In a world where super heroes do roam the earth saving those in need normalcy is relative. To those with powers, everything after the Change is normal. To those without, flying, super-strength, invisibility and manipulative powers are strange beyond all belief. So how do teenagers, who are still trying to figure out what normal is to them, deal with all this complication? Simple; they try to act like everyone else, regardless of who or what they are.

Despite seeing super heroes all over the television whilst growing up, Natalie Michaels had a hard time believing in them. They're kind of like celebrities; easy to watch but kind of hard to believe in all that they do. At least, until you meet one – or in her case – become one.

As if puberty wasn't hard enough to go through for a normal teenager, for those with powers it's a nightmare. For starters, your mind grows at a rapid pace, and you find yourself learning more than you ever wanted or needed to know about the world. And not to mention the fact that your powers begin to show themselves and you find yourself trying to deal with the pimple on your nose and the fact that you can practically lift your house with one hand.

For Natalie, it was even more mortifying. Upon getting her first period at two months before her thirteenth birthday all Natalie could think as she sat in her room agonizing over the cramps that were ripping through her abdomen was 'dear lord I need Advil.' Imagine her surprise when the bottle floated into her room moments later.

Luckily, with the Change come the Memories. The Memories are a part of the genes that give a person their powers. With each specific power come different Memories. For example, it wouldn't be that useful for a teenager whose power is super-strength having Memories trying to teach him how to make a suit that will turn invisible with him. No, each power comes with its own set of Memories.

Memories are exactly what the name says they are; memories. They are the memories of super heroes in the past who have had the same powers as you have. These memories can help you get through the Change, help you to master your powers and teach you all sorts of useful information.

With the help of the Memories, Natalie made it through the Change, and by the time she was entering her second semester of the eleventh grade, she was well on her way to becoming a town hero as Lady Wonder.

As a super hero, all Lady Wonder wanted was to make sure that no one in her town got hurt, and that nothing got too out of hand. Oh, and of course that the villains ended up in top secret government facilities where they wouldn't use their warped powers for evil anymore.

As a teenager, all Natalie wanted was to graduate high school with out getting embarrassed to death by her best friend Daniel or getting food poisoning from the cafeteria. Keep her secret identity just that, a secret. Oh, and of course to catch the eye of super star athlete Liam Henderson.