At least there was one good thing I got out of this Tristan thought idly watching his friends swim, watching him swim. Kyler.

God he was hot. His hair was a dark reddish brown that he kept just long enough to curl at his collar. He had long lashes that framed amazing silver-lilac eyes. His features were flawless, aristocratic nose, high check bones, just begging to be kissed lips… Tristan sighed, and his body. God, what Tristan wouldn't give to have that wrapped around him at night. Broad shoulders, muscular body, tall, lithe and a voice like the softest silk.

Tristan had almost swooned when Mathias had introduced him as his brother. Well, on second thought maybe that dizzy spell had more to do with his condition than how utterly gorgeous and breathtaking Kyler was.

It had been his idea to come here, his dumb decision. He hadn't gone swimming in ages, not since before he'd been diagnosed. But he'd had a couple of relatively easy day lately, experiencing none or only few of his symptoms. He'd thought it would be a good idea to do something like this while he could. But no. He'd taken to long getting around to setting this up and some of his symptoms had shown up again. He didn't think he could stand up. Which sucked, and meant he doubted he'd be able to swim or even tread water.

He shook his head then winced as pain shot through his skull. He massaged his forehead but it didn't stop the incoming headache. Damn, at least it wasn't too bad yet. Maybe he could get one of his friends to just take him home. He didn't want to ruin their fun but he doubted a headache would be the only one symptom to show up today. Better to be home if something happened, he preferred to have his seizures in the privacy of his own house thank you. Not that seizures where the only other embarrassing symptoms, just the hardest to be looked after during. While puking, collapsing or even going in your paints where awkward to say the least, they didn't hurt anyone else and he could normally just walk away afterwards.

"Hey, Tristan. We're going to get something to eat" Startled from his thoughts Tristan looked up from the outdoor table he was sitting at and up at Lykian who gestured over his shoulder at the pool café.

"Okay… um I'm just going to stay here" Tristan said hesitantly Lykian frowned and opened his mouth but Tristan cut him off "Can you get me some chips?"Tristan asked perkily a smile spreading across his face. Lykian rolled his eyes but nodded and turned back to the others standing in front of the café. Obviously he suspected something was wrong but Tristan wasn't going to bring it up. He wasn't going to ruin Lykian's fun and it would if he told Lykian he couldn't stand. Lykian would insist in taking him home and then the others would wonder what was wrong.

Only Lykain knew about his disease and that was only because he'd seen Tristan have a seizure. It wasn't that he was embarrassed or anything, he just hated the pity and being treated like a china doll. He'd intended to tell Isaciah, Lykians cousin and his other best friend but then Isaciah had met Cian and they'd been in honeymoon mode ever since. Tristan didn't want his disease to be the thing that brought them back down to earth. And there boyfriends Mathias and Cian? Well he liked them but he hadn't known them all that long, and Kyler he'd just meet today.

So… no, he wasn't going to let anybody know about his disease today

Kyler frowned as Lykian turned his back on his friend and made his way over.

"He is not coming?" Kyler asked him. Lykian shook his head.

"No, he wants chips though"

"I will talk to him" Kyler said focusing on the human, on his l'altra meitat. Lykian grabbed his arm as he tried to pass.

"I don't think-" he started.

"No" Kyler told him "You do not think. I have no need to go to the café as I am unable to eat anything there, and I am tired with watching my l'altra meitat sit there and watch us swim. I will talk to him" With that he turned and strode over to the human-Tristan, He corrected himself. He may be human now but he will not always be, and he is special. He disserves more than to be just human Kyler thought sitting across from Tristan who was staring down at the table holding his head.

"Headache?" Kyler questioned, he enjoyed watching Tristan jump then regretted it as soon as he winced after and clutched his head tighter.

"Yea" he muttered

"Bad?" Kyler queried sympathetically. Tristan nodded, still studying the table then looked up. Kyle swallowed his gasp. He'd seen Tristan's face before but it still stunned him. He felt like he could get lost in the humans large luminous harlequin green eyes. The first time he hadn't even noticed the rest of Tristan's face and that was nothing to laugh at either even if he did have a strange skin condition that darkened the skin around his eyes and hair line. Tristan had freckles splattered across his cute button nose that tilted up at the end. His hair was a vibrant, unruly, red that he kept short but still couldn't control. His lips were pale but generous.

"You are quite good-looking" Kyler told him. Tristan's eyes and widened and splashed surprise at Kyler as his checks heated.

"U-uhm. You to" Tristan stuttered. Kyler smiled sweetly.

"You think so?"

"Uh… yea."

"You don't sound sure"

"I-I am"

"If you say so"

"I do!" Tristan exclaimed loudly drawing stares. He blushed and ducked his head. Kyler couldn't withhold his chuckle and Tristan looked up at him with narrow eyes.

