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I hit the horn, beep beep. I continued reading the book she gave me last Christmas as I waited. The best lies are kept simple, a good lie is never embellished, I read, Oh really now? Mina needed a ride home again tonight. The front door opened a moment later, I dropped the book and gunned the engine. Mina walked out followed by Mr. Lionel, her CEO. There had been a blurry of 'yes, sirs' and technical terms thrown this way and that, as they walked to the car.

"I'll see tomorrow night then, Mina," Mr. Lionel said.

"Yes, Leo, and I'll have that report for you on HK Inc. plus a few new plan sketches," my wife replied. Mr. Lionel wished me a pleasant drive. Then we began our near three-hour drive.

This wasn't always the case, Mina used to take the MRT home. I rarely had to pick he up but that changed over the last year. It's not that I'm complaining. I married her and I knew our jobs would be first priority as we discussed before the ceremony. We decided to save up first, as the responsible people we were. It's been three years since and I guess our jobs just got more demanding.

"Tomorrow?" I asked at a stoplight trying to hide a hint of my unspoken irritation.

"Yes, we have a new client. Leo and I have to get this one done." When the hell did 'Mr. Lionel and I' become 'Leo and I'? I have no idea.

"Can't you finish during the day? I know Mr. Lionel has all the materials at his place but-"

"Chris, we really need this one," she reasoned and tossed an explanation my way, technical terms and all. "Honey, I'm tired, mind if I nap? Wake me up when we get home okay?" then she kissed my cheek, opened the radio to a slow song and settled in.