Constance dragged his sorry ass through the doorway to the townhouse he shared with three of his colleagues: James, Felix and Cassandra. James had been his best friend since childhood- when they were still young James had been bitten by a vampire in place of Constance, a very heroic deed at the age of fourteen. His family abandoned him once they discovered the change, so James sought refuge with Constance and his mother- being oddities themselves (his mother was a witch) neither he nor his mother minded much. Of course, Constance was thrilled at the idea of having his best friend living with him, but also felt responsible for James' situation; if it hadn't have been for his carelessness, James would never have had to give up his previous life. Their friendship lasted over the years, however- Constance allowed James to drink his blood whenever he needed nourishment, rather than allowing James to go out and drink from random strangers. The strange intimacy of being bitten on the neck repeatedly somehow led to a sexual relationship as they got older: they fucked when they felt like it, cuddled if they wanted and stayed friends despite the strangeness of their relationship. Constance couldn't ask for a better friend, really. James understood him in a way that only his mother did, sexually satisfied him and even worked for Paris as Constance did.

Along with James, there was also Felix, whom Constance had met once he started working for Paris. Felix was a few years older than both Constance and James, and had been hunting demons longer than they had. He was quiet but humorous, and incredibly handsome; in a drunken stupor once, Constance had tried to initiate a threesome between him, Felix and James, only to learn that Felix was very much attracted to women and while he acknowledged Constance's beauty, he did not want to sleep with him. Constance apologized profusely the next afternoon, and Felix had accepted it well, but Constance got the feeling that Felix was never going to recover from the incident. When they had all met each other for the first time, Felix had immediately stated his reason for becoming a demon hunter- a rogue demon had massacred his entire family, and he lived because his older sister had shoved him into a large wardrobe where he hid behind rows of boots and long coats until Paris had found him while searching the crime scene. He was young then, only about ten or so, and admitted that Paris had raised him as if he were Paris' own child, training him to be a hunter from the very beginning of their odd relationship.

The final housemate was Cassandra, the only girl living in their house of men. She was necessary to their survival- she and Constance together took on the role of cooking, something that both James and Felix were completely horrible at. She was also the one to remind them to do their laundry once a week, to clean out their rooms and bathrooms, lest they get a rat infestation. Honestly, Constance knew that if she hadn't moved in with them, they'd be plagued with more than just rats. Cassandra was nineteen, and had run away from home only a year earlier- the reasons for her flight were still unknown, she refused to tell anybody of them except for Paris. She was beautiful in a rather intimidating way: short and petite, with long, black curly hair. Dark eyes and lightly tanned skin that went against popular style accompanied her sly, cunning demeanor. Constance loved her, often thinking of her as the little sister he never had.

All in all, Constance loved his home, it was usually always occupied by at least one other person, warm and cozy. He didn't think he could ever leave the place, he loved it so much- it was even better than being at home with his mother, where she cooked all of his favourite meals and did his laundry for him.

Constance moved slowly into the foyer and then into the front hall, glancing at the doorway into the kitchen; nobody was there. Sighing, he moved over to the staircase, dreading the ascension to the third floor, where he and James had their respective bedrooms and a bathroom all to themselves. Felix and Cassandra shared the second floor with a similar layout- except in their case they each had a separate bathroom connecting to their bedrooms. The only reason the four of them could pay for such an extravagant townhouse was because the government paid Paris better than eve lawyers and doctors, and he in turn paid his hunters very well.

As he approached the stairway, Constance heard the padding of feet down the stairs, and James appeared around the corner with a grin, pearly white fangs peeking out a little from beneath his lips.

"Rough day?" he called in his husky voice as he descended the last of the stairs, and Constance sighed his affirmation.

"I had to fight twelve grown men on my own, Jamie. I'm good, but I'm not exactly built to take on that many men at once," he whined, looking for a bit of coddling. Good friend that he was, James grinned at the alternative implications of Constance's words, but scooped him up into his arms bridal style once he reached him.

"You know what you need?" James asked slyly as he headed back up the staircase, and Constance sighed again.

