Isaciah sat staring across the cafeteria in a love struck daze.

Swiss he thought Holy fudge king cow.

Isaciah thought back to when he and his twin Lyra where little and they'd pestered their parents insane with questions about the mate bond. How many times they'd begged their parents to tell them the tale of how they met. To tell them what the mate bond felt like. He'd been so afraid he wouldn't recognise it. Wouldn't know when he met his mate.

Stupid, silly childish fears.

Staring across the cafeteria at the new kid Isaciah knew that now. There was no way he would've not noticed this… this feeling, bond, connection with the stranger. No way he would've misread it, thought it was anything else than what it was, the mate bond.

He was a bit surprised though. Apart from his oldest sister Quint-whose mate had been a pack member's son-he didn't know anyone who'd met their mate before 40, and here he was 17, still in high school and staring at his mate right now.

Lyra was going to be so jealous. Everyone had always thought Lyra would find her mate first. She was older-by 6 minutes-, had been ready to mate and settle before him and she'd known exactly what she was looking for when watching out for her mate. To be honest Isaciah still hadn't been sure what he'd been looking for until 2 minutes ago when the new kid had walked into the cafeteria.

His mate was male. It was a bit of a surprise since he'd been leaning towards his mate being female just this morning. Not that he minded. He'd been attracted to both sexes for as long as he could remember. It had confused him at first when he'd gotten his first hard on in the boys changing room. Confused and panicked him. Seriously, who ever heard of a gay werewolf? He hadn't even thought it possible. A mate bond involved mating-which he admittedly hadn't realised two male could do at first-mainly to reproduce. Two males couldn't do that could they? Well, two human males couldn't, apparently two werewolf males could. How? He wasn't sure, when Dad had been telling him about all this he hadn't really wanted to think about it.

Isaciah banished those thought from his head. It didn't matter anyway. Seemed unlikely his mate was werewolf. He hadn't heard any whispers about new werewolf in their territory. And he would, seeing as werewolves had to introduce themselves to the Alpha of the territory they entered when travelling and he was the Alpha's son. I wonder… if one male werewolf mates with one male something else-probably a human-could they make babies?

"It's not fair" Cian flicked a glance at the speaker. Some big breasted, blond, bimbo-BBBB-, his newest friend's girlfriends, Belinda? Bella? Something like that.

"What isn't?" Mathias asked, his tone bored.

"He hasn't even been here a day-" she started cause Cian to look up again because obviously she was talking about him. The new guy. "-but already he has Isaciah staring at him like a love sick puppy!" She pouted gesturing. Cian followed her gesture and quickly found the afore mentioned Isaciah. It was pretty easy to see who and what she meant. The guy sat alone at the other end of the room and he was staring at Cian. He had soft, fluffy looking white hair that was strangely long, faling into his crystal blue eyes and tickling his collar. His skin was pale and unblemished. He looked delicate but strong, with thin feminine features but a square masculine jaw, broad shoulders and muscular arm.

There eyes met, but unlike any normal person Isaciah didn't act embarrassed at being caught staring he seemed to enjoy it. His lips twisted into a playfull smirk and his eyes glinted

"He smiled at you" the BBBB went, starting in a screech and ending in a deep, evil whisper. Cian said nothing, staring straight back at the guy. He wondered the guy had found him interesting enough to stare at. Sure he wasn't ugly but he wasn't anything special. More striking than handsome, he admitted, if only to himself that he had amazing violet eyes and gorgeous cornflower blonde hair but his features ruin what could have been a truly magnificent face. His nose a bit too long, mouth a bit too big, eyes a bit too far apart.

Nothing like the utterly captivating specimen named Isaciah. Cian couldn't take his eyes of the guy, he was be spelled. He felt the blood rush rise and knew his teeth had sharpened into fang already to bite and taste Isaciah. Swallowing he forced the blood rush into submission and tore his gaze away. Suddenly what was left of his meal didn't seem so appetising.

Turning, making sure he didn't look at Isaciah, he touched Mathias's arm. His black haired friend looked at him with idle curiosity in his silver eyes, which sharpened into concern when he saw or felt Cian's discomfort.

"Wanna go?" He asked. Grateful Cian nodded and stood up picking up his and Mathias's lunch trays to put away while Mathias said goodbye to his girlfriend. Once done he ditched the trays and followed Mathias through the swinging doors leading from the cafeteria.

To say he was devastated when his mate looked away from him was an understatement. Isaciah swallowed the lump that suddenly grew in his throat and told himself it wasn't what it looked like. His mate-he had not made a mistake-had not just dismissed him like he was yesterday leftover lunch.

Even a human would feel the desire… the call … the allure of the mate bond. Obviously his mate was confused, maybe distressed at finding himself feeling these things for Isaciah. Yes, yes that was it.

Spirits somewhat boosted by his little pep talk-it was hard to make himself believe-he watched avidly as his mate left the cafeteria with… who was that? His mates first friend here…? Ah, it was Mathias. The magic man. Well he wasn't actually called a magic man, that was Isaciah's little nickname for him since he didn't know what category of magic user Mathias was exactly.

Glancing down at his mostly full tray he stood up and copied his mate, disposing of the plate and following him out the double doors. Mathias and his mate had enough of a head start that they where out of sight when he passed through the door. Luckily, even in human form his senses where superior than a human beings.

