All For Her

Author's Note- So lately I've been thinking more about play writing. Then, last night when I went to see one of my friend's script readings, I realized that I really wanted to write my own play. I had been thinking about doing something with my scene "Seeing the Light" for a while, so I thought about it from a few different angles and this was what popped into my head! It's a three scene play, at least as of now, so it's pretty short, but I hope it's enjoyable all the same.

Revised as of 9/23/09

Scene 1

A living room in an apartment. There is a door stage right and a small couch at center stage. A basic armchair is placed slightly downstage from it angling slightly upstage right. A coffee table with an impressive display of different sorts of candles has been placed in front of the couch.

Gina Lugosi, a thin, obviously bottle blond girl in her early twenties, curled up on the couch, talking on a small, sleek flip phone. Her tone is one of no nonsense. She is wearing black slacks, black socks and a whit blouse with no shoes. A gold diamond engagement ring can be seen on her hand.

Gina: I mean it Paul. You're talking to Gina Lugosi here. Frank Lugosi's daughter. Daddy told me to tell you if he doesn't agree to our offer by tomorrow, you make him agree. Do you understand? He doesn't care how you do it… No! He doesn't even want to know. You just make him agree.

There is a knock on the door.

Gina: Crap, I've got to go. I hope you get what I'm saying because it's not my head on the block if you screw up. (She snaps the phone shut and slides it into her pocket. As she glances over at the door she takes on a much cheerier disposition.) It's open!

The door opens, revealing Peter Gaffney, a tall, somewhat buff young man around 25 with short brown hair. He is wearing cargo pants and a gray t-shirt that is advertising some sort of restaurant. He has a pleasant, sort of vague expression on his face that seems to give him the likeness of a clueless teenager.

Gina: Peter… (Spotting Gina, he smiles and walks up behind the couch. He leans down to give her a quick kiss on the lips in greeting.) Hey baby.

Peter: Hey angel. What are you up to?

He straightens up and walks over to the chair, taking a seat. She sighs.

Gina: Ugh, just some phone calls Daddy wanted me to make for him. Business stuff and all that. Apparently one of his business ventures isn't working out the way he'd like. You know how he hates that. There's going to be bloodshed over this. (Untroubled by what she has just said, she checks her cuticles.) Probably literally.

Peter nods, crossing his legs comfortably and making himself at home.

Peter: Understandably.

Gina: Yeah, so what's up?

He grins and stands up, walking back over to her.

Peter: You know, just coming to say hi.

Putting his hands on the back of the couch on either side of her, he leans forward and kisses her again. This time the gesture is more drawn out and intense. When they finally break apart, Gina giggles and Peter falls onto the couch next to her, slipping an arm around her shoulders.

Gina: Hi.

She puts her head on his shoulder and he kisses her cheek.

Peter: Hi.

Gina: Oh, so Daddy called today.

Peter: About work?

His arm slides from around her shoulders to her waist.

Gina: No, about you. And this.

She waves the engagement ring in front of him. Peter's expression visibly turns to one of mild concern for his own wellbeing.

Peter: Oh?

Gina: Daddy says he wants to welcome you to the family at Sunday brunch next week and he hopes you can tell him some interesting stories that he could share at work.

The expression of mild concern has now turned into one of full out distress that only seems to grow by the second. He swallows nervously and readjusts his position, taking his arm away from Gina. Gina does not seem to notice his discomfort. She changes her position as well so that she's facing him.

Peter: Like?…

Gina: Oh, I don't know. He just wants you to impress him with something you've done. Tell him something that would get you in good with him and the family business.

Peter: (He sounds doubtful as he speaks) Like the time I beat all those guys up for you?

Gina: No, something like that time with Cousin Vinnie and the Rolex.

Peter: That time on the boat?

Gina: Yeah.

Peter: And they never saw the guy again?

Gina: Nope.

Peter: Right…

Peter's distress is still growing. He is now sitting up completely straight on the couch with his hands in his lap and his eyes glued straight ahead, staring at nothing.

Gina: Yeah, he just wants to make sure you'll fit in with the family before he gives us his blessing. Nothing big. You're going to do fine. There's no way he won't love you. (She flips her phone back open and casually begins to scroll through her calendar) So, did you get to talk to the wedding planner this week? I did, but just briefly. She's not too concerned about time right now though because we're still months away, but still. We want to stay on schedule with everything.

Peter is still in a state of shock from Gina's news. He continues to just stare straight ahead and does not answer.

Gina: Peter?

Peter snaps out of his daze and immediately looks over at her, a somewhat blank expression on his face.

Peter: Sorry, what?

She slides her cell phone back into her pocket.

Gina: I said, did you talk to the wedding planner this week? (She frowns at him in concern.) Are you okay?

Peter: Yeah, yeah, fine. (He shakes his head, trying to regain his senses. It only works half way. He still sounds as if he is in a state of shock.) The wedding planner? Um, yeah. Yeah. I talked to her. She wanted to know about where I was thinking about getting my tux.

Gina: Where are you thinking about getting it? Because if you're not sure yet, I'm sure Daddy could recommend a place for you. He's got connection's everywhere. The police, morticians, garbage men... I'd really be surprised if one of them wasn't at some formal wear place. Or he might have a few lying around in storage that he could just give you… I don't think there was any blood on Joey's when he… Yeah. I think Daddy kept it.

The mention of Gina's father and the possibility of wearing Joey's tuxedo seems to alarm Peter even more if possible.

Peter: Uh, no. No. That's fine. I'm, uh, actually thinking about going to that place on third street? You know, the one on the corner?

Gina: Oh yeah. That'll work too.

As she talks, Peter seems to be struggling to say something.

Peter: Uh, babe?

Gina: Yeah hon?

Peter: I think I've got to go now...

Gina frowns, confused by Peter's sudden departure announcement.

Gina: But you just got here… and we really haven't said hi yet…

She raises an eyebrow at him suggestively. Peter laughs nervously.

Peter: Heh, yeah. You're right. But I just realized I have a lunch appointment with my boss that I completely forgot about. Can't really be late to that.

Peter stands up, wiping his now sweating palms on his pants.

Gina: No…

It's obvious that Gina is becoming a little upset with Peter because of his strange behavior. As the eyebrow quirk becomes a full-on frown, Peter notices her distress and tries desperately to patch things up before they can get any worse.

Peter: Yeah, but I'll definitely come back later okay? For dinner?

Gina relaxes slightly, although she still appears a little confused.

Gina: Yeah. That sounds good. So like sevenish?

Peter: Sure.

Gina smiles, now reassured. He returns the expression, although his smile is pinched with worry.

Gina: Great. So see you then.

Peter: Yeah… Bye.

He walks over to the door and opens it. Just as he's about to leave, Gina calls out to him.

Gina: I love you.

He stops and glances back over his shoulder at her. This time he's smiling for real.

Peter: I love you too, Gina

He turns to go again, but she stops him a second time.

Gina: Oh, and Peter?

Peter: Yeah?

Gina: Don't take Vinnie's idea. Daddy'll just know you were copying. And the whole thing can be a bitch to cover up if you don't do it just right. Even Vinnie had to get rid of two other people after that.

Peter, who had been beginning to recover his nerves during the sweet moment with Gina instantly loses all of them again.

Peter: Is that the time when…

Gina: Yeah.

Peter: Right… got it.

The door closes behind him.

Author's Note- Okay, so a few questions. This is now revised, but all the same...

1. Do I need to make it funnier?
2. Is it obvious enough that Gina's part of a mob family?

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