"Why aren't you i-ugh" Tristan stopped abruptly and covered his mouth with his hands.

"Tristan?" Kyler asked concerned reaching over the table to touch Tristan's shoulder. He jumped at the touch and pinned Kyler to his seat with his eyes. His face was pale and sweaty.

"I think I'm going to puke" Tristan whispered, Kyler only heard him because of his superior hearing. Just as he only caught Triastan as he stood up only to have his legs wobble and collapse under him because of Kyler's superior speed. Kyler flicked a glance over his shoulder at the café but he couldn't see the rest of there party. He hesitated a minute but when Tristan groaned slightly hoisted the human up into his arms are raced to the toilets.

They made it just in time too. Kyler made a face at Tristan's back as he vomited into the toilet bowl. Idly he rubbed a hand up and down Tristan's back.

"How are you feeling?" He asked softly his hand stopping at the top of Tristan's back to rub circles into the soft skin on the back of his neck.

"Fine, I just-I should go home" Tristan told him struggling to his feet which it appeared still could hold his wait as fell straight down again. Kyler caught the boy as he fell and sat Tristan in his lap.

"I will take you home" he decided standing up. Tristan stared up at him mutely with wide eyes from his position cradled in Kylers arms. "Then you will tell me what is wrong with you"

Tristan couldn't get his mouth to work. He was silent as Kyler carried him out to his car, as he buckled Tristan in, as he went to tell the others he was taking Tristan home and was still silent as Kyler came back and started the car.

"Where do you live?" Kyler enquired "I should have asked Lykian. It is nearby there, yes?" Kyler peeked at Tristan who gazed back at him blankly for a minute.

"Yes…" he replied eventually in a whisper. His headache had gotten worse, instead of the pervious nagging twinge it was now a screaming bleed pain. "I didn't get my chips" He muttered.

"Is that important?"

"Um…" Tristan was finding it hard to concentrate "I'm craving salt"

"Do we need to stop and get some?"

"Salt? No…" Tristan slurred "Just take me home" Or at least that was what he was trying to say. Kyler didn't answer this time and they drove in silence. Tristan felt his eyelids droop and he yawned. Fatigue he though distantly.

Then suddenly they where home.

"This is your house right?" Kyler questioned him. Tristan nodded glancing around. Kyler hand his cellphone in his hand and Tristan guessed he'd sent Lykian or someone a txt asked for his home address. Tristan reached up and ran a hand over his face. He lay slumped against the door and guessed he fallen asleep.

"Umm…" Tristan said trying to coordinate his limbs so that he could unbuckle his seatbelt and open the car door. They didn't seem to be listening to him as one arm flung itself at Kyler. It didn't hit him but it certainly got his attention. He turned from frowning down at his cell to frowning at Tristan who just slumped there. It was already embarrassing enough to have this gorgeous guy, practically a stranger see him collapse and puke. He was not going to wave his arms around like he was some retarded octopus in front of the guy.

"Need help?" Kyler asked easily slipping out of the seat of the car and coming round Tristan's side. Tristan stared at the empty driver's seat and closed car door for a minute before Kyle opened the door he was leaning on and Tristan half fell out of the car. He looked up at Kyler's amused upside down face and cursed himself and his disease but Kyler didn't say anything as he got Tristan the right way up and carried him into the house. Kicking bothe the car and house doors shut behind him.

"My bedrooms up stairs" He told Kyler who silently carried him there then gently lay him on the bed resting up against his pillows. Then he just stood there, hands on hips staring down at Tristan who stared right back.

"Well?" Kyler asked finally moving, but instead of leaving like Tristan expected he pulled the wheelie desk chair over beside the bed and sat on it, leaning back and crossing his legs he looked at Tristan calmly.

"Uh…" Tristan mumbled feeling like he had a mouth full of cotton wool. Not nice.

"You puked" He stated "Collapsed and in the car you seemed to have some difficulty moving your arms" Tristan nodded. Kyler raised an eyebrow and waited. Tristan hesitated and bit his lip, but honestly, why not tell him? If he told the others, well, Isaciah and them where going to find out eventually any way. And the worst he could do himself was to just avoid Tristan for the rest of his short life.

"Adrenoleukodystrophy" he said then winced looking down at his lap "At least I think that's how you say it. ALD for short" Swallowing Tristan glanced up at Kyler again and mentally prepared himself. "It's a rare disease, hereditary I think. Untreatable mainly, although there are dietary treatments that have limited success… I'm not on one of those… they mostly only work before the symptoms appear anyway so... it causes… well it has a lot of symptoms that… well, that kill you in the end"

His l'altra meitat was dieing. Dieing of an incurable disease.

"How long do you have?" he asked softly.

