I can trace your countours
In the soft air with my fingernail
From pure transparent memory

I can feel your body warming
As I lean over your shoulder
To tell you just what I think of you

And I can touch your heart
Without laying a hand anywhere
Near your steady beating breast

But I just can't resist aggravating the situation
I want to mold you out of the thin atmosphere
Want to feel you getting hot under your burning skin
I want to grab you, pull you under deeper and deeper

The world is not enough - I want you
Don't tell me I can't have it, I know you want me to
From the way you smile so darkly when I go
Your eyes alight with a desperation I have never known

There's an echo of the devil in your soft hand
Trailing down my face, slipping down my neck, and
Stopping just above my open button as you say goodbye
As if I couldn't feel the heated tremble you're trying to deny

I have a secret I am whispering into your open lips
But I can't remember what it is, or why I'm doing this
You're telling me to lay down next to you on the floor
There's a thrill I want to fill me up and spill and fill some more
And I think that this is something that I have done before
But I can't remember ever being under you like this
I don't know when you took control, and I don't really care
I don't know anything except I want you to stay right there
Less than a second and the moment's flown, you're rolling
Over to the side and I am stopping you because I'm calling
Out your name for the last time tonight and I want to do it
With you on top where you belong above me just like this

Your heart is cold and dripping on the bed
Thawed and melting as we lay front to back
Asleep; I know because I woke up in the dark
To feel the teardrops you had leaked onto my back

I can taste your bitterness and sin, you think I've given in
That I'm attracted by pure physical seduction
I can tell you that you're wrong, you're so not right
Because I am here to hold you through the night