When You Can't Resist

The door creaked open.

Yrajia looked up. "Oh, its just you Derion."

"Just Derion?" Derion crossed the room and sat at the table that Yrajia had spread out his ideas that had been just copied to paper. "Don't I get like a hello or something?"

"Sorry. Hello Derion." Yrajia rubbed his temples. "It's just been a bit stressful."

"I can see that." Derion leaned over and grabbed one of Yrajia's hands in his. He looked at Yrajia yearningly. Yrajia tried to pull his hand away.

"Derion." Yrajia said sternly. "Derion let go of my hand please. I need to write more."

"No. You need to rest."

"No. I need to finish this."

"I don't think so." Derion stood up and pressed on Yrajia's chest, looking deep in his eyes. Yrajia blushed.

"Derion. Stop. I'm gonna fall." Yrajia tried to stay steady, but Derion had captured his other hand too. Soon, Yrajia toppled over, taking the chair with him. Derion was still pinning him down. "Geez. I said stop." Yrajia pushed up enough to get untangled from the fallen chair.

"Sorry." Derion surrendered. "But I really think you need a break."

Yrajia got into a sitting position. "And hot would you suggest I do that-" He didn't finish because as quick as lightening, Derion was on him, pressing their lips together and pinning Yrajia with his back on the floor.

"What's your problem?" Yrajia asked when Derion released his firm grip on his mouth.

"This is how I suggest you take a break." Derion gave a seductive wink.

"N-N-No!" Yrajia blushed.

"But we haven't done it in so long." Derion whined.

"And for a good reason!"


"W-Well," Yrajia looked away, "for one thing I don't love you."

"But the sex was good, right?"

Yrajia blushed. "It was great."

"So why not?"


Derion smiled. "You don't need to."

Yrajia blushed as without another word Derion started to pull off the shirt Yrajia was wearing.

"W-Wait!" Yrajia tried to push his shirt back down. "D-D-Don't!"

Derion pouted. "Oh! You don't want to be the only one." With that he pulled off his own shirt, revealing a lean muscled body that made Yrajia hard. Blushing, Yrajia shook his head.

"No! Put your shirt back on!"

"But you like it." Derion cooed, leaning over Yrajia. Derion promptly sat on Yrajia's pelvic area, rendering him unable to get up or roll away.

"Derion! Don't!" Yrajia yelled, turning his face away and closing his eyes.

"Don't what? Be super sexy? Stop being so seductive? Sorry. I can't do that." Derion pressed down and started kissing Yrajia's neck.

"No!" Yrajia pushed Derion away. All stopped when Yrajia realized his hands were now resting on Derion's chest. He blushed and tried to remove his hands, but Derion caught then and held them there. Yrajia, who still had his head turned away, opened his eyes wide as Derion moved his hands up and down his naked chest.

"Come on." Derion moved Yrajia's hands around his honed abdomen muscles. "Just once."

Yrajia's head snapped around. He saw his hands touching Derion. Felt them feeling Derion. Then all resistance melted. His eyelids heavied and he whispered a moan.

"I'll take that as a yes." Derion quickly lowered his head and, pushing up and pulling off Yrajia's shirt, licked the torso they revealed.

"Derion…Derion…please…stop…" Yrajia was breathing heavy.

"No." Derion moved to Yrajia's nipples, licking around them and watching them rise. Yrajia arched.

"Your body likes it." Derion noted. Yrajia closed his eyes and tried to breathe deeply. Derion's touch left for a moment and Yrajia wondered what was happening, but when he felt movement around his crotch, his eyes flew open again.

"Derion!" Yrajia sat up to find Derion unzipping his jeans with his teeth.

"Now, now." Derion pulled down Yrajia's underwear to show a large cock that had already risen a great deal. Derion's eyes widened in lust and hunger. "Relax." He told Yrajia. But Yrajia gasped as Derion licked the crown.

"Ah! Derion!" Yrajia gasped again as Derion felt the length of his shaft with his tongue.

"Calm down." Derion whispered, putting his hands on its base. "This'll feel good." He opened his mouth and led the tip into his mouth. Then deeper. Then deeper. Until Derion's front teeth brushed the base. Yrajia let out a loud moan and shook with pleasure. Then Derion started taking it out. When he reached the tip again, he thrust it in again, skillfully running his tongue along the shaft. Yrajia arched and thread his fingers through Derion's hair.

"More…Derion…yes…more…" He panted. Yrajia's fingers gripped Derion's hair and led back and forth. In and out.

"Derion…I'm going to…stop…Derion!" Then he came and fell backward. Derion go of Yrajia's cock and came up licking his lips.

"Good?" He asked.

Yrajia, who was gasping for breath, just nodded.

"Then let's have some more." Derion smiled and pulled off Yrajia's pants, so he was completely naked on the floor. He then unbuckled his belt and took off his pants. Yrajia caught sight of Derion's fully erected cock and gasped.

"Fuck. You're huge! Bigger than you were last time at least."

Derion just smiled. "Then it'll feel more."

"You'll tear me in half!"

"No." Derion leaned over and kissed Yrajia's lips softly. "Just lay still." While licking his way down Yrajia, his fingers found their way down first and entered. Yrajia shuddered and moaned from pleasure as the fingers thrust in and out repetitively.

"Derion…now…before I change my mind."

"I don't know how there could be anyway you could change your mind." Derion said but removed his fingers regardless. He positioned himself between Yrajia's legs and pulled Yrajia's butt up to meet his cock. He slid the tip across Yrajia's hole. "Get ready." Then he thrust in. Deep. Yrajia gasped and squirmed.

"It hurts! You're too big!" he whined.

"Just stay like this for a moment." Derion held Yrajia in place. They stayed there for a moment, panting. Then Derion started to withdraw. Pleasure burst through them both, but more so when he thrust back in.

"Ah!" Yrajia moaned loudly, arching his back. "More…more…deeper please." Derion obliged, thrusting more and more, faster and faster.


"Yrajia…I'm…" Derion, still thrusting hard, posed the inevitable question, which Yrajia nodded his response. Then they both came. They collapsed, exhausted, breathing heavy.

After their breath had become a little more normal, Yrajia asked, "Derion…why don't you…" He referred to Derion's cock, still inside him.

"Not done yet." Derion shook his head. Yrajia's eyes widened.


Derion grabbed Yrajia's waist and flipped him to his stomach.

"Derion what are you-" then his butt was pulled up and his knees were holding them up. He raised to his hands. "What are you doing?" Then the thrust came. Yrajia moaned, head flying back. In this position the thrusts came harder, faster. When Yrajia's arms became too weak to support him, he fell to his chest. Derion stopped thrusting and grabbed him by the waist again. Yrajia was pulled into a sitting position. Now this position made it go deep. Derion grabbed Yrajia under his thighs. Lifted and dropped. Lifted and dropped. Derion reached one hand around and grasped Yrajia's cock, stroking it, running his hand up and down it. It was ecstasy. It was nothing he could describe. Then they came. Derion finally withdrew and laid next to Yrajia.

"Well?" Derion whispered.

Yrajia couldn't speak, but Derion saw the pleasure on his face.

"Come on. Let's take a shower." Derion smiled and helped Yrajia up and supported him to the bathroom.