Under the fullmoon it stands
Alone, an equine creature of shimmering white
A single spiral horn
Emerging from its forehead
'Neath starry skies, the unicorn watches
Watches for the maiden who will come
The maiden pure of heart
The maiden fair of noble birth who
Is the one, the only one
With the power to tame this mystical creature
This creature of gentle purity
This creature which stands in silent vigil
Come, maiden fair, the unicorn waits
As it has for many long years
Waiting for you, for you alone
Have purity to match its own
Oh, unicorn, your grace and beauty
Is legend throughout the land
You are ethereal, yet also made flesh
And your coat shines in the moonlight
Radiant white with mystical light
Its horn shining like a flawless pearl
The unicorn, a dreamlike creature
Stands tall and shimmering with inner light
'Neath the starry sky