguise a bit of my shock. He lifted his hand, revealing a white plastic spoon. I creased my eyebrows.

"Will you let me have a scoop, if I use a spoon?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. I could practically see the curiosity and amusement in his warm brown eyes.

"Um…sure," I said with a laugh. I stuck out my ice cream cone and my eyes looked at my friends. I noticed the guys came to join us and Sara's look she was shooting at me. I rolled my eyes before turning back to Brenton. He stuck his spoon in his mouth and swallowed.

"Thanks," he said, with a smile.

"If you wanted some, you could have just asked me," Jenn said, looking at Brenton.

"It's alright," Brenton said casually with a smile.

"So, can I have some?" Spencer asked, appearing between Jenn and Katie.

"Sure," Jenn laughed. Spencer took a bite of her ice cream.

"Let's get to the party already," Chad said a bit impatiently.

"We're going. No need to get all whiny," Katie teased with a laugh. Chad shot her a dirty look causing all of us to laugh.

"Oh, you know I'm kidding," Katie said, putting her arm around Chad's waist and giving him a hug.

We all started heading down the sidewalk. I walked with Jenn and Mark as Katie and Spencer were walking in front of us. Brenton, Sara, and Chad were walking behind us chattering.

I could practically feel the wave of ebullience radiating off all of us as we made our way closer to Ally's summer party. Ally's party was the best way to let our worries about finals go; those hard late nights as we studied for our finals those last weeks of school. Sophomore year was offically over. Ally's party was the best way to start off our summer before junior year and have some summer fun!

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