The mysteries of secrets part 12

All ages good and bad shall become barbarians when the food of the earth run out – time has gone backward to its beinning- for the greed of men now wails in the wind- for a long time no woman shall be marry.

How silly is England to believe that the kingless king shall bow head to their queen- words said, is it I who bow down to you woman or you I- and the queen shall know him by his words to kiss his hand in vain

Let the church in rome know this said the voice for me to writing- I know the host of your church and of your demons and know I come quickly if you repent not- and cast out your demon host shall I not behead the church? But if you carry on I shall enter your hearts and conduct the lady outside- and she shall cast out her own mouth I

To the same church

Elections- conflicts and blood

Let he who kow jesus- know his new name, and let those who said we are of jesus BEWARE! And let man choke on his own blood and words – for none knows the lord our God – yet not even his chosen!

And I stop writing to place my pen down.

Ronald Campbell.