"I'm not really up for that now, Jamie," he started, thinking about his aching body. The mission was a success, as he knew it would be, but damn if it wasn't tiring to have to fight a dozen people by oneself! Constance was bruised in places he didn't think should ever be bruised, and all he wanted was to peel of the tight-fitting clothes he was wearing and crawl into bed with James, and maybe receive a nice massage from Cassandra later, after he had a nap. James, however, ignored him.

"A nice hot bath, that's what you need! With me in it, of course," he told him cheekily, and Constance heaved another sigh.

"I dunno, James. I'm bruised in all the worst places," he nettled, and James laughed as they approached the third floor.

"And a hot bath will help that! I'll even give you a nice massage!" he offered as they headed towards their bathroom, and Constance laughed at that- James couldn't give a decent massage even if his life depended on it.

"You're just hungry, aren't you?" he accused playfully, and James tried to rearrange his features into a semblance of humbleness.

"I could be," he admitted, sounding rather gleeful to Constance, who pretended to huff angrily, although he couldn't keep himself from grinning at his friend.

"Alright, you great big oaf, a bath it is," he relented, albeit unnecessarily, as James already had them in the bathroom and was kicking the door shut behind them.

"See? I always know what you need most!" he exclaimed, and Constance smiled cheerfully.

"I suppose you do," he agreed, laughing as James stumbled over himself in his rush to start the bath.

Usually the White Raven was meticulous in removing any trace of his presence from the scene; the Prince had complained about it more often than not and wondered if the White Raven was even human; they had sided with the likes of vampires and witches, among many other creatures, after all. It was quite possible that he (or she) held some sort of power, or was not even human at all. Humans weren't the only race to hate demons, after all.

Ciel himself had been endlessly frustrated by the lack of evidence left by the White Raven- not a single hair, fingerprint, drop of blood or even scent. Somehow, the Raven possessed a power that allowed him to remove any trace of himself (or herself, though Ciel considered the White Raven to be male- he just didn't think that a female was capable of the acts the White Raven did).

But this time! This time, the White Raven had made a mistake; there was blood left at the scene, blood that contained the curious scent of human and something else that Ciel did not recognize. Regardless, the scent was extremely unique, one Ciel had never noticed on any other being, and he had no problem following it through the crowded streets of the human city, down dark alleyways and busy streets, all the way until it led up to the large townhouse that Ciel was currently scaling.

Ciel reached the roof and easily lifted himself up onto it. He immediately straightened up, stretching his limbs a little. The scent had disappeared into the house, and as slow as he occasionally pretended to be, Ciel was in fact not stupid: he understood the technique of discretion and was not about to go crashing into the house so all could see him and possibly kill him. No, instead Ciel figured that he could creep around on the roof and the walls of the building until he came across someone worthy of the title of the 'White Raven'. It wasn't a great plan, he supposed, but Ciel figured that the White Raven would have a certain something about him or her that would distinguish him or herself from the rest of the inhabitants of the house (for Ciel had caught scent of three other beings living in the house; two human and one a vampire). After all, Ciel was only there to learn the identity of the White Raven- he wouldn't kill the person on the spot, instead follow them for a few days until he knew when and where to kill the White Raven, so that he would not caught in the act.

Currently, Ciel was headed towards a large patch of class ceiling in the roof, where the lights beneath shone through, revealing a rather large and extravagant bathroom. Checking to make sure that he was cloaked by the darkness and invisible to all, Ciel stealthily approached the glass, careful not to make a single sound, lest he alarm the inhabitants of the building. What he saw when he reached the glass was certainly not a sight he expected to see. Despite his surprise, though, Ciel moved even closer to the glass, bending down low so he could watch and see how the spectacle panned out.

In the room below him, two naked men were visible, sitting along the edge of a bathtub that was attached to the corner of two walls. Once was a brunette, lean and muscular. Even from his height Ciel could see strange looking scars decorating the brunette's body, shining visibly in the sickly pallor of his own skin. The man who really caught Ciel's attention, however, was the smaller one sitting on the brunette's lap, his back to the brunette's chest. The smaller one was blonde, a pure wheat coloured blonde that many of Ciel's female friends would have killed to have. The man was thin but lightly muscled, with a finely built face that was turned up to the ceiling, eyes closed.

