Chapter Two


"The tour bus is your home away from home", the salesman boasted. Lie. The 52 inch screen television, the maids and servers, they didn't feel like home at all. Home was the scent of chocolate-chip cookies baking in the oven, not the scent of new leather, because your mother was on a diet, and your trainer wanted you to lose a couple of pounds, even though you are skinny as a rail.

I sighed and opened my mac, and turned on IChat. No one was on. I needed a friend. I truly hate this life.


The money was stacked high on the table. Today, I only earned fifty dollars. Usaully, I earned a hundred or so. Damn birds.

I sighed, and went to my computer. I wanted to see if melanielovesmusic was on. Man, that girl had talent. Damn, this old computer took hours to load. Finally, I managed to log onto musicspace. My heart stopped, and skipped a beat. She was on. I pressed chat.

Austinplaysguitar101: hey how was your day?


Suddenly, a ding came from my computer speakers. I looked down. Someone from musicspace imed me. I smiled, and suddenly my heart started beating a hundred miles an hour. It was austinplayguitar101.

Austinplaysguitar101: hey how was your day?

Melanielovesmusic: lonely, as usual. People don't understand me, you know? Lol, how about you?

Austinplaysguitar101: crappy. Lol. But it's a lot better now that I'm talking to you.

I blushed. This guy was was a true Romeo. He made me melt inside, like fondue. He was real. He was smart. And he had no clue that I was Melanie Davis. But, even though he had no idea who I really was, I felt at home with him. He was home after a hard day of work, the cure for lonielness.

Melanielovesmusic: Why, thank you so much. You've made my day a whole lot better, cause you're the cure for the the loneliness.

Austinplaysguitar101: Lol, just call me Dr. Austin.

Melanielovesmusic: Okay, Dr. Austin, thanks for curing you dear patient Melanie. What can I do now to pay my bill?

Austinplaysguitar101: Promise me that we'll one day meet.

Melanielovesmusic: I promise. I want to meet you, see your smile, and hear you laugh, not just a lol. I feel like I'm close to you, and I don't have to hide who I truly am.

Austinplaysguitar101: I'll look forward to that day. And, you don't have to hide. And trust me, cause I trust you. I feel like you see something in me that others look past. I feel like your not like other girls that care about appearance. You are the most amazing person I've ever met.

Melanielovesmusic: Your so sweet. Your not fake. You're real. You act like yourself.

Austinplaysguitar101: Who else would I be?

Melanie loves music: I don't quite know.

Austinplaysquitar101: Lol.

The bus stopped. I sighed. That meant we were at the destination of my next concert. That also meant I would have to take a step out of paradise, and end this conversation with Austin. And, that I did not want to do, because he was the only other thing besides music that mattered.

Melanielovesmusic: I'm sorry I have to go to work. But trust me when I say this, I'd much rather be talking to you. Works hell.

Austinplaysguitar101: That's okay, go. I have homework to do anyways. I'll catch up with you later?

Melanielovesmusic: Yes, you will.

Austinplaysguitar101: Okay good. Have fun at work.

Melanielovesmusic: I'll try. But I can't promise you anything.

Austinplaysguitar101: Lol, bye.

Melanielovesmusic: Bye.

I shut down the macbook, wishing that I can see Austin right now. I wish that I can see his smile for the first time, and actually hear his laugh instead of lol. I'd give anything to see him. I glumly looked out the window of the tour bus. I'd even give up this life.