Great, rearing columns of red, purple, yellow

Pulse against the sky

Are the sky

We move through the world

Rivers of serene green energy

We are also blue

A mighty white swan spreads

Its wings into the arching clouds

And a golden man sits on the roof

The Technicolor caterpillar

A million miles long

Splits into white butterflies that perch upon my finger

The world is vibrating, singing

We are the song

It laughs, we are the air from its lungs

Beyond the intense rainbow columns

That support the vaulted heaven

There are infinitely more columns

And beyond that, there is nothing

There is us, ourselves

And there is the multitude everything

My skin is tingling; it is a layer of sun

It is your skin; it is the energy that swirls like dust in the light.

my God, this is beautiful.