Warning: here there be cheesiness, improbability, probably quite a few Larry Stues (Gary Stu's gay cousin, if you were wondering), and more plot holes than you can shake a sock at. If I've not caused you to run screaming from the story, enjoy.

His mouth was dry as he stared at the man standing before him, and no matter how hard he tried to summon up something to say his lips just would not form words. What was he supposed to say to the man he had missed every day over the past two years, the man he had never thought he would see again but just could not let go of? How many times had he dreamed of this happening, dreamed of opening the door and seeing Akira standing there with a smile on his face and arms held open? But now that it was actually happening he just didn't know what to do.

Akira offered him a weak smile. "Hey, Tanner," he said softly, voice a little pained. Tanner finally tore his gaze away from Akira's deep blue eyes and looked properly at him. He looked… well, pretty horrible, actually. There were dark smudges under his eyes and his skin was too sallow to be the color Tanner remembered. Not that he wasn't still handsome; even on his worst days Akira could put anyone else to shame without even trying.

Something like hurt flickered through Akira's eyes, and Tanner belatedly realized that he still hadn't said a word, had barely batted an eyelash. His fingers still gripped the door so hard they were starting to hurt and his mouth was open in a little "o" of surprise. Tanner knew that Akira had expected him to react a little differently, or at least say something.

"Tanner," Akira said, and now his soft voice seemed almost pleading. And then, before Tanner could so much as blink, Akira's eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped forward in a dead faint. Tanner managed to catch him, staggering and almost falling over himself in the process.

He cursed loudly and started to drag the other man inside so he could get him to lie down. Tanner himself kind of felt like fainting, or screaming and kicking something in anger; more than anything else, he hated when the universe threw something unexpected at him and left him scrambling to try to figure out what to do. How many nights had he cried himself to sleep, wishing and praying that he could hold Akira in his arms again? And now here he was, seeing Akira for the first time since the day Akira had broken his heart, and Akira couldn't even stay conscious long enough for Tanner to tell him how much he hated him… and how much he was still in love with him.