Let's Hear It From Gretchendale's Sweetheart

Secrets have always been the demeanour of my advice column; and it had been with rationale under which I originally decided upon basing my life on them. But, as mostly occurs, decisions tend to change. It is within that prospect that I have decided to reveal myself as Gretchendale High's one and only Instigator of mass flirtation.

However, I sense that my decision has been made for me by others, and I speak with full confidence when I grant that a numerous amount of students reading this very same memo have committed the 'transgression' of sending me emails telling me of my cowardice and condensed knowledge in love. Therefore, in addition to my former decision, I have found a way out of forsaking all that I have built up through my few years in high school - by proving myself to you all. To do this, I will be using all the advice I have ever given out to the world, and take it myself.

As of today I will be allowing students to vote for the individual they most rely on – for the person with the most votes will be used on behalf of the entire school to make sure I carry out my promise. You will also be made to rely fully on said person to inform you whether or not I have succeeded in making any person of their choice fall in love with me by using only my flirting tips on them. If I do accomplish this; it will only be natural that all negative emails be banished, and my identification kept a secret. If I fail, however, I will immediately fulfil my first resolution.

(Weekly flirting tips will go on as per usual during this time)

Voting closing date: 07 August 2009

Contact info: massflirt gretchies .com

From me:

Chapter 1 will hopefully be up soon. It is currently lying in my beta's inbox.