Part One

Oh the pathetic sound
a drowning fish
a bird choking on its song
a clock with no time
the struggling thump of the heart
nay, the tearing, ripping, separation of a new fault
carefully, split all
arteries, veins, capillaries
mere vessels for pigmentless cells
no red of life, no black of death
clearer than that of the solvent
air dances away
nothing to kiss
watch out now
the fault is mine
play on words?
it is what it is
shredded, shattered
shattered then shredded
better that way
although, always together
certain to be where the other is
the only ones
predict me not
certainty is predictable
follows that which pulsates
what pulsates anymore?
the earth?
a heart?
your center, my heart
mmm, a supernova
I see the colors-
yellows, whites, blues
only me
a thousand light years away
but nothing to you
days, months, years
no time on the clock
for watching
no water for the fish
to breathe
no life for the bird
to fly
oh the pathetic sound
of silence
no beat, but an explosion contained