CHAPTER 3: You're The Apple In My Eye

"I'll introduce you to him if you want," Jenn offered with a smile as she looked at Christine. My heart thumped in my chest and a feeling overwhelmed me. A feeling as if somebody just punched me in the stomach; hard. I straightened up and my eyes glanced over at Katie and Sara.

"Really?" Christine asked with excitement in her voice.

"Of course," Jenn said with a laugh. "Remember how I introduced Chris and Kristen? And now they're together."

Sara creased her eyebrows, obviously stymied, as she looked at Jenn. Katie glanced at me with a grimace on her face. I looked back at Jenn, trying not to let any emotion show. An unsettling feeling appeared in my stomach; and I didn't like it one bit.

"I need to go to the restroom," Sara stated as she turned her eyes towards Katie and me. "Can you guys come with me?"

"Yeah, sure," I answered through a daze. How could Jenn do that? Jenn obviously knows I like Brenton.

Next thing I knew we got up from the booth and followed Sara near a corner where there weren't many people. "I don't know what to say," Sara spoke up first. I sighed, looking away.

"What the hell is Jenn thinking?" Katie mused to herself, obviously frustrated. "I'll introduce you," Katie mimicked in a sort of Jenn-tone.

"Jenn knows I like him," I finally spoke up in a monotone. Katie and Sara turned to me. I shook my head at the disbelief. "And look what she does; offering to introduce Christine to Brenton." An emotion of hurt filled me. Jenn, one of my close friends, practically stabbed me in the back. You don't do that to best friends. You don't offer to help your friend's crush get with another person.

Then frustration entered my tone, "And you know how Jenn is known as the little match maker. Just like how she introduced Kristen to Chris," I stated, referring to other classmates of ours, "And now they're boyfriend and girlfriend."

"I don't know what's going on with Jenn," Sara said shaking her head. She looked at me and said a bit desperately, "But Brenton likes you and Jenn won't be able to interfere with that—even if she introduces Christine."

I stared at Sara, hoping what she said was the truth. "That's why I didn't fall head first for Brenton. I know how all these girls are falling for him," I explained. "I'm…I know I should be careful around him," I added in a quieter voice.

"So what is he to you?" Sara asked curiously as she eyed me.

"I admit I like him, but I'm not making him everything I think about. I'm not making him the only guy I think about," I answered. Sara and Katie nodded.

"Are you going to talk to Jenn?" Katie asked me. I looked at her.

"No," I sighed. "I'm just going to try to let it go. If I talk to Jenn…" I trailed off knowing that if I talk to Jenn and show how hurt I am by what she did, I'll feel…vulnerable and small. Even though Jenn is one of my close friends, Jenn is the one person I don't want to feel vulnerable and weak too.

"Alright, well let's head back," Katie suggested in a light tone. I nodded and we walked back to the booth. When we approached, the guys were sitting in the booth. I noticed Brenton was sitting next to Jenn. Just, great. Next to Brenton were Spencer, Mark, and then Chad. I slid in, taking my spot next to Chad as Sara came and sat on my other side.

"Yeah, we came in Sara's limo," Brenton answered Christine's question—which I didn't catch.

"That's cool," Christine said with a smile as her blue eyes looked at Brenton. I let out a breath and forced to turn my attention away from them.

"Where'd you guys go?" Chad asked me.

"Bathroom," I answered back.

"Well, now that you guys are here," he said, leaning over to see both Katie and Sara.

"Let's dance," Spencer finished for Chad with a grin on his face. Katie, Sara, and I laughed.

"Alright, let's go," Katie said with a smile.

"We're heading over to the dance floor," Spencer informed to Jenn, Christine, and Brenton. We all headed out of the booth, leaving our drinks, as we headed over to the direction of the dance floor.

My friends and I moved and rocked our bodies to the music as we danced in the middle of the dance floor. The lights were dim and the revolving colored lights flashed—enabling us to see the people around us in flickers. There were a lot of teenagers on the dance floor, but it was fine as we all danced to the music; our bodies moving against one another.

I was surrounded by Katie and Chad. We were already having a blast. Dancing let me forget about Jenn and Christine. All those emotions that rose up vanished as the only thing I was concentrating on was Chad's body behind mine and Katie in front of me. The song switched to Beautiful by Akon.

When I see you…

I run out of words to say…

I wouldn't leave you, cause you're that type of girl…

Katie and I raised our arms over our heads as we danced to Beautiful. I turned around just as Chad turned around; us facing each other.

I see you in the club…

I placed my arm on Chad's shoulder as we moved our bodies together.

You're so beautiful…

So damn beautiful…

Chad looked up at me and winked. I laughed, lightly pushing him on the shoulder. He laughed. I let my arm go from his shoulder as Sara and Mark joined our little circle. Sara and I moved our hips as we lip sang with Akon.

I never want to see you cry, cry, cry.

