Summary: Lynn is living the normal teenage life-well as normal she can as she spends her time with her werewolf friends and family. She's patiently waiting for her werwolf change to come, wanting to fit in and actually be a werewolf. While she waits, life's normal high school problems and boys-yes boys-keep her distracted. Her normal, happy life soon meets tragic, death, and possibly even werewolf wars when she and her werewolf friends least expect it-changing their werewolf lives. They were prepared for Lynn to have her werewolf change but they weren't prepared for the change life and enemies would bring.

Chapter 1: November Morning

"Lynn, what are you doing out here?" a voice asked, interrupting the early November morning silence. I didn't need to turn around to know the person who decided to join me out on the balcony porch.

"I can't go to sleep," I answered a bit frustrated as I trained my eyes on the horizon. The sun was just rising—behind the silhouette of the tall oak and pine trees that were miles away—filling the sky with yellow and orange glows.

"Everyone's going to wake up in thirty minutes or so," the same voice stated as I heard the balcony door slide close. I didn't move from my perch on the edge of the bench as Colton took a seat beside me, leaning against the cushioned back.

"What are you doing up?" I asked as my eyes followed a couple of birds flutter out of a nearby tree. I cast my eyes downward to see the huge landscape of the backyard. A pool and Jacuzzi were located near the barbeque grill. There was also a little jungle gym and playground. The rest of the backyard was just an open field of grass.

"Same as you," Colton answered a matter-of-factly before he let out an audible breath. I stared at the enormous field of grass. The field of grass where us—werewolves—can play and run without the fear of being seen by humans.

"When will the change come?" I asked quietly, more to myself than to Colton. Both my parents are werewolves so it's inevitable that I'll become one too; it's hereditary. The question is, when? You're born as a normal kid—human—but at a certain age, the werewolf change comes and you're able to change whenever you want. I guess you could call it like maturity. And also like maturity, the werewolf change comes at different ages for different people.

"Soon," Colton simply answered. I twisted my body around to Colton. His hazel eyes were lazily looking out at the horizon. I gripped the light blue blanket around me as Colton turned his face towards me. He still had that baby cuteness on his face I've seen so many times since we were younger. Now sixteen, he's still has the amazing looks though that cuteness wore off to obtain a mature look. He looked very attractive with his smooth, tan skin. His short bronze hair tousled that seemed all too welcoming to run my slender fingers through.

I simply sighed as I returned Colton's stare. Colton had his werewolf change when he was fourteen. I was happy for him—just like the other werewolves and werewolves-to-be—but I soon became harmlessly jealous. Even Stacy, a twelve year old girl though now werewolf, just had her change two weeks ago. Twelve years old! I'm about to turn sixteen this summer and I still haven't had the change.

"I forgot to ask you. How come you're not at your house?" Colton asked curiously, breaking the silence between us and changing the subject. I leaned back onto the cushioned back of the bench and I couldn't help but notice that he was sitting just two feet away from me. Colton was referring to why I wasn't at home and instead at The Commons, the werewolf meeting house.

"Sophie has Brianna over," I answered simply, referring to my little five year old sister Sophie. Whenever Brianna is over at our place, it's a huge warning telling me to run out of the house. If I stayed in the house, the little girls would force me play dress up and Rock Band and all the other things little girls do to play. I did not need that because I had to study for school.

Brianna's parents are also werewolves. A matter of fact, we're all members of a werewolf pack. We all hang out with one another like at birthday parties, barbeques, and vacations, everywhere you could imagine. The only times we hang out with humans are when we go to school and when the adults go to work.

"What are you doing here?" I returned the question, fiddling with the corner of my blue cotton blanket.

"Parents have work early and I need a ride to school," Colton stated simply without breaking eye contact.

Just like normal people, we all lived with our families in our own homes. But unlike normal people, all the parents chipped in some money to buy a house—the house Colton and are I now in, and the other werewolves who are sleeping at this moment—to serve as a meeting place or household that's welcome to all werewolf families.

We nicknamed this house as The Commons. Don't tell me where the name came from because I have no idea. The Commons was more of a place for the kids and teenagers. Some of the teenagers spend the nights here instead of their houses if they feel like it. It's even recommended by the parents that the teenagers hang out as much with each other as possible—a theory that if you hang out with werewolves, you tend to bring on the change faster. The Commons is never empty.

Sometimes we just come here to hang out with our other peers or do homework, have sleepovers. It's like a second home for us werewolves. The Commons isn't huge like a mansion but not small. It was cozy and had three bedrooms downstairs and five bedrooms upstairs.

Whoever wants to spend the night at The Commons is welcome to take any room they want. Each room has two beds or more. Though the rooms aren't assigned to anybody, it's very clear of which room are the girls and the boys.

"Well, I better go back to bed," I stated though I didn't make a move to get up. I spent the night in one of the upstairs bedrooms with my two best friends, Natalie and Emma. Colton gave me a slight smile before saying, "Lynn, this could be a sign."

I narrowed my eyes at him skeptically. "A sign? What sign?"

"You woke up early. That's a sign that the change is coming," Colton said with a smile than teased, "Maybe."

I laughed, "Maybe huh?" Colton shrugged his shoulders with a smirk. I knew the signs of the werewolf change; my parents and the other werewolf adults always inform the kids. Some of the signs are waking up early and eating a lot.

"I don't think it's the change," I stated as I looked away from Colton back to the rising sun. "I just think it's because we have a huge major history test tomorrow."

Colton instantly groaned which startled me. I creased my eyebrows at him as he looked back at me with a sheepish grin. "Sorry. I just totally forgot about that test. You want to study together tonight?"

"Yeah, I definitely need a study partner," I agreed with a nod, trying to disguise the slight excitement that sparked in me at the thought of spending more time with Colton.

"Well, don't worry. The change will come," Colton reassured me, casually placing his hand on my knee. "It'll come, just be patient."

I looked up from his hand that was placed on top of the cotton blanket that covered all part of my body. His hazel eyes met mine and I couldn't help but smile for his reassurance.

"Thanks," my voice came out soft as a November wind made its appearance and tousled my brown hair from my shoulders. I instantly shivered and wrapped the blanket closer to my body. I was aware when Colton removed his hand from my knee. "You're not cold?" I asked dubiously, taking in his basketball shorts and plain white t-shirt.

"A bit," he admitted after a moment. I stared at him for a few seconds before he teased, "You care to share your blanket with me?"

I let out a little laugh as I scooted over to him, and spread the blanket over our bodies. I curled my legs up onto the bench as I formed into a little ball. I brought the cotton blanket up to my chin as I looked away from Colton and towards the horizon.

"You're pretty warm to be stating that you're cold," I stated as I turned my gaze back to Colton as I realized how warm his body heat was next to mine. I quirked my shaped eyebrow at him as he looked at me amused.

"It's not like werewolves are always hot," he informed me, mentioning the body heat werewolves produce. Sure they don't get as cold as easily as humans or werewolves-to-be but they can still get cold sometimes. The blanket that covered his chest slipped down towards his lap; he left it there. It was probably at least 60 degrees outside.

"Well, I'm cold," I stated with a bit of stubbornness in my voice. "Look at my arms, they have goose bumps." I took my arms out from under the blanket and rubbed my palm down the goose bumps on my upper arms.

"Aw, you cold?" Colton teased, creating a frown on his face. Before I could open my mouth he continued his tone as if he were talking to a baby, "Lynn, you want me to warm you up?"

I instantly laughed and rolled my eyes at his corniness though I didn't push him away as he comfortably brought his left, strong arm around me that only brought me closer to him and his body heat.

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