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Chapter One

One Time

California was finally cold. It was still sunny a lot, but it was cold. Not nearly as cold as the Maryland winters were, I mean it snowed layers and layers of snow there. Here there was just frost on the windshield and frozen dew on the grass.

I tugged on a pair of jeans and some thermal socks to keep my feet warm, most of the time by the time first period rolled around my feet were numb. I pulled on a long sleeve shirt and then my pullover sweater.

I made my way down stairs to find four people in the kitchen, two were my cousins I lived with, Nate and Angie, and the other two were my best friends. Allen who had been with us since early October because he and my Aunt Caroline got along famously, and then there was Jade. Yes, we had convinced her parents to let her come finish off her senior year of high school with her two best friends. But if Aunt Caroline wasn't so keen on me being completely happy and content here, trying to make it feel as much like home as she possibly could, Jade wouldn't have been able to come. Aunt Caroline actually spent hours on the phone convincing her parents on why she should come. She'd be attending a prestigious school, she'd be in a very nice neighborhood, she would have her two best friends back, and she'd get to experience a new way of life so that when she went to college, no matter where she went she'd know how to adjust to somewhere new. Aunt Caroline truly was my hero.

Jade had gotten here two days ago, barely giving her time to settle in and unpack in the guest room next to Allen. She hadn't even met the gang yet; she'd be doing that today. It was the first day of our second semester. Which meant that I had new classes today! Surprisingly, I was excited. I now had Art and Cooking. I knew for a fact, that Jade would be in three of my classes; we made sure that it would be that way.

She looked calm and relaxed, but I knew Jade, beneath her calm and cool played exterior, she was freaking out.

"Good morning lovelies." I sang happily entering the kitchen.

They all greeted me in there own way and I joined them at the table for a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Since you all already know what Nate, Angie and Allen look like; let me explain Jade's beauty. Jade is Spanish. She isn't Mexican; her grandparents are directly from Spain, on both sides, so she is a true Spanish beauty. She's got this sun kissed skin that stays lightly tanned all year round, even in Maryland. And her brown eyes vary in color, sometimes they're so light they almost look like a yellowish color and other times they get so dark you can't even differentiate her iris from her pupil. And then, we get to her hair; it's a rich, chocolaty brown that is to die for thick and silky soft. Her lips, I am always jealous of, I mean mine are nice, but hers are the perfectly full and strawberry pink kind that only movies stars have, some of them even pay for those lips. Then there is her figure, she'd five seven, and has these curves that every girl dreams about having, and is still slender. She's gorgeous, beautiful and she doesn't know it, so she hangs out with lowly scum like me. Haha.

"Nervous?" I asked her as we got out of Angie's car.

She shook her head, "No, I'm fine."

"You're a horrible liar." I told her with a smile.

"No I'm not, you just have some super power that lets you know, I mean I can lie to everyone else without them knowing."

"It's a gift."

"Your gift is my curse."

I laughed, "Come on, let's introduce you to the gang."

"These boys better be as hot as you say they are."

"Did Nate disappoint?" I asked, knowing that she thought my cousin was gorgeous from the moment she laid eyes on him.

"Shut up."

I smiled, "Just remember, Erik now has a girlfriend."

"And you have a thing for Cain."

"No I don't," I grumbled, glaring at her.

"Or is it for Kale?"

"Jade, I will kill you in your sleep tonight if you don't stop."

She laughed, "There's my Cassidy."

We walked onto the campus, and Jade had the same reaction I had. She was immediately impressed. We led her to the office to get her schedule and as planned, we had three classes together, English, Anatomy and Cooking.

Then we made our way to the table. I was immediately excited when I saw Erik, and it looked like there was another new addition to the gang besides Jade.


"Cassidy!" he gave me a hug and smiled, "This is my girlfriend from Japan, Yuki, her parents let her come back with me."

I smiled and Yuki smiled at me, "it's nice to meet you." She said, I was impressed she spoke fluently and there was hardly a hint of an accent.

"Yeah you too. But guys we have another new addition, this is my best friend Jade." I announced. Kale smiled and said hey, Cain gave a nod, Michael grinned, I would have to slap him later and Kyle, Kyle just stared. Like he was in a trance.

She smiled shyly, "Hi."