And I never want to tell a lie, lie, lie.

Sara moved over so her back was against Chad's chest as their bodies moved in sync. From my peripheral I saw a few other people join our circle. I danced and took in that Brenton and Katie were dancing with us. Suddenly, Beautiful was changed by Right Now (Na Na Na) by Akon.

It's been so long…

That I haven't seen your face…

Brenton danced over to mewith a smile on his face. At that instant I forgot about Christine and just took in the guy in front of me. All I wanted to do was dance. With a slight realization, the dance floor was getting more cramped, bringing each other's bodies closer to each other; increasing the body heat, as everyone started breathing a bit harder.

Brenton greeted me with a heart warming smile as I found him in front of me. We moved our hips in sync. Before I knew it, I was dancing with my right arm on his right shoulder; our chests just inches apart. His left hand was gently placed on my hip as we danced. His hand sent shocks throughout my whole body, causing my stomach to do an excited flip.

I wanna make up right now, na na …

I wanna make up right now, na na…

Wish we never broke up right na na…

I looked up at Brenton, and he looked up at me. Our eyes looking to one another's as we moved our bodies to the same rhythm. I lip sang to the lyrics, causing Brenton to lightly laugh. I stopped when Brenton started to lip sing himself. I smiled amused as I watched him.

"I can't lie… Watching everyday that goes by... 'Til I get you back, I'm gonna cry…" he lip sang. He lifted his left hand from my hip.

"Cause you're," he pointed to me. "The apple in my eye," he pointed to the corner of his light brown eye.

I laughed, disconnecting our eyes and unknowingly letting my arm slip from his shoulder. I slid my hand back up his bicep and onto his shoulder. The second verse came on and I watched him lip sing again with a goofy grin.

"I can't lie… Watching everyday that goes by... 'Til I get you back, I'm gonna cry…"

"Cause you're," he pointed to me again and I smiled. "The apple in my eye," he pointed to his eye again. I laughed even harder, removing my hand from his shoulder. I used that hand to push his shoulder. He laughed and instinctively took a step back to keep his balance. As I was about to remove my hand from his shoulder, he grabbed it with his own. He gently pulled on my hand, pulling me towards him. Butterflies were released in my stomach.

I want you to fly with me…

Brenton turned his eyes down at our bodies, as we danced to the beat of a new song. I removed my hand from his shoulder as we danced with our hands to our selves.

"Ah," Mark said satisfied after a sip of his soda. "God, it's hot over there," he said nodding over to the dance floor.

"Way too many people," Katie agreed, nodding. She took a sip from her red plastic cup.

My friends and I decided to take a break from the dancing because we were getting really hot and sweaty. You can definitely tell there was a difference in temperature between the dance floor and our booth. Our faces were all flushed from the heat, but our cheeks were getting back to normal color. The guys' ties were loosened around their necks.

"At least it's cool over here," I said. I ran my hands through my messed up hair. My dark brown hair wasn't neat like it was in the beginning of the party; now it looked like beach hair but obviously without the beach.

"My hair's all messed up now," Sara stated but with no complaint in her voice as she ran her hands through her own 'beach' hair.

Jenn was still out on the dance floor with Christine. Whenever Jenn's at a party, she parties hard. They were playing Just Dance by Lady Gaga on the dance floor.

"Hey, you think you can give us a ride back after the party?" Amber asked, pointing to herself and her friends Nathan and Troy.

"Sure, the limo has enough room," Sara said with a smile. Amber, Nathan, and Troy were friends of ours and they were resting at our booth. Just then Ally, the hostess, was walking by.

"Ally!" Chad called, grabbing her attention. Ally looked over, taking a piece of her blonde hair out of her hair. She took in us and smiled.

"Hey guys!" she greeted us with a warm smile. Chad was on the side of the booth, so Ally gave him a quick hug.

"Nice party," Katie said with a smile.

"Thanks," Ally laughed with a wave of her hand. "How come you guys aren't dancing?" she asked appalled.

"We're resting right now," Nathan answered with a smile. He placed his elbow on the table. Nathan had blonde hair and was wearing a black dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up. Just then Brenton came back with a red plastic cup in his hand.

"Hey Ally," he greeted her, a bit surprised. Ally turned around to see Brenton standing in front of her.

"Hey Brenton," she greeted back. Brenton raised his arms, giving her a bear hug. "Nice party," Brenton complimented her.

"Thanks," she said again—probably a hundred times tonight.

"See you guys later," Ally said, turning back towards us with a smile before she headed off.

I make them good girls go bad…

Katie, Sara, and I gasped as we heard the song continue. "I make them good girls go…," Katie and Sara sang along.

"Let's dance," Sara said, suddenly getting up in the booth as she grabbed Katie's hand. Katie grabbed my hand and I was pulled forward. I looked back as they trailed me behind them.

