White Man is by definition not allowed to have a race.

Black Man says: "That's right. You're white. You don't get race. I'm black. I'm oppressed!"

The first Jew attempts to distinguish himself from White Man, to gain access to this special privilege of "race" and thus gain the special benefits.

The second Jew recognizes that the first Jew is still white; that all Jews are white, and therefore that the Jew by definition is not allowed to have a race, merely a religion.

Korean man does not speak. He hides behind his yellow veil. He is only visible enough to be the creep, beyond that, he is hardly seen. He is the groveling dog beneath the Model Minority of the Japanese; he is the specter of the dog-eating barbarian; he is the silent slave of endless grocery stores.

The Italian evokes the forgotten memory of Rome. The German struggles to climb above the tombstone of Hitler. The Dutch ride a ship named prostitution into the waters of the cognizant.

But race is by definition everything that White Man is not. The Italian, the German, the Dutch, all blend into one—"The History of Europe" becomes the history of White Man, the oppressor, the victor, the aracial.

The Aryan grows horns and laughs maniacally from the depths of Hell.