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"I guess the best place to start is with my parents," Damien's voice was quiet. "But first I recommend we feed you." Pressing a small red button on the nightstand Damien requested the acts of his servants. Waiting patiently in the silence Damien played with his thumbs. How could he tell Kaylnn everything? Damien pondered this question. A loud knock came from the door interrupting Damien's thoughts.

"Come in," Kaylnn muttered before Damien could open his mouth. A thin blonde haired servant entered the room. She was carrying a silver tray, its contents hidden under a silver dome. Kaylnn smiled gently at her as she set the tray on the bed.

"Thank you," the words slipped out of Damien's mouth like vinegar. He never once said thank you. He never thought he had to. The blonde servant stared at him stunned. She smiled cautiously and then dashed out of the room.

"Hmm…what did they bring?" Kaylnn carefully lifted the cover letting the delicious aromas spread throughout the room.

"A grilled cheese with tomato soup?" Damien looked at the food like it was worth no more then a penny.

"Yum, one of my favorites," Kaylnn commented as she dug her teeth into the cheese filled sandwich.

"Is it good?" Kaylnn nodded through bites and then looked at Damien with a curious glance.

"You can tell me from the beginning now," Kaylnn encourage him with a smiled. Damien nodded gathering his thoughts. Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes. Carly smiled at him, her body now grown to his age. She was his twin, his flesh and blood. Her black curls wrapped around her face, making her blue eyes sparkle. Go on Damien tell her, I know you love her. Tell her.

"I will," Damien whispered to himself.

"What?" Kaylnn asked confused.

"Just talking to myself," Damien smiled. "Well, my mothers name is Aquene. It means peace. And my fathers name is Aaron. They were a perfect pair. My mother had long silver hair that glowed in the moonlight; her eyes were a beautiful deep blue. My father had my black hair and emerald green eyes. They were the best parents anyone could have. The people of this town loved them. That is all except for Ian, he despised them. Even though they took his side on just about everything. I think he hates them so much because Carly and I were twins, which is very rare in the vampire world, that we automatically were going to rule the kingdom."

"I am sure that struck a nerve," Kaylnn muttered at she started on the second half of her sandwich. Damien nodded.

"It did," taking a deep breath Damien continued. "He did anything he could to ruin what my parents had worked for. But my parents always said it was just a phase. That he was a good soul; he was just acting out for attention."

"It doesn't seem that way if he committed murder," Kaylnn commented. "Enough about him though. Tell me about your twin, Carly."

"Carly was my best friend," Damien smiled. "She knew me inside and out. We even had our own langue. We were little but very intelligent. We went everywhere together. We never left each others sides."

"Awe, you guys sound so cute," Kaylnn bite her lip unsure if Damien would allow the comment.

"Many people told us we were," Damien laughed at the memories. "We looked exactly alike. Except Carly had curly black hair. She was always full of energy and loved to dance. Oh man did she dance. She used to have me twirl her all the way down the hallways."

"Damien, do you still have a hole?" Damien coughed a tear dripping down his eye.

"Yeah, I do," Damien felt his voice waver. "I relive her pain a lot. The feeling of her dying replays over and over again in my body. I am missing part of my soul, Kaylnn. That's part of the reason why I kidnap so many people. I feel like maybe if I find enough people to be around that feeling of emptiness will go away. That maybe I won't feel alone anymore." Damien felt the tears fall faster. His body shook and he felt Kaylnn wrap her arms around him.

"Damien, no one will be able to replace her," Kaylnn held back the tears that were forming in her eyes. How could he hide all this pain? How was he able to function? He held back so much.

"I know," Damien's voice was quiet. "You know I still haven't gone back in our room. It hurts too much."

"Come on. Maybe it will make you feel better," Kaylnn stood up and offered Damien her hand. Damien forced himself up. Sliding his hand into hers he exited the room. Taking a right Damien walked uneasily down the hallway. Stopping at the door Damien pointed.

"There," that was all Damien was able to say. Kaylnn nodded and opened the door. A loud groan escaped the wood as the door was forced open. Damien stepped inside. Looking around he felt the tears wash down his cheeks again. The room was a baby blue. Small forest animals danced across the walls, the details bringing them to life. Damien stepped forward picking up Carly's small doll she always carried around. The pink dress was covered in mud and dirt. It was ripped on the sleeve from Carly carrying her around so much. The brown hair of the doll was in a two braids, the ends tied with small pink ribbons. Damien traced the doll's perfectly red lips and her green glass eyes.

"This was her favorite doll," Damien held it close to its chest as if it was about to disappear at any second. "She named it Mary-Ann." Damien smiled and looked towards the two cribs that sat side by side. Carly's was pink and blue. The bars rusted and broken from being unattended for so long. Damien looked at his crib, it was blue and red. Damien sighed. Walking over to Carly's crib he placed the doll inside. Kaylnn stood quietly in the doorway afraid to take Damien out of his peaceful state.

"Kaylnn, I can feel her," Damien looked towards the ceiling. "I can feel her Kaylnn. She's here. She's here Kaylnn, my sister." Damien smile wavered as he cried. Damien wiped away his tears, turning to face Kaylnn he shivered.

"She will always be with you Damien," Kaylnn tried to reassure him.

"I can't leave her Kaylnn. I lost her once, I can't loose her again," Damien fell onto the floor all the pain of Carly's death striking him like a bullet.

"Damien, she's moved on. She will always be with you," Kaylnn took a step towards Damien her face focused on his. "Let her go Damien."

"Let me go Damien," Kaylnn jumped holding in a scream. A bright light danced across the room as it took form of a beautiful girl. She looked exactly like Damien. She had shoulder length curly black hair and dazzling blue eyes. Her glowing skin made her red lips shine and her eyes sparkle. She was wearing a long white dress that clung closely to her tiny body.

"Carly?" Damien sat up and took in his twin's ghostly form.

"Hi Damien," she smiled. "Damien, you have to let me go. Please Damien. I want to see mother and father."

"I don't want to loose you," Damien's voice whispered.

"You will never loose me Damien," she said gently as she kneeled in front of him. "I will always be with you. But I need you to let me go so I can be happy. Can you do that for me?" Damien found himself nodded to his twin's request.

"I love you Carly," Damien smiled. "Please tell mother and father I love them too."

"I will," Carly cooed through her tears. "I love you too Damien. Take care of Kaylnn. You two need each other more then you know." Leaning forward Carly kissed Damien's forehead. Damien quickly wrapped his arms around her. Carly hugged him back as their tears mingle with each other. Damien felt her slowly slipping away.

"Goodbye Damien," Carly cried as her ghost vanished.

"Goodbye Carly," Damien retorted.

"Damien?" Kaylnn knelt down so she was in front of him.

"Can I have a hug?" Kaylnn smiled. Wrapping him into her arms she started to hum.

"She is happy now Damien," Kaylnn said soothingly into his hair.