Chapter 1


This morning was rushed as normal. I got up a little to late and in turn I was pulling on my jeans, slipping on my shoes, and grabbing the shirt closest to me when I heard Dan start his car, which was a old Dodge Charger my dad, Mike, had fixed up for him. He revved his engine signaling I better get my ass out there or he'd be leaving.

Danny Taylor has lived next-door ever since I can remember, probably longer. In high school he drove the same car he does now, he was the quarter back of the football team, and looked hot as hell so he always had a girlfriend.

I remember the day two years ago when Dan went from a somebody to a nobody just because he wanted to. He had a football scholarship to Texas A&M and everyone thought he was going to the NFL. On graduation when his parents announced they were going to travel around in their SUV for a few years before they got to old and were selling their house and giving the money to Dan for college expenses something changed his mind.

He traded Texas A&M for a two-story house and community college. As soon as he graduated he started going to the community college twenty minutes away and got a job at my dad's garage.

Dan was virtually the son my father never had, as well as the annoying and protective brother I never had to deal with. After about a year of working for my dad, my dad decided he wanted Dan to run the business once he no longer could.

I was three years younger than Dan and only a freshman in high school when he graduated high school. He is still there for me when I need someone to get me out of a sticky situation and every morning since I was 13 he has dropped me off at school. When I was younger I had a crush on Dan, or Danny as I called him when he was also younger. I used to follow Dan around like a puppy till I was about ten then my parents started letting me hangout with friends at the park down the street or go over to their houses on the weekends. Even have sleepovers sometimes. As Dan and I got older he'd drive me to school and if I ever had problems with any guys he always sat them straight.

I remember the year Dan was a senior and I was a freshman there was a guy on his football team that was a real slacker, Jacob was his name. Anyway, Jacob liked me and Dan turned practices into a living hell for Jacob because he knew Jacob just wanted to get in my pants. Although in the end I did date Jacob for a little while I broke it off after a few weeks because Jacob was only after one thing.

I also remember those warm nights when Dan's parents, Tom and Brooke, and my own would sit in the backyard and I would sit on the floor below the open bathroom window and listen to what the would talk about. On more than one occasion my father brought up how he wanted to bring Dan into the family business at the garage. Now, I wonder if Dan listened in on their conversations as I had because he now does work at the family garage along side my dad.

My father also brought up his hopes that Dan and I might marry someday. My mom, Leslie, would always scold him saying I was too young for Dan but in reality the three years between me and Dan is a lot less than the eleven between my mother and father. I wonder sometimes if Dan had heard his plans about the garage, what if he heard that my father wanted us to get married?

In the long run I don't think there will ever be anything that serious between us. But I also thought Dan would go to a great college then go to the NFL. Not twenty years old and still in the same bedroom he's had since he was born and driving me to school everyday even though I have had my own car for a year and a half now.