"Hey! What do you think your doing?!" the furious shout split the cool, quiet spring night just after the bell for nightfall rang. Startled Johnny let go of the cat he was struggling to get into the bucket and dropped it into the well. A panicked glance over his shoulder sent him racing off down the hill.

"Get back here Johnny!" Tommy screamed angrily storming over to the well. "Where do you think your going?!" Shooting an enraged look in the direction Johnny had fled; Tommy decided to deal with Johnny later. Turning his attention to the well he peered into its dark depth but was unable to see the bottom.

"Kitty Cat?" He called "I'm going to lower the bucket. If you get into it I can haul you out!" And proceeded to do just that until he herd the splash of the bucket hit the water at the bottom, he then waited a minute listening intently before pulling the bucket upwards.

It was heavier than before. The cat's weight or just water? He hoped it was the cat, he should have known something was up when he'd noticed it wasn't in the barn but he'd been a bit preoccupied. Figured it was out doing cat stuff. Not that that was any excuse. What if Johnny had hurt the cat first? What if the cat had hurt itself during its fall? If it didn't come up with the bucket what was he going to do?

Henry would help, he thought, if I went into the well to get the cat he'd help. Tommy started planning what he'd need if he had to that – but no. There was the cat sitting in the bucket. All shivery and miserable. Suppressing an 'Awwww' at just how cut the thing looked he picked up the cat and cuddled it.

"Merow" it went quietly snuggling closer. Shaking his head Tommy turned away from the well and headed home with the cat.

Once home he dried the cat off as best he could with a towel and setting it on the floor.

"You hungry?" He asked it before heading to his kitchen. The cat meowed, twining around his legs and almost tripping him over.

"I'll take that as a yes" He said amused hunting around the kitchen. What did he have that was suitable to feed to a cat he wondered. Finally setting on some fish for the cat and beef for himself he set about setting it up.

After dinner he set the fire in his room, stripped and curled up on his bed. The cat followed him and curled up on his chest. With a laugh Tommy pushed it off.

"Your heavy" he complained "I can't breathe with you lying on my chest" the cat made a sound awfully like a snort. Tommy drifted off to sleep with a smile curving his lips.

Upon waking Tommy found himself unreasonably hot. It took a moment for him to realise it was because of the extra body heat of his bed partner. Chuckling to himself over his silliness he relaxed against the body behind him. He hadn't had a bed partner in so long he forgotten what it felt like-waitaminute.

Tommy's eyes snapped open and he lunged out of the bed. There hadn't been anybody in bed with him when he'd gone to sleep! Just the cat!

"Who are you? What are you doing in my bed? Get out!" He cried snatching up the poker from the fire and spinning around. His bed partner blinked at him sleepily and yawned.

"What?" he questioned. "It's too early. Come back to bed"

"No! Don't make me repeat myself!" His bed partner stood up, unconcernedly showing off his naked body and rubbed his head mussing up all his hear. Tommy starred momentarily forgetting his himself and just appreciated the magnificent body resenting itself to him.

"What did you ask?" he scrunched up his face trying to remember then gave Tommy a speculative glance.

"The names Eddy" he told Tommy "And you were happy to let me in your bed last night" He smirked and Tommy saw red.

"Are you insane! The only one I let in my bed last night was… the… cat…" He trailed off starring at the great furry black tail and swept over the bed to curl around the mans-Eddy's middle. Wordlessly he gapped at Eddy.

"Get it now?" Eddy questioned amused. Tommy flushed.

"You're the cat" He said flatly, disbelieving.

"Yip. Thanks by the way" Eddy said stalking closer to Tommy who backed away.


"For rescuing me. From the well" Eddy explained running his eyes over Tommy's exposed flesh. Which was a lot of flesh since Tommy was naked. Abruptly realising this Tommy turned away to get some clothes when arms wrapped around his middle.

"Getting dressed?" A voice purred in his ear "Please. What do you take me for?" Then he was pulled back and pushed on the bed. Tommy sputtered getting a face full of fabric and rolled over but before he could get up Eddy straddled him.

"Where do you think your going?" He asked leaning down to lick Tommy's neck and getting a shiver in return.

"W-what are you doing!" exclaimed Tommy squirming.

"Thanking you" Eddy smirked and continued to 'Thank' Farmer Tommy all day.

Ding, dong, bell,

Pussy's in the well.

Who put her in?

Little Johnny Green.

Who pulled her out?

Little Tommy Stout.

What a naughty boy was that,

To try to drown poor pussy cat,

Who ne'er did him any harm,

But killed all the mice in the farmer's barn