"Um… the symptoms started when I was fifteen. It can take from six months to twenty years… although the average time it takes to kill in children is two years… but I got it as a teenager and the progression seems slow… so really, any time from now. It's all just guess work" Tristan explained fiddling carelessly with his duvet cover.

But I just found you Kyler thought I have not known you a full day and yet the thought of losing you… it breaks my heart.

"This… may seem a bit insensitive if you do not believe me. But everything I am going to tell you is true" He told Tristan how blinked at him.

"Wha…?" he started but Kyler shushed him.

"I am… a vampyr. No, please. Wait until I am finished' Kyler paused, holding a finger against Tristan's lips. He considered how to say this. "As I said I am a vampyr. And… I want to turn you. It would save your life" That didn't take much thinking, short, sweet, to the point… and utterly unconvincing Kyler thought. "I am not insane. Tristan, you are my l'altra meitat. My other half. My… soul mate-"

"I like you to but honestly-?" Tristan bust out then seemed to get distracted by another thought "If you're a vampire how could Mathias be your brother? He's human! He goes to school, he grows"

"Mathias is not human. He is a necromancer" Kyler told him frowning then he paused. He didn't really want to go into that right now and wasn't sure how to contine, but when he saw Tristan open his delectable mouth once more he decided to hell with planning a good, strong, convincing speech. "There are Vampyrs and Vampires. You probably will not be able to tell the difference between them right now but you will. Vampires are mostly like all the myths say. Except garlic is not really all that an effective weapon against them. Nor are crosses. But more about that later. Vampyrs… like me. Are… living vampyrs. We are the creators of vampires. We are not undead, so we can reproduce. Er… Have babies, which grow, become adults and can choose when to stop growing. Sunlight doesn't harm us and er…" He paused not sure what else to say.

"So how did Mathias come to be a necromancer?" Tristan questioned Kyler leaning forward. His eyes glued to Kylers face.

"The vamp race is not the only supernatural race out there. There are Were's, and the fae... among others. Magic users, like Mathias are like… anomalies, children from parents with two pure bloodlines of the same race that have the ability to use magic. The kind of magic is decided by the race of the child's parents. Vampyr have necromancers, humans have mages, Were's have shamans"

"Okay… so… If this is true, and I haven't decided that yet… Mathias is a Necromancer, you're a Vampyr and Cian is… a?"

"Damphyr. Half human, half vampyr" Kyler told him.

"Oh. Do… do Isaciah and Lykian know?" He asked. Kyler hesitated, should he tell him? It wasn't really his place but Tristan was his mate…

"They know" He said. Not his place. "Will you let me turn you?"

"Um… what… I haven't decided if I believe you yet but if I do, what does turning me… how does it happen?" Tristan began to fiddle with his duvet again.

"Simple. I drink from you, you drink from me. You turn."

"Does it hurt?" Tristan asked in a small voice. Kyler reached out and stroked his cheek, causing Tristan to turn and face him. He was pale again and sweating.

"The first puncture yes… but then the aphrodisiac solvent in my fangs turns all sensation into pleasure. No need to fear it" Tristan raised his eyes to meet Kylers.

"Ok" he said.

"Tristan! What have you done to him?!" His brother's angry voice intruded sharply into the dreamy, fluffy cloud world Tristan was currently floating in.

"Calm down-" another voice started, one that set his heart racing and filled his entire body with happiness.

"Calm Down?!" His brother screeched. Tristan could just imagine his red face, clenched fists and narrowed eyes.

"Listen, Tristan is fine he's just…" ruffling of fabric "sleeping"

"Kyler?" Tristan murmured wanting to be with him.

"Tristan, I am here. Follow my voice" Tristan could feel smooth fingers brush over his forehead and down his check as he followed the instructions. The clouds gave way to his bed room and Tristan blinked up at Kyler's loving face which smiled softly at him. He lay on his bed, head in Kyler's lap.

"Did you… turn me?" He asked dozily. Kyler nodded and glanced away, in the direction of the doorway. Turning his own head in that way he saw his brother standing in the doorway.

"R-Rydan" Tristan stuttered. His brother stopped glaring at Kyler a moment to give him a concerned glance.

"So" he said "I guess you're a vampire now?" Tristan blinked at him in shock and felt his mouth fall open. He glanced up at Kylers face and saw no trace on surprise there.


"He is a mage" Kyler told him, petting his hair.

"Oh. Um… yea" Tristan felt his checks heat. Rydan smiled at him.

"That's… great" Rydan glanced at Kyler then locked eyes with Tristan again. "I'll leave you two alone" he turned and stepped out of the room but paused before closing the door. "And you better take good care of him vampire" then he was gone.

Tristan looked up at Kyler and met his eyes.

"So… What happens now?" he asked shyly.

"Now my fledgling, my l'altra meitat. We spend the rest of our lives living happily ever after" Kyler told him before leaning down and kissing him.