Oh Tequila
What a mixture.
Throw some love into the picture
Oh and Lemons
Do forgive me,
For my own thoughts did abuse me…

Margaritas, Margaritas,
Slam the wineglass,
Time for more?
Strain your old mind,
Close your blind eyes,
Drop and lie there on the floor,

One more shot please,
Almost done now,
Stayed awake for this long somehow,
But will I now,
Can I make it?
Years ago, I'd told you I'd quit.

Margaritas, Margaritas,
Ain't as easy
As it seems,
Send a postcard,
Fireworks with New Years themes,
Baby, soon I'll
Hit the road so,
I might kill three kids or four more,
That ain't bad
I'll hit-and-run,
And Blow'm a kiss; that sounds like fun.