The two were fucking, Ciel gathered, for he'd have to be blind if he couldn't figure that from the way the brunette held the blonde's hips in place with one hand and snaked another around his waist to grab the blonde's cock, which, Ciel realized, was a pretty little thing; average for someone as small as him, but pink and leaking and fuck, Ciel wanted to have it in his mouth.

The thought startled him, and even as the brunette began to pump the blonde's cock, Ciel felt himself harden. He was aroused- he hadn't been turned on in what felt like ages, choosing instead to concern himself with the affairs of his prince, never falling for any of the men or women that offered themselves to him. Not even the slightest bit of sexual attraction. But now- now Ciel wanted to dive into the room below him and rip the blonde off the brunette and carry him away to his home, where he could make the petite blonde his and his alone. The intense desire to fuck the man himself was so sudden and strong that Ciel had to shake his head, as if he could remove the thoughts from his mind, and returned his attention to the two men below, trying to ignore his aching cock. Now the blonde had spread his legs widely, draping them over the other man's thighs. He was slowly moving up and down on the brunette's lap, mouth opening in what Ciel imagined to be breathless, wanton moans. Ciel envied the brunette, wishing furiously that it were he who the blonde was riding. Watching the blonde writhe upon the other man's lap made Ciel so hard that his dick strained against his pants, and arousal clouded his mind, urging him to pleasure himself right there on the roof while he watched the two men below him.

What happened next was so unexpected that it snapped Ciel out of his stupor of desire, even though he really should have seen it coming.

The brunette tilted the blonde's head to the right, exposing the left side of his delicately pale neck. The brunette leaned his head down, as if to lay a kiss upon the junction between the blonde's neck and shoulder; instead he opened his mouth wide and pearly white fangs emerged from under his lips, plunging into the soft-looking skin on the blonde so quickly, that Ciel almost missed the act entirely. The blonde's eyes flew open: a startled, deep green that seemed to gaze directly at Ciel. He knew he was invisible to all, but nevertheless remained perfectly still as the blonde continued to stare at the spot where he crouched; relief flooded his limbs when the blonde's eyes rolled back into his head, pink mouth opening in another moan.

Ciel returned his attention to the brunette, where small rivulets of blood were running down the blonde's chest. Vampires had never attracted Ciel- he often found them to be dirty and foul, as they consumed all of the viruses and impurities of other people, and the sight helped to quell his arousal, though not entirely. As the haze in his mind dissipated, Ciel realized that if he were to catch scent of the blonde's blood he could see if either of the men were the White Raven. Though he felt it would be a shame to kill someone as sexy as the blonde; the vampire he didn't really care about.

Ciel glanced around, scanning the roof for a window of some sort, and noticed a pane of glass that had little hinges: a window that could be propped open from the inside, presumably to let the steam out and air the room. Ciel briefly marveled at his luck, and gently made his way across the glass. Once he had reached the little window, he looked down at the two men. They both seemed far too preoccupied with one another to take much notice of the small window opening just a few inches, just enough so that Ciel could catch a whiff of the blonde's scent- definitely not the vampires, as the scent of the blood held no trace of the undead. Quickly, gently, Ciel inched open the little window and crouched low so that his face was almost touching the glass. The scent of the blond hit him like a wall of bricks, intensely strong from the combination of sweat, blood and cum. After just a couple of seconds Ciel dropped the pane of glass back into place, his heart hammering wildly and dick harder than ever. The scent of the blonde was too much; he craved the man even more desperately than he had before.

But despite his arousal, there was no doubt about it: the sexy, petite blonde was indeed the White Raven that Ciel and his Prince had been hunting for so long.

Constance was suddenly aware of his surroundings: the soft, warm embrace of his mattress, the heavy weight of his goose-down duvet, the dull ache in his lower back, the frantic pounding of his heart.

Against his better judgment Constance opened his eyes, sleep weighing his eyelids down. The room was almost completely dark and silent, save for Constance's own heavy breathing. A shaft of moonlight dimly lit up the room, and Constance slowly sat up, lifting a hand to his still racing heart.

