Lisa barely knew how she got herself in such a problem.

Wait, scratch that. She had no idea of how she got herself in such a problem.

It must have been around ten, she wasn't sure. She and other friends had agreed to meet in the mall that afternoon, but the others were long gone. Only she and Seth were left.

She felt so awkward – holding him in a comforting hug. But she had to help him.

The story, in case you're wondering, is something far more common than it should be in a teenager's life. While both waited for their respective parents to show up and take them home, his phone rang.

Lisa only heard the brunet's part of the conversation, but it was enough to understand what was happening.

"Oh, hey!" a smile found its way to his face "How are you… oh, sure. What's it?"

Lisa could only make out a male voice from the other side of the line. Apparently, the other guy was talking. Although she did not understand what he was saying, it sounded serious. After a short while, Seth spoke again. He sounded concerned.

"Wh… what?! No, no… I mean… well… who told you that?!" he stood up violently from his place next to his blond friend, and panic was obvious on his features.

Some more words came from the phone, and Lisa only heard something like "disgusting".

"Wait! No! But…" but it was too late for the male to say anything, his friend had already hung up. He muttered a curse under his breath, which Lisa found odd. He never cursed.

"Uh…" she somehow felt like she shouldn't be asking, but it seemed like her friend needed help. He was shaking, for god's sake! "This isn't really my business, but…"

She had to stop talking when a big tear fell from his left eye. Then another, from the right eye now. They were soon followed by many more.

"Are… are you okay?!" she asked worried. It her first time seeing a guy cry in a long time. However, he gave no answer.

Well, it's not my business after all, she thought, and right when she was about to apologize, he spoke.

"It's… it's nothing, really." he clearly looked like he was trying to hold back his tears. To no avail. "But…"

Seth seemed to thing about something for a minute, and then talked again.

"Promise not to tell anyone?" he asked between sobs. His friend nodded. "That call was from the guy I kind of maybe like."

Lisa froze. She had somehow expected it, what with his attitude being close to the stereotypical gay guy and that, but it was a shock nonetheless. Especially since she had planned to confess her feelings for him that evening.

Oblivious to her reaction, the male continued to tell his story.

"Somehow… he found out I'm gay and…" he couldn't proceed, sobs escaped his throat, blocking the words, She put an arm around his shoulders, trying to comfort him, As much as the blond teen wanted to break down to tears two, she had to hold back.

"It's okay. I think I can guess what happened" she whispered in an attempt to soothe her friend's pain.

"I mean… I knew it would end up like this somehow… he already has a girlfriend, anyways, and…" still sobbing. Not good. "I always knew he hates fags, anyways."

"Was he rude? What an ass." she couldn't help the comment "C'mon, you deserve better."

A chuckle escaped the brunet's lips, among the sobs. Still, he couldn't stop crying.

"I know how you feel." she finally let out. "I mean, I haven't been insulted like that, but liking a guy who's not interested in you is hard. I know."

He smiled, but some tears kept falling.

"Hey, I'll treat you to an ice cream. That always helps." she smiled at him. Crying people made her want to cry too, but he nodded and his tears gradually stopped with the sweet treat.

Certainly not what I was expecting, but I hate seeing him cry.