Thoughts were running through Natalie's head at the speed of light, but the only one she could catch was in complete disbelief that Liam of all people was the man behind the mask. Of course, even that thought did not stay long as his lips were still moving against hers, and it seemed as if hers were kissing him back just as feverously.

It was only when the burn in their lungs became too much that their lips separated, but only momentarily. A large breath of air forced its way unbidden into Natalie's lungs before Liam's lips descended on hers once again.

Natalie was lost to the sensation of kissing Liam and for once since she had discovered her powers she was completely unaware of her surroundings. It came as a complete surprise when her back hit the wall and Liam's body held her there.

"Oh god." Natalie separated their mouths as she gasped at the feeling of all of him pressed against her. Liam did not pause and his mouth moved down her neck to her exposed collarbones, leaving hot open mouthed kisses as he went. As Liam bit down gently on the bone Natalie mentally thanked Jasmina and her trusty scissors.

The kisses slowed. Liam made his way back up to her mouth and pressed one, two, three soft kisses there before pulling away and resting his forehead on hers. They were both breathing heavily, their breath mingling together.

"Hi." Liam said, opening his eyes and meeting Natalie's gaze.

"Hi." She whispered back.

"Wanna go somewhere? I think we've got a lot to discuss." Liam pulled his head back, giving them a bit more room. However, that only served to push his lower body harder against her. Natalie bit back a whimper.

"Sure. Where do you want to go?" Natalie tried to keep her gaze locked with his, but found it continuously dropping to Liam's lips.

"Back to your place? I've got a nosy sister and mom at home. I don't want to share you." Natalie wondered if Liam knew the effects of his words as her breath hitched. The lifting of the corner of his mouth and the darkening of his eyes told her he did.

"We've been staying at Dan's place since the fire. Dan and Jasmina also went back there, but the place is big enough that we can avoid them." Natalie's breath sped up as she thought of all the places where they could avoid their friends in Dan's house.

Liam groaned and pressed his lips hard against hers one last time before pulling away. "Come on, before you make me lose the little control I have left." Liam pushed himself off the wall, inadvertently pushing his hips against her as he did so. He laced their hands together and began leading them down the hallway. Natalie looked at their locked hands and could not suppress a smile.

The car ride passed quickly, with side looks and shy smiles. Natalie kept her hand on top of Liam's where it rested on the gear shift. Her heart was fluttering and the blush never seemed to leave her cheeks. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind it registered that Natalie was acting like any other teenage girl would after finding out that her crush likes her back. Natalie's heart swelled at the realization that after the most surreal night she finally felt like a normal teenager.

Most of the windows at Dan's house were dark. Only the few located near his room were on, but Liam and Natalie had no intention of venturing over there. Instead they passed the kitchen, causing Natalie's stomach to drop a little in her stomach, and continued on to the library. Natalie wished that the beautiful room housed a real fire, but sadly they had to make do with an electrical one.

Natalie sat in one of the chairs, expecting Liam to take the other. Liam, on the other hand, had a different idea. He lifted Natalie out of the chair with as little effort as it would take to lift a doll and repositioned himself in the chair with Natalie sitting sideways on his lap, ignoring the squeak that she let out during the process.

Natalie shifted a bit to get comfortable before making eye contact with Liam. Nothing was said as they gazed at each other and Natalie wondered if there were going to be any more of those kisses. Just as Liam was leaning in the jarring sound of the phone caused them to jump apart.

Liam laughed quietly and Natalie ducked her head as the rings echoed throughout the room. After the fifth ring the answering machine picked up. Had they been in any other room the message would have been recorded silently, but Robert used to use this room as his study and the technology had not been updated in a while.

"Dan, I couldn't reach either you or Natalie on your cells. I hope you're alright. I'm at the hospital now with Lienna who was involved in something with some criminal. Don't worry, she's not in trouble. She's not hurt but she's still unconscious and the doctors aren't really sure why, so if you get this or get a hold of Natalie, come to the hospital. Dad." Natalie's eyes went wide and she jumped off Liam's lap.

"Oh my gosh! I'm a terrible daughter! I can't believe I forgot." Natalie pushed the heels of her hand into her eyes. "What kind of person forgets that their own mother is hurt?" Natalie bit her lip and tried to hold back tears. This was the cherry on top of an absolutely horrible night.

"Shh, calm down. You're not a bad daughter." Liam wrapped his arms around Natalie and stopped her pacing. "You made sure that she was found by the EMTs and they're taking good care of her. Mr. Haynes said nothing was wrong with her, didn't he?"

