don't like it
didn't want to do it
don't care about it
just don't want to fail it

to the person who decided to set this assignment
i don't know the answer
it is not because
i am stupid
or because
i can't be bothered
it is because
you have used
very small writing
and a far away board
and i
have forgotten
my glasses

it is possible that i have no lunch because it was stolen
it is possible that i have no lunch because my home life is poor
it is possible that i have no lunch because i have an eating disorder
but it is equally possible my lunch will be on the table when i get home just where i left it this morning

a is for arrogant
b is for bored
c is for can't be bothered
d is for don't want to
e is for effortless
i think my f is for the fact the teacher forgot how smart i am

it is possible that homework will improve my grades
it is also possible that I could get better grades if they tested us on the things i do at home

you said you wanted an essay on rocks
not an essay about rocks
i would have written you an essay about rocks
if you had told me that before i robbed
the city rock garden

description is like a photograph both can be developed to create images but description does not require a dark room