So what happens when we become immortal? What happens when we ascend to become god-like beings? In a strange way the same question was asked many years ago in Greece where their Gods took on all the traits of mortals. They were not infallible nor always accepting or benevolent. They were very capable of anger, revenge, lust, hatred, and jealousy. And like these Gods our future will be imperfect because we are now these Gods. The mortals who can live forever and attain any desire with perhaps even less effort than the Olympians.

Triumphs and Downfalls (In no particular order)

- The Gap between the Rich and the Poor
will likely vanish. At first the wealthy will be the only ones capable of accessing the process of becoming immortal. But like all new technologies, it will become more and more available as the demand rises for the service. We will change our ideology and eventually say that immortality is a natural born right; that all of mankind should have access and choose.

In this new world where we are just information being projected onto the real world we will not actually need to eat or sleep but those raw primal instincts have been programmed in. But both rich and poor will be able to desire any kind of food and have it appear virtually. They will be able to live in as large a castle as they can imagine or as small a house as desired. The concept of money will eventually fade away as we realize we don't have limited materials to build, to eat, to live with anymore.

- Health and Sickness
will be a thing of the past. At least the biological sicknesses will. When we are information displayed by nano-bots we are unable to catch the cold or flu because that is a virus. Our new metal bodies only contain virtual blood. However we will be susceptible to computer viruses. It will be a very interesting concept and experience to put up a firewall around ourselves instead of our computers.

- Marriage
will likely evolve to something very different than what we are used to. We celebrate if a couple can make it to their 50th anniversary. Imagine how difficult it is to keep a marriage forever. We talk about true love and soul mates and sure part of me is a dreamer. But the other part is a cynic and says that people will eventually tire of each other. So it is likely that open marriages will be the new trend of the future. Even if we have created our own virtual partners we may tire of them. Because we desire new experiences and desire to see the world. We desire to know whats out there and rarely satisfied by what we have.

- Religion/ Morals
is also likely to change. When we are all-powerful, all-knowing, and can live forever then who is God? He (or She) could always be a personification of our morals from a long time ago. But now that we have God's powers does the idea of God become less powerful? I'm not entirely sure about the answer to that question. I do know that the line between moral and immortal will become much more gray.

This is because at the moment we can create a video-game and murder, back-stab, and have virtual sex fantasies without incurring much of a moral dilemma. We can convince ourselves that this is just a game. But what happens when we live in a virtual world where we can create people? Is it immoral to destroy our creations of life? Perhaps if our creations are persuasive then we will say yes. But we can create them to have a lower IQ, mental capacity, or whatever you want to call it.

We can bring all our desires to life, but our desires include darker ones as well.

- Creative Energy
will be on the rise. We are not limited by gravity or physics anymore in the virtual world and seeing as how our nano-bots are self-powered units our projections will only be slightly limited in the world that we left behind. We will be able to create new kinds of structures that loop, bend, sway, twist, and twirl while being supported by thin air. We will have a new kind of fashion where it lightly snows, softly rains, whispers winds through my jacket, my trench-coat, my cape, my wings when I so desire.

Paintings will move before our eyes and we will be able to jump into the scenery and interact with The Mona Lisa, kiss Venus, party and get drunk with Dionysus. Movies may play in three dimensions and we will be able to fall in love Casablanca, become a mobster in Godfather, recover the Ark in Indiana Jones, engage in light-saber duels in Star Wars.

We will be able to live a thousand different lives because we can live forever now.

- Philosophic debates
will most likely become more heated. This is because when we question our senses, the very basic things that perceive information about the world we are in, we do not come up with very satisfactory answers. As the virtual world becomes more and more tailored to our own mind we will begin to ask: which world is real? Which people are truly human? Which ones did I create? And perhaps we will come to terms that these questions are not vital. Perhaps reality is not important. But the sense of finding the journey through strange worlds, delusions, virtual reality, imagination, etc. is.

will become close to light-speed as we are all just packets of information that can be transmitted through wires or wireless signals; unless of course we desire to experience the journey. We could pilot a submarine, air-ship, space-shuttle with just a thought. And the skills required will of course come naturally unless we desire to experience the process of practice and learning.

-The future will be full of
Impatient, Imperfect, Selfish, and very much human Gods.