Sniffing he tried to separate his mates scent from the smell of all the other people who had passed through this corridor. Two scents overlapped the rest, the most recent scents. Isaciah could immediately tell which was his mates. Just his unique smell sent thrills down Isaciah's spine. The other scent, he deduced, was Mathias's.

Following the scents towards Mathias and his mate Isaciah felt himself going a little wolfish. With a grimace he shoved down the beast that was trying to get out and make him shift.

"Soon" he growled softly to the beast. "Soon…"

The next thing he knew he was being pushed against the lockers by Mathias. Isaciah made startled fish faces at him for moment

"Why don't you leave him alone?" Mathias snapped. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his mate jump and spin around. He felt a growl roll up his throat.

"If he doesn't want anything to do with me he'll have to tell me that himself" Isaciah felt himself growl. He saw both his mate and Mathias startle and bit his lip trying to control the beast. He was so close to his mate. So close… he needed to touch…

Unable to stand it any more he pushed Mathias away from him with more force than necessary, nearly sending him crashing into the lockers behind him.

He then stepped towards Cian, sniffing. Ohhhh…

Then suddenly it clicked in his head. He'd thought there was something… different about his mates scent, besides its orgasmic properties.

"Damphyr" He said surprised, blinking at his mate, who blinked back face just as surprised.

"W-what?" His mate stuttered "How did you know?" Isaciah couldn't help the smile that curved his lips. At last he wouldn't have trouble convincing his mate that werewolves did indeed exist.

"Werewold" Isaciah said gesturing towards himself. His mate swallowed eyes going huge.

"What do you want form me?"

"Nothing, from you" Isaciah told him "I want… you. My mate"

Cian stared at Isaciah, at the werewolf.

"Are you insane?" He snapped annoyed. Isaciah's eyes widened in astonishment and his mouth opened. "No. Don't answer that. It doesn't matter. Go away" Cian flicked a glance at Mathias and gestured with his head further down the hall before turning to walk away. A hand grabbed his arm before he could take a step.

"Wait. Don't you feel it? Don't you care?" Isaciah demanded. Irritated Cain glanced down at the hand on his arm then up at Isaciahs face. The flicker of fear he caught in Isaciah's eyes pulled him up short.

"Feel what?" he asked, disliking the sudden empathy he felt.

"The mate bond" Isaciah answered in a whisper. "Can't you feel it? The-the call… the allure… I can't explain it… you-you should know, can't you feel it?" His voice was full of fear, worry and pain. Feeling like he'd just kicked a puppy he glanced at Mathias who still stood behind Isaciah. His face was calm and blank; when he saw Cain looking at him he raised an eyebrow. He understood what Cian was feeling but… to deprive someone of their only destined mate? Every species had it own version of a mate. Even humans had soul mates. Vampires had an l'altra meitat which was really just Catalan for other half. But because Cian was half human half vampire potentially he had two mates. One for his human half and one for his vampire half. This meant if he wanted to he could ditch Isaciah, go home and still have a chance of finding someone who fulfilled him.

"Yes…" Cian grumbled reluctantly twisting out of Isaciah's hold.

"Who did they kill?" Isaciah enquired quietly. Cian stiffened, shooting him a glare.

"Excuse me?"

"You only became aggressive when you learned I was a werewolf… I assumed that you'd been wronged by one of my kind" he trailed off and grimaced "Was I wrong? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend or upset you"

"No. You're right. They killed the rest of my family" Cian faced the ground, unable to look at Isaciah's face.

"What happened? …If you don't mind me asking" Isaciah questioned softly, Cian swallowed and closed his eyes.

"They… I use to belong to a… a la casa de la sang. A blood house., with my família. In the city block. We mostly kept to ourselves… they had no reason…" He trailed off, taking a deep breath and opening his eyes he looked at Isaciah steadily. "One night they just… came. Broke in, and went on a killing spree. I only survived because I wasn't there at the time"

"I'm sorry" Isaciah repeated. Cian's eyes shot up to study his face but he couldn't see any deception only genuine concern and regret.

"Why? Aren't you on their side? As werewolves aren't they always in the right?" He insisted. Isaciah shook his head.

"I don't know what happened. I don't know… who was in the 'right', if anyone was. All I know if your family died. By werewolves of any other creature, I'm sorry that the people you loved died" Cian said nothing, just stared at Isaciah who stepped closer and hugged him. Cian tensed in Isaciahs arms. He looked at Mathias over Isaciah's shoulder and got a smile.

"Mate" Isaciah said.

Abruptly Cian pulled away from Him. Isaciah couldn't stop the little sound he made at the loss of contact. Maybe he'd been a little hasty in believing that Cian had… what? Forgiven him for being a werewolf?

Great. Now whatever progress he'd made with guy had all been undone. Couldn't he keep his hands to himself and his mouth shut?

No. Not when it came to Cian. To him mate. Even just standing here he felt the urge to reach out. To touch, to kiss. He wanted-no. He needed Cian. He had no idea what he'd do if the guy didn't even give him a chance.

"Cian… come out with me, I'll show you I'm not like those werewolves. I'd never hurt you. Ci-" Cian shut him up with a finger, pressing it against his lips.

"Shhh" he whispered leaning closer, so close their lips almost touched. "No need. L'altra meitat. Mate. Other half" Then he pressed his lips to Isaciah's in a kiss. "Meu. Mine"