"Wake up"
"Wah?" Matthew uttered.
"Wake up, Matthew!" He recognized the voice now. It was Sara.
Matthew sat up suddenly as he remembered what had happened. He looked around, trying to make out where he was and realized that he was lying on a cot in a basement of sorts. And he knew one thing. His home didn't have any such place.
"Oh. I see your awake. Finally. Did you have a good nap?" A familiar voice sounded from across the room. Matthew felt himself start to boil with rage. This was the creature that had been trying to take his sister. Try to make her one of them. And now, appearently, he had succeeded.
"Calm down, Matt." Sara said soothinly to him. "Calm down."
"Why are we here? I know that you wanted Sara, but why have you kept me alive?" Appearently Matthew hadn't heard the Vampire's mutterings the night before.
"Because, oh, I don't know. Maybe you'll prove to be an interesting companion. My name, by the way, is David. Now come on, it's time to feed." The vampire said, rising to his feet.
"What? What!?" Matthew asked. "Feed? Um, no, I don't think so."
"Well, it's either that or die. I personally don't care."
"I'd rather die then drink someone's blood." He responded.
"Matt," Sara said softly, "come with us. I don't want to go without you. I wouldn't be able to live I you died." Her voice was so soft, tantalizing. Matthew couldn't help but give into her.
"I'll go Sara. For you." What was he doing? He couldn't really be one of those foul creatures. Couldn't really believe that he was about to follow David on some hunt for blood. But yet a part of him lusted for it. Craved it. He felt a pulsating pressure in his mouth and realized that, with his craving, his teeth had grown long and sharp. Fangs.
Appearently David had sensed his craving, because he was looking at him with an expression of triumph. Then it hit him. David had been using Sara to get to him. He had been using that 'voice' of his to control her because he knew that Matthew couldn't tell his sister no.
And now it was too late. He craved the blood deeply now, wanted it so bad, so completely. Yes, it was definitely too late. He started walking after David, who had already left with Sara by his side, and was surprised by the speed and power of his stride. In moments he had caught up with the two.
"So I guess you'd rather not die." David said snickering. "Shame."
"Shut up."
They walked side by side, the three of them, along a dark hall littered with cobwebs, dust, and mildew. The air was heavy with death and hung about them like a black velvet curtain. How long would it take them to get out of this hell hole?
"I hope you got a good look at last night's sunset." David said unexpectedly, his voice surprisingly loud in the long Hall. "Because you'll never see another one. Well, you could, but you'd be sore for weeks. And that's only if the sun doesn't kill you straight off. Now forget all that other crap about crosses, churches, garlic, coffins and what not, because it's just that. Crap." He finished, and as he did, the group exited the hall.
"Also, certain herbs, used in the right way can kill a vampire or at least badly injure one. These are used mainly by slayers and witches, but you shouldn't come across two many of those."
Matthew found himself standing in a room with a large, comfortable looking bed opposite the door. Other than that, the room was sparsely furnished. On the bed was a young woman, breathing deeply in her sleep. From here, she looked vaguely familiar.
"This will be your room Matthew. You'll find your meal on the bed. Tomorrow you will hunt your own meal." David announced. "I'm taking Sara to her room now, and you won't see either of us until tomorrow night. Have a nice meal." He left snickering, Sara by her side.
Matthew looked over at the bed and grimaced. He didn't want to take this girls life, but knew that he must. He had a nagging feeling that if he didn't, David would only kill her anyway. As he started toward the bed, he realized that he did indeed know the girl. It was Amber from his homeroom, a girl he had been in love with for over a year. He couldn't possibly do this.
Yet he continued toward the bed anyway. This thirst of his was unimaginable. Before he could stop himself, he was upon her, his teeth in her soft neck draining her of her life fluids. It was ecstasy. Pure ecstasy! He was ecstatic. He'd never felt this way before in his life! Then again, he'd never been a vampire before.
"Matt?" A voice questioned groggily. It was Amber. He quickly sat up, a stream of blood running down his chin. "What? Where...where am I?" She continued calmly, considering what had just happened to her. But then she noticed the blood on Matthew, shrieking as she did. "What the hell did you do to me?! What did you do to..." Her screams were silenced as Matthew clamped his hand over her mouth."
"Shhhh." Matthew said softly as he bent down again to her neck and continued to drink the sweet blood that his body craved so much. Amber went limb beneath him and he knew that he had taken enough. But he couldn't stand to see her die. He had loved her since he met her. Her red hair falling over her laughing brown eyes, her lips curled into a smile. "I love you Amber." There. He had said it. Maybe a bit too late, but he had said it just the same.
"Help me. Help me Matt." The girl muttered. "Don't let me die. I don't want to die, Matt." But he knew that there was nothing that he could do. Unless... Unless. Matthew lifted his wrist to his mouth and after biting it deeply, put it down to Ambers lips and let his blood drip into her mouth. He looked at her and watched her breathing slow and then stop as breathing became unnecessary. She was so lovely.
"Please don't hate me for this." The new vampire whispered to the girl as he lay on the bed beside her. "Please don't hate me."