Something was wrong.

Fear rushed through his body with the realization, heightening his senses' as he pushed back the duvet and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. His bare feet hit the floor with a light pat, and he gazed around the room. He couldn't quite place it, but Constance knew that something was out of place. There was an energy that didn't feel quite right, like it didn't belong

Constance stood up, the adrenaline rush making him a little dizzy. He stood still for a moment, then crossed the room with just a few, near silent footsteps and inched open his door, peering into the dark hallway. It was deserted. Abandoning a candle, Constance decided to go downstairs in hopes of running into Cassandra or Felix in the midst of a midnight snack; anything to clear his mind of the dark worries that were gnawing away at him. Carefully, feeling a bit like a thief in his own house, Constance crept down the two flights of stairs, pausing every time a stair creaked under his weight. Once he reached the first floor Constance slowly made his way to the kitchen, only to find it empty and dark, save for the dim glow of the gaslights from outside. Judging from the absolute silence and lack of light, there was nobody. However, this did little to reassure Constance. Rather, it only made him more paranoid.

"Cassie? Fee? Are you guys awake?" he called lowly, his voice echoing eerily in the dark, and stood still for a moment. There was nothing, save for the occasional creaking of old floorboards settling and the walls holding against the wind.

Constance bit his lip. Nobody except for himself was awake. So why was his heart still beating as though he had just run a race? Why was the back of his neck crawling with paranoia? Something was wrong, and Constance would never be able to fall back asleep until he knew that he was safe from whatever was out there. He froze with the thought- perhaps there was some dark thing outside their home. Perhaps that was what made him feel so uneasy.

Terrified with the thought, Constance slowly turned back to the kitchen window; it faced out onto the front street, but as usual the thick fog that rolled in almost every night swallowed up most of the view. Other than the fog, however, there was nothing there. Constance tiptoed over to the window and placed his hands over the sill, muttering a quick incantation under his breath. Being the son of a witch and a human, he inherited his mother's ability to use magic, but was never acknowledged as a real witch- only females could become witches. Males who could use sorcery were few and far between, a rarity that did not occur often. His supernatural abilities were what made Constance an ideal demon hunter, and for that he was thankful for the abilities he had, despite the burden they were when he was a child.

Once he finished the incantation Constance felt the magic root in his body and drain just the slightest bit of his energy. Satisfied that the spell would keep any dark creatures from entering their home, Constance moved to the foyer and the front door, then the sitting room, where he uttered the same spell and closed the curtains. Methodically, Constance swept from room to room, repeating the procedure with each window or door that lead outside of the house. Even his companion's rooms he stole into, sealing the windows there as well, until the only room left was his own.

Cold and tired, Constance slipped back into his room. He padded over to the window, already thinking the gentle embrace of his bed and the oblivion of sleep. Breathing deeply and willing himself to relax, for his neck still pricked with anticipation, Constance closed he eyes as he once again drew upon the magic coursing through his body. He placed his palms against the cool panes of glass and began the mutter the necessary incantation that would shut out any dark forces, imagined or not. The procedure was over with quickly, and Constance opened his eyes, intent on crawling back into bed and sleeping at least until noon the next day. What he was met with, however, was a sight completely unexpected and equally terrifying. In the previously empty window was a handsome man's pale face, framed by long strands of pitch-black hair, light lips pulled up into a menacing grin. What really horrified Constance, however, were the blood-red irises, the telltale sign of a pure bred demon, and an old one at that.

Thin lips moved, mouthing something that Constance didn't care to decipher as he spun on his heel and dashed from his room with an unmanly wail of fear. Forgetting himself completely, Constance barreled into James' room, slamming the door shut behind him. He flung himself onto James' bed, ignoring the startled cry of "Connie?" and curling up close to the safety of his best friend, trembling violently. Constance gave himself up the James' soothing, pretending for the moment that he had only had a nightmare. Not no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't forget the silent words the demon mouthed, words that made sense to him only when he was cuddled up close to James, long after his friend had fallen asleep.

I've found you.