Chapter 2

Another Late Night Conversation

"This feels so wrong." Dan said from the floor.

I looked down at him with an exasperated face and put a finger to my lips, "Shh." I said harshly. He smiles shaking his head.

I looked back out the window watching my father open four beer bottles and start passing them out. I listened as they began to talk.

"How long has it been since we've done this?" Brooke asked taking the two beers my father offered her and passed one to Mike

"Far to long." my mother said taking a bottle also.

"I agree." dad said clinking his bottle with my moms and they clinked there bottles together in a toasts like fashion before taking a seat on the assorted lawn furniture. Dan's parents snuggled together on the big swing and my parents sat in two plastic chairs sat close together and held hands.

I sat down on the tiled bathroom floor beside Dan. I had told him about my spying habit years ago and he finally decided to try it with me but he feels like we are evading their privacy and when he said that I made a noise of disbelief. We're their kids, we're supposed to spy on them.

"How's Dan been doing?" I heard the sadness in Brooke's voice about having to ask someone else how her own son is.

"He's been doing great down at the garage, he's so good with the cars. Better than you ever were at the age Tom." Dad snickered at the last bit.

"Hey, I was more interested in driving the car not fixing it. He got that from his grandpa."

"I wasn't talking about work, meant school and life. Has he met anybody? Does he have a girlfriend? Friends?"

"He's doing great at school Brooke. By the time he's finished his four year I'm sure he could get a fantastic job."

I could just imagine my fathers face. Dan leaving the shop wasn't something he wanted, "But-"

"Hush." my mom scolded him.

"What about his personal life?"

"He's still good friends with Blake and Andrew. Then there's a real pretty redhead I've been seeing a lot of." this pretty much was Dan's social life.

Dan and I shared an amused look. The redhead was Becky. She's a year older than me in school and a lesbian. She's into racing and such and Dan's been helping her out a lot.

"Oh I've seen her around the garage with him. He's helping her fix her car up for a race thing. She's friends with Alexa." my dad told her.

I wanted to laugh. Becky was my friend but she wanted to get in my pants. Badly.

"What about Alexa? Has Dan been around her a lot?" Tom suddenly got interested in the conversation. I think my dad and him are conspiring on a way to get me and Dan married.

"Their still as close as they were when you two left." my mom said.

"I still think they'll get married someday. Don't you Tom?"

I blushed and Dan wrapped an arm around my shoulder giving me a little shake, as if saying I shouldn't be embarrassed.

"Mike stop it, Alexa's not even out of high school yet." mom chastised.

"They have always been really good together. He's never treated any girl as good as he treats Alexa." Tom says seriously.

"Tom you are not going to start this again." Brooke was getting as frustrated as my mom.

"Well they'd have a really happy marriage." he said matter-of-factly.

"I could see them with lots of kids too." my dad seemed in a daze.

"Michael! Please stop." mom was upset, I could tell. She liked Dan just as much as he did but the fact was Dan and I were good together and a part of her always has been scared to leave us alone together because of what might happen. Like Dan taking advantage of me or something. She knows it would never happen but the potential for it to happen was there and she knew that too.

"Les, I'm sorry." dad apologized.

"I've told you a thousand times I don't want to have this conversation. If they get together then you can talk about this." mom's voice was strained with frustration.

"Leslie I'm so sorry. Tom and I will leave. We'll see you tomorrow."

The adults said their goodbyes then all was quiet. Dan and I sat on the floor for another five minutes in a awkward silence before I looked to make sure they were gone. My dad was sitting on the swing with his arms wrapped around my mom, and she was crying. I closed the window quietly then sat back down.

"My mom's crying."

"Why does the thought of there being a relationship between us scare her?"

"I think it has to do with how her and my dad got together. Because she's only 34 which means she had to have been in high school when she got pregnant with me and my dad's 11 years older than her so he was about 30. So there is defiantly a story there."

"I knew your mom was younger than him but that sounds-"

"Bad. I know."

"Do you no anything about what happened with them?"


Dan looked at the clock and I glanced too, 11:38. We looked back at each other.

"I should be going. I have work tomorrow."

"I'll see you tomorrow sometime." we leaned into each other and hugged.

He smelled so good and was so warm I just wanted to stay there all night.

"Do you think we'll get married?" the words slipped before I could even stop them.