You're not close enough

You're never close enough.

Leave your clothes on, that's not what I meant.

Then what do you mean?

I don't know, all I know is you're not close enough.

You seem…distant. It hurts me.

I can get closer.

Don't touch me like that. That's not what I want.

I don't understand you! I can't get closer if you don't let me!

(you're screaming, stop screaming)

I said don't touch me like that!

You said I wasn't close enough! I'm trying to get closer to you!

That's not what I meant!

You seem even farther now.

I haven't even moved away! I'm right here!

You're getting farther! Stop leaving! You can't leave me!

Please don't leave, all the progress we've made!

(you're crying, stop crying)

I HAVEN'T MOVED! What progress? You never let us get any farther!

I don't want us to get farther. We've made so much progress. We should be closer.

(you're not understanding, try understanding)

Neither of us have moved! You won't let us be closer!

Yes I will. I'm trying to help us get closer!

Then how come you won't let me touch you! You're not helping us get closer, you're keeping us apart!

Because… that's not what I mean. Why can't you understand?

You're the one that can't understand.


(you left, you're farther than ever, come back we need to be closer, you're gone, why don't you understand?)