"C'mon," I called to the guys on the booth. Before I could see if they got up or not, I found myself on the dance floor dancing with Katie and Sara. Brenton, Mark, Spencer, and Chad appeared around us as they danced. Chad started lip singing to the words as he looked directly at Katie. Katie put on an amused face as she danced over to Chad.

Just take a bite, let me shake up your world…

Cause just one night couldn't be so wrong…

I'm going to make you lose control…

Sara and I sang along to the lyrics as we danced to the beat. My eyes glanced over and found themselves looking straight in Brenton's light brown eyes. I couldn't help but see the irony in the lyrics.

You were hanging in the corner with your five best friends…

You heard that I was trouble but you couldn't resist…

I danced over to Brenton with a smile on my face. I sang along with the lyrics, looking at Brenton's amused face. "I know your type. Boy you're dangerous. Yeah, you're that guy I'd be stupid to trust," I sang with a smile. Brenton laughed.

Next thing I knew, I was dancing with my back against Brenton's chest as we moved our bodies together.

But just one night couldn't be so wrong

You make me want to lose control…

I moved my body a bit to the left—my back against his right shoulder—so I could see Brenton's face as we danced. My right hand was placed on Brenton's neck as he bent his head a bit as we danced; his left hand on my hip. I could feel his breath on my neck.

I make them good girls go bad…

I make them good girls go bad…

We continued to dance and I couldn't help but smile, knowing that Brenton was here with me; dancing with me. Brenton lifted his head and I lifted mine.

She's got a way with the boys in the place treating like they don't stand a chance…

As I looked in front of me—past the people dancing around us—my eyes connected with Matt's. I could see him dancing with another girl but he was looking straight at me; I couldn't help but notice the small hurt in his eyes as he stared at me with Brenton behind me.

And he got away with the girls in the back acting like it's too hot to dance…

I quickly looked away to see that Jenn and Christine were now dancing next to us. Unconsciously, I turned around and took a step back away from Brenton's grasp. Christine seemed to take the opportunity available. She danced in front of Brenton, moving her hips.

I turned away, and danced with Mark who was dancing with Katie and Spencer. I moved my hips, concentrating only on the music.

I was hanging in the corner with my five best friends…

I knew that you were trouble but I couldn't resist…

I didn't know when but I suddenly noticed that Brenton has joined our circle. He was dancing with Sara—whom I noticed has appeared too. Then my vision of Brenton was gone when Katie appeared in front of me. I noticed the song changed to Lost in Stereo by All Time Low.

Soon I found myself dancing and moving my head to the catchy song with Katie, Sara, even Jenn. Just as the first chorus came on my friends and I lost ourselves to the music.

She's dancing alone. I'm ready to go but she's so lost in stereo.

Lost in stereo. She's out of control so beautiful.

I soon noticed Chad, Spencer, Mark, Brenton, and a few other kids in our little circle as we rocked to the music. Sara and I started singing along with the words as we danced with the guys.

Lost in the stereo sound…

Katie leaned in my ear, moving her hips a bit, and spoke a bit loudly, "I'm going to get a drink. Want to come?"

She pulled back and held an expectant look. I nodded and she grabbed my hand, pulling me out of the dancing crowd.

"I'm so thirsty," Katie stated, waving a hand to her face as she tried to cool her off.

"Me too," I laughed as we made our way over to the drinks table. We each poured soda into red plastic cups. I took a sip, staring out into the dance floor.

"I wonder what time it is," Katie said to herself. I turned to her then to see her looking at a guy nearby. "Excuse me?" Katie asked, calling the guys attention away from his group of friends. "Do you know what time it is?"

The guy pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and answered with a smile, "Midnight."

"Thanks," Katie said, turning back to me.

"Midnight?" I repeated with disbelief. Time went by fast.

"I guess so," Katie said with a laugh. We made our way back to our booth to see Sara and Mark sitting with each other. We slid into the booth, and I finally noticed that the party was slightly dying down. Just slightly.

"It's midnight," Katie informed Sara and Mark. She took a sip of her soda.

"Yeah, and it's going to take like an hour or something to get back to my place," Sara said with a grim face. "That means we have to leave now which sucks," Sara said, pursing her lips, "Because I can still party."

We laughed at Sara and nodded in agreement. "So, we're going now?" I asked, slightly disappointed too.

"Yeah," Sara confirmed with a solemn nod as she looked into the dance floor. "Now, we just have to get everybody."

"And how much is everybody?" Mark asked slightly scared, slinging his arm so it rested on the top of the booth.

"A lot," Sara said a bit dreadful, still looking at the dance floor. "There's us and there's Troy, Nathan, and Amber, Christine and Matt."

"And we're all going to fit in the limo?" Mark asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"We're going to have to because they needed rides," Sara said with a shrug. Mark shook his head. Sara was always the nice girl and it wasn't a surprise that Sara offered to give the other people rides back to our hometown.