She Lost Her Mother

I'm under water, forced to hold my breath

Waiting for the moment when I am inevitably captured by death

Does God realize what he has done, who he has taken from me?

Does He realize that I no longer have the urge to live and breathe?

The unexpected came and seized its hold upon one that I loved

Why is it that things changed, that my loved one is now above?

I ache with the urge to hold her in my arms for an eternity

I would give all I have just to have her come back and sing to me

I dove into the pool today, cold and foreign to all

I never left it…went under water…no more room to fall

I now stay here, patiently listening to every one of my heartbeats

They are getting slower… slowly fading…the ending of my life's symphony

I am now under water, my pondering done, no longer forced to hold my breath

I welcome the water, the pain, the torture…I run into the arms of death

Once she left me I was gone…maybe God did see….

That without her there was no reason to be…my life was incomplete…