Constance was being watched. Of course, it was to be expected- he was wandering about the city in the middle of the day, people were bound to notice him and perhaps steal a glance or two, admire his youthful beauty. However, in the dimly lit bar he currently strode through, where all sorts of more shady people were frequenting, Constance was attracting a whole different type of attention. It was more than likely a direct result of the way he was sauntering through the bar: leading with his pelvis, back straight, hips swaying. There weren't many people who would pass up the opportunity to ogle the sight of a young man walking in such a way.

His clothes probably helped: not many men his age wore leather trousers quite as tight as he did, nor did they tuck them into fashionable leather knee high boots- ladies, of course. His shirt was black too, a tunic cut with a loose collar that showed off his pale, slender neck. The dark coat he wore gathered around his body, but accentuated his frame rather than hiding it.

Of course, his looks definitely caught the attention of more than just a few of the lecherous individuals in the bar. A slight, petite build- more feminine then most men liked to look, Constance had hips that he hated but lovers adored. He was delicate looking, thin in the extreme, but it betrayed the wiry strength of his muscles, giving an innocent aura. His cheekbones were set high, nose small and straight, sloping up gently at the tip. Lips that were on the thin side, but a pink that contrasted nicely against his porcelain skin. Large, deep green eyes were framed by light eyelashes of a moderate length, shaggy blonde hair that was almost white in certain lighting falling often into said eyes.

Yes, Constance Montgomery was quite a sight to behold and while he loved the attention that was bestowed upon him, he often wished that he didn't stand out so much; it would have made his job that much easier if he slip through places unnoticed, like so many others of his profession could. But it was no matter, really. Constance could do his job well enough even with the attention he received.

Confidently, Constance glided to the back of the building, avoiding the bar and the booths where the other patrons sat. He headed through the almost unnoticeable set of double doors purposely, intent of giving the impression that he was supposed to be meeting people in the back of the building, where the dirty business took place. As he walked down the dank, narrow hallway, Constance reviewed the map that he and Paris had gone over the evening before; the room that was supposed to be Durich's favourite hangout was in the building, in one of the more secluded rooms at the very back. If the informant had lied and everything Constance and Paris had planned was wrong, Constance was going to have to play dumb, though he wondered if the clothes might give him away at all. Very few people walked about dressed entirely in black in broad daylight. In hindsight, his outfit may not have been the best for blending in. Constance didn't bother to worry too much on the matter though, he'd be fine, he always was. That was why he was chosen for the important missions and nobody else- he could get the job done.

Constance took a right and smiled charmingly at man who was walking towards him. The man looked a little alarmed, but didn't stop himself from raking his eyes over Constance's body. The man looked to be about in his early forties, slightly rotund and with graying hair. By the time the man brought his gaze back up to his face, Constance already had the innocent yet coy look he had perfected years ago on his face. The man reddened noticeably, but didn't say a word as they passed by one another. Constance didn't look back, but felt the telltale sensation of someone staring at him from behind; his neck tingled unpleasantly, but he willed himself not to give in to the shiver and continue to approach the last door on the left, just as Paris had shown him.

Constance slowed his pace and quickly glanced over his shoulder; a flirtatious grin would have been enough to satisfy the older man and erase any suspicions he may have had, but it was unnecessary: the hallway was empty, save for Constance, and it didn't sound like there was anyone else coming. Closing his eyes, Constance inhaled deeply and focused his mind on the flickering souls in the other room, most darker than an everyday person's, one darker than night itself. All in all, roughly half a dozen, maybe a few more, just as Paris had predicted. Constance opened his eyes again and smiled happily to himself. He and Paris made quite the team, they did.

Constance came to a halt in front of the doors and, with no hesitations, grabbed the handles of each door and flung them open easily, grinning at the cries and shouts of shock from the men inside. He took a quick moment to revel and their surprise and then reached into his coat, whipping out two sleek pistols from the interior pockets.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen," he chirped cheerfully, aiming the gun in his left hand at the face of a man at the far end of the room; the man with the blackest soul, Durich, who stood up angrily, knocking his chair to the floor.

"Kill him! He's one of them!" the demon roared, and Constance laughed delightedly.

And so the White Raven struck again.

Ciel Rainforth glared angrily at the newspaper his lord slammed down in front of him. However, he decided to not say anything, opting instead to raise blood-red eyes to his lord's face questioningly.

"These fucking hunters- this 'White Raven', they're beginning to become more than just a slight annoyance, don't you think?" the demon prince asked furiously, and Ciel shrugged, not sure if he should answer while the prince was this angry. However, said prince raised dark eyebrows expectantly, and Ciel took that as his cue to speak.

"The name has been turning up a lot recently, but truthfully …the demons killed are quite low ranking, just criminal scum that would have only the smallest chance of survival in our own world. Isn't it their own fault for being found out?" he chanced, and the prince sighed, his whole body seeming to sag with the act. The prince dropped his dark head into his left hand and spared Ciel an exasperated look, an act that Ciel thought was quite unnecessary. He refrained from commenting though, his lord was known to be temperamental and Ciel didn't feel like being screamed at for hours. Not today. Not that he did any day, but sometimes it was inevitable; the prince had to take his anger out on someone, after all, and who better than his right hand man?

"That is true, Ciel, but think about it: more and more deaths are occurring, and even if they are just criminal scum, it's still demons being killed by humans. Do you think the population will react well to this news? Probably not," the prince explained, and Ciel nodded, not quite sure if he agreed with what was being said.

"So …what would you like done, sir?" Ciel asked in a bored tone, and the prince huffed.

"Honestly Rainforth, I don't know how you've managed to gain such a high position when you're so slow sometimes," he sighed, and Ciel smiled slyly.

"Maybe it's because I'm the only person who will put up with your bitchy attitude?" he offered, and though the prince glared at him, he couldn't seem to stop the corners of his lips from twitching up.

"What I want you to do, Ciel, is take care of those demon hunters: show them their place, that we won't cower before them just because the human race as a whole despises us," the prince ordered, and Ciel bit back a sigh.

"Sir, with all due respect …" he started, steeling himself for the inevitable explosion that would follow his question. "Couldn't you attempt to form a treaty of some sort with the humans? All of this bloodshed seems quite …pointless," he stated carefully, but rather than the expected anger, the prince sighed again in his world-weary way, and looked up at Ciel again, this time his guard slipping.

"Don't you know I've tried that, Ciel? For years I've tried to make peace with the humans, but it's useless, they won't listen to me, or the people. They're intent on despising us for eternity, even though they've let vampires and magic-users into their midst," the prince said softly, a beaten expression creeping over his features, and Ciel deiced that he should remove the prince from his sudden melancholy, especially because it was his fault.

"So, you would like me to find the demon hunters and exterminate them. Anything else?" he asked, trying to sound more enthusiastic, for the sake of the prince. It seemed to work, as the prince looked back up at Ciel again, a strange gleam in his dark eyes.

"Yes, make sure to get rid of that 'White Raven'. He's making the Dark Crow look bad," he drawled, and Ciel smirked, lifting his right hand into a mock of a salute.

"Yes sir!" he drawled back, and the prince smirked.

"You can take your time, but don't take too long- a week or two at the most. I want the threat removed," he ordered and Ciel nodded, unable to mock the prince while he gave his orders.

"Yes, my lord," he promised dutifully, and with that, the Dark Crow swept out of the office.