Blood Brothers

"Sara," the Voice called, stretching out her name. "Sara, open the door Sara. Let me in."
No, I can't. Thought Sara. Not tonight; Matthew's home. "I can't let him in." She told herself as she moved toward the door. Why did this happen? Why is it that she had no control over herself when she heard the Voice? She knew that she shouldn't listen to the Voice but she couldn't help herself. Couldn't ever help herself. Couldn't resist the deep baritone, wasn't sure if she wanted to resist it. Matthew wouldn't want her to open the door. He would want her to call to him, to 'help' her resist. Yeah, well, maybe she didn't want his help, didn't want to resist. Maybe she wanted to let the man in. She felt her hand twist the bolt lock open, pull back on the door.
"Yes, Sara, open the door. Be a good girl, Sara, and let me in. You want to let me in, don't you Sara?" The Voice taunted. "Open the door and let me in, Sara." The Voice was soothing, hypnotic in the way he kept repeating her voice. Why was it that she didn't want to let in the Voice? Oh, she couldn't remember. It must have been something silly. Of course he could come in!
Night after night he came, his hypnotic voice coxing her to open the door. Only . . . after he left, she couldn't remember anything that had happened. It was always this way. He'd come, he'd leave, she'd remember nothing - over and over again. She thought that maybe it was just a dream. Her mother said that she had always had an over active imagination, especially for anything dark in nature.
She could see him now, this dream guy of hers. He was gorgeous. Black hair that hung loosely around his sexy, deep green eyes. Oh so very deep. And those shoulders, muscular and well toned. If only he were real and not a dream.
"It's not a dream Sara." He said.
"Yes it is. It has to be. I don't let strangers in my room." She said quite stupidly, considering who was standing in front of her. "Besides, my brother . . ."
". . . can do nothing to save you tonight, my dear. Tonight, you will be mine and if he interrupts, well, your better off not knowing.." He said. He swept back her golden hair and sank his teeth into her neck. He savored the sweetness of her blood, as it flowed down his throat. Tonight he would not stop. Tonight she would be his.
"Damn you, vampire, leave her the hell alone!" Sara's brother screamed, throwing the thing off his sister. Matthew landed hard on his knees, winced from the pain and struggled to his feet. He was determined not to face the creature on all fours.
"It's too late! I've drained her of her blood! And you might as well consider yours gone as well." The Voice said. Matthew had no time to react. Before the last word had even tumbled out of the vampires mouth, the creature had the boy by the throat and was swiftly draining his blood. When he was done, he let the boy slump clumsily to the floor and wiped the blood off his chin. Now brother and sister lay side by side on the linoleum floor, blood drained, faces pale.
"Hmmmm. Matthew, Matthew, Matthew. It didn't have to be this way you know. I love her. I wanted to be with her forever; I didn't want to take her away from you. But then again, this could be a good thing. I've always wanted a brother." With that, he bit his wrist and pored his blood into the mouths of the barely conscious teens.