The mysteries of secrets part 11

The eagle has a new ladder - which rose to power to fast and lied to the people about where he came from. For in his third year of seven – he shall befriend the holy lands ladder - and deliver lawfully Babylon to his friends_ for in the second foot of his house blood times mars – so by losing his time the people shall elect a black male – SO WICK IS HE.

In the second foot of his foot of his house – he shall ask the children to his army to be slain of the last chief – laying down the new power of inhuman scound- one shall know him and being him about his prophecy and that one shall be beheaded and the new eagle shall love on to the fourth house.

Before the fathers of nations - between the tree of life- the empire of the Russ shall make war with him and shall not be watchful of the east- for not all obeys- six very powerful kings shall bow their head to the eagle- by land, sea, and air.

The religion shall be called 25112141- the blind god

And I stop writing to place my pen down

Ronald Campbell.