The mysteries of secrets part 8

Some might see Leo and Virgo married and their son a furtive.

Yet the son shall rise to power and quickly unhappy and pitiful death.

The royal flame shall meet the blood filthy death and his name dishonored and the new black king shall be called the greatest one.

Under a noble blood a new gift to men, shall be given to discover a conspirator. In order to warn them of the Arabs laws, the death of the Arab king. Nero 2

Weeping for your great seat Rome and laying down your demon ways. For he who is called the Holy Father shall find out he is not!

Yet he is only a man? The blood shall show Rome this to stop saying his holiness.

Did you see it! Did you not! Nevertheless we shall call them out.

Antichrist very mighty fall from heaven. His army as great as a city a great robber.

And I stop writing to place my pen down.

Ronald Campbell.