"Alright Jade, That is Erik and his new girlfriend Yuki that I just met as well. The blondie is Kale, Tall, dark and mysterious is Cain, the pervert otherwise known as Michael and then there's my favorite little skater boy, Kyle."

The bell rang and I looked at her schedule one more time, "Hey Kyle, you have class with Jade first period, can you take her?"

"Y-yeah." He said smiling. I had a feeling about that smile.

"Let's go." Cain said. I had forgotten he was now in my first period Art class.

The group separated and I watched Kyle and Jade walk away together, Kyle was starting to talk to her.

"So what do you think of her?" I asked Cain when we took our seats in art.

Cain shrugged, "She's pretty."

"You are trippin' she is gorgeous."

Cain laughed, "if that's what you want to hear then I have to agree."

I felt a pang of jealousy, he wasn't supposed to agree. But I was used to this feeling by now. I was now the girl that everyone else said that they were. The girl that likes a guy but feels like he has no clue or could even careless. With Cain I couldn't tell. One minute he would be nice, sentimental, maybe even nice to me, and then the next day he's be irritated or mad about something and I, I just didn't want to take the risk of telling him that I had fallen madly in love with him and then hearing that he only thought of me as a friend. That had never happened to me before, and I didn't want to take the chance.

In Cooking, which was fourth period, Jade and I sat together in the class; Angie and Kale were in that class too. But then our teacher announced that he'd have seating charts for us by tomorrow.

He told us that we could do whatever we wanted on the first day, but tomorrow when we had seating charts we'd get down to cooking.

So Angie and Kale came over to our station and were telling Jade about everything embarrassing that I'd done since I'd been here.

"On her first day of school, when she met Cain, he smiled at her and she spilled her water on her shirt." Angie said laughing, Jade soon joined in, but Kale remained quiet a smile on his face that didn't quite reach his eyes.

"I can totally see that happening, you know I see the way she looks at him." Jade said laughing.

"Hey! That was one time!" I defended, "One time! I wasn't prepared for a smile like that. Just like when I met Kale I wasn't ready for his smile either, I was just lucky I wasn't drinking anything. But it only happened once."

"Actually." Kale said speaking up for the first time since the topic of embarrassing moments involving Cain came up, "You've done it twice."

I looked at him curiously, not remembering the second time. Then it hit me.

"When Andrew was here." He said, "You were being quiet, and then Cain looked at you and you looked like you went brain dead." He almost laughed at that last part.

I glared at him, "you have no idea what a monster you have just created." Looking back at the grins on the two girls faces, oh the torture that would come now when we got home.

Kale laughed at that. It actually felt nice to hear him laugh. He'd been different lately, actually since the part in October, he'd never quiet been the same. It bothered me more than I thought it did. He didn't smile as much, he didn't laugh as much, and he didn't talk as much just in general. He was just kind of holed up and I wondered constantly if I had done that to him. I wondered if he was like that because he liked me the way I liked Cain, but he was in my same position, he thought I didn't care or he thought I couldn't see it. But I missed the old Kale, I wanted him back. The one that made me laugh and smile and the one who would randomly come sweep me off my feet and into this nice convertible whenever I was stuck walking. But the old Kale rarely shined through anymore, and I felt bad because what if it was my fault?

At lunch, sitting on the ground, huddled up in my pullover sweater leaning against the tree I watched as Jade was quickly accepted into the group just as I had been. I was happy she fit in here.

"What's wrong?" I looked up and not surprisingly Cain was starting to sit down next to me. Just his presence sent my heart rate up, but with my blessing, I could always keep my cool, at least most of the time.

I shrugged, looking up at the gray sky, I hoped that it rained.

"I was hoping for a better answer than that." He said looking at me.

"Have you ever felt like someone you care about doesn't care about you?" I asked looking down at my hands, only hoping that he was kind of catching on, but another part of me hoped that he didn't.

"Sure." He said.

I smiled, "Well, that's how I feel today." I guess Cain cared about me; he cared enough to ask what was wrong. He cared enough to notice, but did he care enough to get what I was talking about?


I shrugged, "I don't know."

He leaned closer to me and he whispered in my ear, in his dark seductive voice, that sent chills down my spine. What did he say? He said, "I care about you Cassidy."

Then he stood up and he walked away just as the bell rang.

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