"He said that she's still unconscious for no reason! That's not okay!" It was hard to make out the words as they were muffled when she spoke them into his chest, but Liam got the generally gist of it.

"Do you want to go to the hospital? We can talk another time and I'll take you right now." Natalie was torn because although she knew her mother was not in any serious danger she felt guilty that she would rather stay here with Liam than go to her mother's bedside. Although, the fact that Lienna was still unconscious was slightly worrying.

"I know I should want to go. But is it bad that I just want to stay here with you?" Natalie mumbled into Liam's chest and the warm feeling he got there was not just from her breath through his shirt.

"That's not bad. But you should at least call Mr. Haynes back so that he knows that you know what's going on." Liam did not want to let Natalie go to make the phone call. In fact, if he had his way they would be permanently attached for at least the rest of the night. However, he knew that was unfeasible because although they had been dancing around this, both in and out of their suits, this thing was still fragile and new.

Reluctantly he let their hands drift apart as Natalie went over to the desk and he retreated to give her some privacy. The library was quite, and although he tried his best not to listen it was hard not to hear Natalie's part of the conversation.

"Hi Robert, it's me. Yeah I just got back and heard your message. Good, they won. She's still not awake? Um. This might sound a bit weird but the guy called himself the Hypnotist right? Could she maybe be hypnotized or something like that? Yeah? Okay. Alright, well call me." The phone call ended somewhat abruptly. Liam turned just in time to see Natalie staring bewilderedly at the receiver in her hand.

"I think he just hung up on me." Natalie shook her head and made her way back over to where Liam had sat down on the chair again. The decision of where to sit was taken care of for her as Liam pulled her onto his lap as soon as she was within arm's reach.

"He's probably just excited about having an idea to go on. Also, isn't that the slightest bit weird that your mom and Dan's dad...?" Liam raised an eyebrow and Natalie groaned.

"Don't remind me. Dad isn't bothered by it at all but I think it's a little to soap opera-ish to be real." Natalie dropped her head to Liam's shoulder, and when she felt his hand softly running through her hair she felt as though she could fall right asleep.

"And we're not, uh, a little too soap opera-ish?" There was no chance that she had not heard the hitch in his voice, but Liam hoped that she could not hear the rapidly increasing staccato of his heart as he waited for her answer.

Natalie listened to Liam's heart as she thought of how to answer. Were they a soap opera? Maybe, but if they were it was definitely one of the better ones. Not those terrible Spanish ones where everyone was beautiful and related to each other and all sorts of other ridiculous things.

"I had a crush on you for so long that I can't even remember when it started. But then when I got to know Breeze I was torn because I really liked him too, I just didn't know how to reconcile that after pining away after you for so long. Even if we are a soap opera, at least we have a happy ending. Right?" Then the nerves kicked in and Natalie was not sure if they did have a happy ending. She pulled back and searched Liam's eyes and wishing that one of her powers was predicting the future.

"Right?" It came out in a whisper that time as she desperately tried to find something in Liam's eyes and resisted the urge to look inside his mind.

"When I saw you tonight in that cave my heart stopped beating. Here I was trying to figure out how to stop liking Lady Wonder because I was falling for Natalie when all of a sudden they were the same person. I don't think I've ever been that happy in my entire life. So yeah, I'd say we're going to have a happy ending." Natalie's smile was blinding, but it was only visible for a moment as Liam covered it with a smile of his own.

When the air in their lungs started to hurt they pulled away but remained close together. Their grins were uncontrollable and Liam kept stealing kisses as Natalie broke down in giggles. Natalie curled herself up against Liam's chest and he briefly noted how well she fit there, before they began trading question and stories and just learning a little bit more about each other.

"Tell me what you thought the first time you saw me." Liam asked her, tugging on one of her curls.

"You mean when I first saw you, or Breeze? Because those were pretty different thoughts." Natalie teased, tracing mindless shapes across the front of his t-shirt.

"Either. Both. I want to know all of your thoughts."

"The first time I saw you at school was in fifth grade. I remember thinking you were so cool because of your Han Solo shirt. When I saw you outside that window the first thing I thought was that you were attractive. The second was that you were cocky. The third was relief, because I had absolutely no idea how I was going to get out of there." Natalie did not like to think how close she had come to harm that day, but the fact that she met Breeze that day kept the memory close to the front of her brain.

"I can't remember the first time I saw you in school. You were just one of those people who crept into your life without you noticing. The first time I saw you as Lady Wonder though, I'm pretty sure that's the night I had my first wet dream." Natalie gasped and fell off the chair with a thump.

