Chapter Seven


I plopped myself onto the hotel bed, phone in hand, ready to check my messages. I had thirteen from the last time I checked my phone, which was a few minutes before I landed in Miami. Ten of them were from Mom, annoyed that I haven't called her yet to tell her that I had arrived in Miami. The other three were from various companies begging me to promote their product. One by one, I shifted through them, deleting.

After deleting all of the annoying messages, I then called my mother, mostly to keep her from worrying, and from keeping her from packing her stuff, and jumping on the next plane here.

"Hello? Melanie?" my mom's worried voice asked.

"Yes, Mom, it's me, calm down", I said. "Take deep breaths."

I heard her inhale, then exhale. "Melanie, honey, are you okay?"

I laughed. "Yes, Mom, I am perfectly fine. I met Austin, Mom. He is amazing. I don't know what I was so afraid of meeting him for."

"Well honey you did meet him off of the internet. He could have been a crazy rapist for all that you know", she said.

"Yes, but he's not. He's handsome, seventeen, and amazing. He has a smile that brings me weak in the knees, and those eyes are so intriguing. He's just…perfect", I said.

"Melanie, does he know your last name?" Mom asked.

"No. I intend to keep it that way too", I said.

"Melanie", she sighed. "He's going to have to find out sometime."

"He will", I said.

"Melanie, remember what I told you the day that you got your record deal?"

I searched my memories to that day. All I remember was a bunch of lawyers and my mom telling me that I don't need anyone, just myself. I didn't think that was the advice though.

"No, Mom, I don't", I said. "It was a while ago."

"Dear, I said that you are an amazing talented person, and you don't need anyone to tell you otherwise. And even if it means losing it all, you'll gain it back in a different way", my mom said.

"Thanks Mom. Now I got to go. Austin is going to pick me up in an hour, and I have to get ready for our date", I said.

"Alright, honey. Have fun, and be careful", Mom said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, Mom. I will", I said.

"Okay honey. Call me tomarrow and tell me how it goes", she said.

"Okay, bye Mom", I said.


I looked at the clock, anxiously awaiting the time when I got to leave, and go pick up Melanie. My palms were sweating, my heart was racing. I had a disease. A love disease. I was a love sick puppy. And I knew that seeing Melanie tonight would be my cure. Oh course, it might further my addiction, making it harder and harder for me to see her go in a week from now, but I didn't care. All I wanted to do is to hold her, to kiss her again.

I looked at the clock again. It was only two minutes later. This was going to be a long wait.

I went to the mirror, making sure that my fly was closed, there was nothing stuck in my teeth, and that my hair wasn't sticking up in the wrong places. Then, I looked at the clock again. Only five minutes have passed. Ten minutes left until I had to leave.

I put on the radio, and rolled my eyes. That whore Melanie Davis was on, singing her unemotional love songs. They lacked feeling. They sounded like someone has edited her voice. I can only imagine her live. She must sound like a frog.

Of course, everything other than Melanie's voice sounded like mindless noise.

I started to plan our date in my mind. I would pick her up, she looking gorgeous, although she didn't have to really try. We would go to the Clam Shack, a local joint near the beach, that served the most amazing food despite its name. Of course, I'm so nervous that I can't even eat. After dinner, I would take her for a long walk on the beach, where we'll walk along the beach. And when I dropped her off, I would kiss her, a long and perfect kiss, one that I know that will be on my mind a lot longer than tonight. It would be on my mind, way after she was gone, when I only had musicspace and memories to left to think of Melanie.

I sighed. I hoped it wasn't too cliché. I just wanted to be with Melanie. Not just for now, but forever. And ever. I think I was in love with her, and yet, I only kissed her once. And only saw her once. And I had just met her today. But I didn't care I was in love. Nothing else mattered to me right now. Just Melanie.

I looked at the clock, and took a breath away. Finally, I would be able to see her. She probably was finished getting ready, looking prettier than she already was. I wondered if she was excited to see me again, or dreading the time until she has to see me again.

I combed my hair just one more time, grabbed my car keys, and walked out the door, hands shaking like a thousand earthquakes. Maybe driving wasn't such a good idea.

I turned on the car, and put on the radio, knowing that if nothing else failed, music would defiantly calm me down. Pop music came through my car speakers. Cheesy, horrible pop music. I grinded my teeth. Melanie Davis. Her music sounded like nails on a chalkboard. I cringed, quickly changing the station. Is that what music has come too? A catchy beat, with catchy lyrics, sung by a pretty girl with no talent. And the world just loves it, all cause she is pretty. All I know is one thing. If I ever met her I would personally tell her that she is a talentless ho, who has just gotton lucky with her one hit wonder.

I shook off my rage, surprised that I could take my mind off of Melanie for more than a few seconds. Melanie. Talented, beautiful Melanie. The one that I love. My baby. I smiled. All of the rage disappeared. I was on cloud nine, once more. It was at that point that I realized that I didn't even know her last name. I loved her, but I didn't even know her last name. How messed up. I loved a girl, and didn't even know her last name.

At the red light, I just froze. How was I going to ask her. "I love you, but I was wondering, what exactly is your last name? How pathetic. If I asked her that, than she would think I was an idiot, a fool. She probably thought of that already.

Was I in love with Melanie?

Or was I in love with being in love?

I began to wonder that. No, I had to be in love with her. She was all that I can think about. Literally.

I reached her hotel, anxiously awaited her arrival, appalled by my new and strange thoughts.

She came out of the hotel, and I knew.

I was in love with her. Melanie, whatever her last name was.