Dead - a word, a phrase, a past tense.
A thing that all people want to avoid collision with,
but when it hits - it hits them hard. Our lives, they
shattered like glass - broken, broken on the blue and green
floor. We have no words, we have nothing. Only the abyss of
sorrow that goes through our hearts - driving us insane.
They tell us "We're sorry," but we don't hear, we can't hear anything.
The pain takes over, and soon it's all we know.
Feelings, so surreal.
Confusion, death is the ultimate trip.
Nothing is in black or white, everything is in colour and it goes by faster -
around, around, around she goes where the grief stops nobody knows.
We cry.
We cry.
And then when we are done, we cry some more.
We blame, we scream.
We cause a scene.
Anything to forget, what we can't stop remembering.
I see death in the hallways,
I see death at home,
I see death in the dark -

I see nothing at all.