"Liam! That's...I don't even know what to say about that." Liam laughed and hauled her back onto his lap and silenced her protestations with his mouth. The hush in the library was broken moments later by Jasmina's voice from the doorway.

"I'm serious Dan. I heard something in there. I know our girl got the guy but still, can't we just check it out?" Her voice drifted through the shelves, but was not loud enough to disturb Natalie and Liam. Neither was Dan's reluctant assenting reply. It was only when they heard the loud cheers of their friends that they pulled away from their kiss.

"Way to go Nat!" Dan did an obnoxious fist pump and Natalie was embarrassed to even be friends with him. "Guess Jas is going to have to get a new name on the back of that jersey."

"My name is fine where it is thanks." Liam turned so that Dan could see him. Natalie did not think she had ever blushed as hard in her life.

Dan was flabbergasted. His mouth opened and closed several times but no sound came out. It finally settled on being open, until Jasmina pushed it closed with the tip of her index finger.

"You're...He's...And now you're...Oh wow. I did not see that one coming. You've got some 'splaining to do young man." Dan shook his finger at Liam but Jasmina quickly grabbed him and began tugging him out of the library.

"He can explain later. They've got some catching up to do and we've got a movie to finish." Jasmina silenced Dan's protests with a look and they headed out of the library, though not before throwing one last glance over their shoulder each. Dan's was a glare directed at Liam. Jasmina's was a wink and a thumb up for Natalie.

The door shut behind them, echoing throughout the room. It was silent for several moments before Liam's sigh rang out.

"Well, that's not exactly how I planned on telling him, but at least he knows now. You don't think he's too mad, do you?" Liam winced at the thought of his best friend being displeased with him.

"Nah, he'll get over it pretty quick. Mark my words he's going to want to use your powers to blow wind up girls skirts, or something like that, by tomorrow morning. Besides, you've got the rest of your life to make it up to him." Natalie brushed a lock of hair out of Liam's eyes.

"The rest of our lives." Liam reached up and entwined their fingers together, bringing them to his mouth in a sweet kiss.

Natalie grinned, "I like the sound of that."


Mrs. Hamilton sighed as she turned around to see that, yet again, all of her students were looking at the clock instead of the problem she had written on the board. Another sigh bubbled up as she realized that even Natalie Michaels, who she could usually count on to at least look at the board, was not paying her the least bit of attention. What Mrs. Hamilton did not realized was that now Natalie had someone important to meet after the bell rang.

"Since no one is paying attention to me anyways, class-" Mrs. Hamilton did not even get to finish her sentence as the bell cut her off and all the students surged towards the door. She threw her hands in the air, although no one noticed, and wondered why she even bothered.

Natalie was at the forefront of the wave of students. She dimly heard Dan calling out something behind her but the laughing tone of his voice told her that it probably was not as important as where she had to be and that it was most definitely making fun at her expense.

Spilling into the hallway Natalie scanned the crowd until she finally locked eyes with a familiar pair. The grin that slid onto her face was radiant and uncontrollable. A matching one adorned Liam's face, which made it rather hard for him to kiss her when they finally reached each other.

"Hi." Liam said, his forehead pressed against hers.

"Hi." Natalie replied as Liam took her book back and slung it over his shoulder, a habit he had picked up over the last couple of weeks. After tugging her other one between them so hard that it broke Natalie gave up and let Liam carry her bags to and from each class.

"Sup friends?" Dan interrupted them, throwing an arm around each of their shoulders. "What are our plans for this glorious Friday?"

"Movie night?" Natalie inquired hopefully. Liam did not disagree. Who was he to turn down cuddling in a dark room with his girlfriend?

"No." Dan groaned, drawing out the vowel. "We do that every weekend. This time we're going out. I don't care where but we're going." Of course, at this point neither Natalie nor Liam was listening to him. They had their head cocked slightly to the side and were having a secret silent conversation as they listened to something only they could hear.

"Damn it, again? Really? Fine. But after we're going out!" Dan shouted after his friends as they made their way quickly down the hall. Somehow this was not what he imagined when he thought about having two superheroes for best friends. When his cell phone rang with Jasmina's ring tone, however, he forgot about them and whoever they were off to save completely.

"You up for this?" Liam asked Natalie as he stole a kiss behind the large screen in the stadium where they were stashing their bags. Natalie fixed her mask in place and grabbed his hand, pulling them up into the air. Floating two stories off the ground she pressed a kiss against his lips.