I wrote this to my mom on Mother's day because i feel this is how she thinks of me at times. lol. I hope you like it!

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one can ever take.

-Cardinal Mamillod

Deffination of Sweater: a garment worn by child when mother is feeling chilly.-Unknown

Janet sighed as a smile of satisfaction turned the corners of her lips. "Perfect!" she cried, as she examined her masterpiece. All three of the children gasped at what the mirror held, but she didn't believe it was a gasp of pleasure.

"But Mum!" the twins groaned in unison.

"You two look like perfect little gentlemen!" Janet said, as she examined the five year olds' outfits of pressed white shirts and black pants.

"What about me Mommy?" the girl of six asked.

"Just beautiful!" She bounced the girl's blond curls in her hand as she giggled.

The doorbell rang, causing Janet's grin to spread wider across her young face.

"You three wait patiently for me, okay?" Before an answer could ever reach her ears, she raced out the bedroom door, through the living room that smelled of air freshener, and up to the front door.

With a deep breath, she pulled it open and looked out at the man that had been concealed behind it. "Hey, Jim!"

He smiled at her words. "You have to come over here," he urgently said, taking her by the hand and leading her out to the car. He held up a finger to her before leaning over into the car. When he pulled out, he held a bouquet of roses in his hand and presented them to her.

"Aw! Thank you so much!" she grabbed the roses and hugged him with one hand. "Well, thank you very much, but I need to get inside, I'm scared that they'll find something to ruin before I get in."

He gladly followed her into the foyer and watched her as she set the roses in a vase on the oak table.

"Ahh! Mommy!" Sam screamed.

Janet spun around as her daughter rushed in, blue clothed her body.

"She's getting away!" Dane yelled, as his twin ran beside him. The two entered the room two abreast as they held the Bingo ink dauber, chasing the girl. The white shirts were stained in blue as they raced in yelling the whole way. They plowed Samantha into the ground, but when they hit, they slid into the table, and knocked down a pile of papers and the roses.

Janet groaned, closing her eyes in horror, trying to bite back a scream that was trying to breach her lips. Her jaw was clenched and she couldn't even manage to open her eyes.

"Hey, Janet?" Jim asked.

"What? Huh? You need something?" she asked.

"Why don't you go sit down on the couch, I'll take care of this."

"Huh? Really? You are a life savior," she whispered, turning around and finally opening her eyes as she shuffled into the living room. She wasn't even sure the voice had been her own.

The TV was on and commercials strolled across the screen.

"Are you just sick and tired of the same things day after day?"

Janet looked up at the screen where a woman, with hair pulled back so tight into a bun she could almost hear her scalp scream, stood. She looked right into Janet's green eyes with a relaxed smile on her face.

"Are you just exasperated with your children?"

Janet caught her self nodding, before looking away, embarrassed, but her eyes quickly found their way back to the screen.

"Remember, here at Trade-a-Kid, less is more."

Janet cocked her head to one side and eyed the TV suspiciously, but the commercial became her only distraction.

Bun lady walked through glass doors and into a building. "At Trade-a-Kid, you don't have to deal with those screaming whining kids when you just don't have time to please them. Bring them in and exchange them for the new low price of $18.85. That's right! For just $18.85. But wait there's more! We have kids of all ages! You just come right in, state the sex, age, and all that good stuff and get the perfect child of your choice! Each come with their own supplies! So furnish nothing parent wannabees! But hurry while good supplies last! Because everyone knows that no one wants an idiot for a child. So parents when you've just had enough, don't wait! Get your pick today! And for only $5.99 you can ship them back next day."

"Honey, are you okay?"

Janet looked up at Jim who was watching her with a concerned look. "Of course, why?"

"Because you've been staring at a blank television screen for five minutes now."

"Really? Such a shame." She frowned.

Sound of shuffling brought her to her senses and she looked up. The twins walked in with their heads down, and redressed into something nice, but not as nice as they had looked. They parted and Samantha walked through with the flowers which she handed to Janet. A few of them were nearly petalless, but Janet took them anyway.

"We just wanted to say that we are sorry," they said in unison.

She sighed. "Thanks," she said, with a small smile. They all rushed forward to hug her tightly. "I wouldn't sell you guys anyway."

"What?" they cried, rushing away to hide behind Jim.