A/N: I've been reading a lot of ghost stories that follow a pattern—a child/teen protagonist (separated from one/both of their parents somehow) go to a new house, and meet a ghost who needs their help. This is kind of based off of that scenario.

Claimer: Yes, I own this! Using it without my permission is considered plagiarism.

How long he'd walked these crowded halls!
How many things he'd pondered
As others darted to and fro
And ever on he'd wandered

Thrown to the shadows of the rooms,
He matured—but never grew—
Watching, longing, humming, dreaming
A thousand lives to view

An echo of another man
A memory, no more
The eidolon of one long gone
To leave Earth nevermore.

The ties that bound him were unseen
Unfelt, untouched, untrue,
Like him—yet they were tangible—
His sole lingering rue

The Place he haunted day and night
Though no one had ever known
Forever with limitless people
For eternity, alone

Why he haunted? Why remain?
His motives he knew not
Yet he was chained undyingly
For the reason he forgot.

Perhaps, if he remembered it,
He could be—dare he think it?—free,
But he didn't recall—couldn't at all—
Until he encountered me.

He said only corporeal, mortal help
Could relieve him of this strife
His curse-he couldn't leave death until
He understood his life

The mystery we both untangled
Only two knew, I and he,
But the only ghost still haunting now
Is in my memory.