I use to smile, when she use to laugh,

Now I close my eyes, try to forget our past,

Not long ago I would have gave her my life,

Now slowly replaced with a crooked knife.

I once fed on your love, but now I'm hungry,

You are an evil that was once so lovely.

When I said I'd give my life to her,

I didn't think I would be put through this torture,

She has forgotten the past, replaced the nice thing I said,

With those nasty last words, that ran through her ears, into her head.

I once loved her more than anything, that changed in moments,

Is this just a tragedy movie? Are we all just showmen?

She's the only one I would die for, the only one I ever wanted.

I am now just a robot, trying to scrap all my pieces back together.

I miss you more then anything, but I hate you for what you did.

If we had a time machine, we could changed everything, as easy as this.

As easy as we fell apart.

Why wasn't it this easy, in the start?