The mysteries of secrets part 13

To carry one is to carry many and to carry few is to carry none – what did I see in the seeing pot- children carries heads- daughters their father- sons their mothers- and brothers their sisters – and each brought them before a great wing of fire to be cast in and judged.

( alamea)

What is to be said of this name? If you knew your number you would know this name? For time has shown men that he and she is coming. The male first with the female riding close behind – for men shall fear greatly.

( sejiel)

Shall be the first angel to sound his horn- which sound like many waters rushing to land – and all that's within the sea shall say with a loud voice- ( what have we to do with men sins) and they shall be no more.

The ten kings that have no kingdom shall look for the kingless king who in turn has no kingdom- but yet shall be made king over the ten – and they shall rule all nations under one nation. And the lost children of no nation shall be set free!

And I stop writing to place my pen down

Ronald Campbell.