What is the difference between the rich and poor?

Is it just the money or maybe a little more

What makes one person better than the other?

Apart from just their father and mother

Why do some people have to live in fear?

While others know their futures are clear

Why is it that I am in full time education?

When another isn't because of their location

Don't we all deserve the same kind of rights?

Despite any kind of social height

Are we not all human beings?

So why isn't that the sight I'm seeing

Why does it really matter who we are

Despite the distance how near or far

Do we not all feel the same?

Who wants their life to be treated as a game?

No one would volunteer to die young of age

So we should all help and be engaged

Everything could change, just help each other

Learn to care about one another

Stop being selfish about your own needs

Pull together do good deeds

One day your efforts will be seen

When the world is no longer so obscene