Hours past and still my

Eyes won't rest. This is a

Reoccurrence of every

Night. I listen to the quiet

Hum of your breathing, trying to

Calm my self into the nothingness

That we call sleep, into the quiet

Dark peace that has been

Disturbed in my wake. The

Nightmares that lurk in the

Shadows of my mind prolong my

Slumber. There is so much

Bloodshed, so many battles.

I see everything I have never

Wished to see. I see the evil, the

Danger, the cold nothingness I feel.

All good things have flown out

The window, running from the

Hauntings. And I am left to fight

For myself, alone.

I turn on my side and watch your

Calm surrender in the nothingness.

Your eyes lay shut, your body unmoving

Except the rise and fall of your chest. Your

Arm lies limp across your bare belly while

The other is against your side. There is a

Small, heavenly smile cast upon your lips.

I spend most of the night, watching you and

Terrified to follow in your steps. Sleep beckons

To me, but I will not answer.

Instead I lift myself, with hush, from the

Bed. While walking across the room I do

Not look back to see if you have awoken, if

I have disturbed your peace. I am not

One who is willing for sleep, very

Much unlike you. Thinking envious

Thoughts I sit in the chair next to the

Large window, staring into the black and

Blue night, small glimmers of hope

Shining in the sky. I will sit here until the

Dawn, listening, waiting, watching.

You are the only thing that keeps me from

Ridding my sanity, but you are my reason

For denial. Together we make such a

Wonderful contradiction.

For Brittany. Although, not the Birthday present I had in mind... :) Happy belated Brithday!

A/N: This was not meant to be a sad and depressing poem. It's just about a woman who worries much more than she should, and it keeps her up at night. I have many more poems coming your way, folks. About five, at least, but trying to write all of them at once is a tad confusing. Obviously I can only write when inspired. And today, during first period, while wathcing a video about the Swine Flu (wow...), I was inspired. Definitely not by the video. This poem came from deep within. Hehe. :)

Have a happy Thursday!