night time was always your conclusive

colour; silkily dripping over you,

smooth as melting wax and

fragrant like the summer evening,

winding down on the porch while all around you

the darkness cools and solidifies.


footsteps echo louder under the

golden circles of humming street lights

but toes tread softer over the warm tarmac

and the shadows eclipse elusive truths

and welcome themselves beneath

the soft leather of your gloves


fingerprintless handles turn under your touch

into dark rooms with windows flung wide to cool brittle air

and the white billow of net and lace at the hinge

blows quietly back and forth.

faceless bodies sleep dreamlessly under thin

blankets, ribboned to temper their flaming skin.


wisps of carbon dioxide sigh inaudibly from

the curve of bite-marks on your lower lip,

as your eyes stray weightlessly on the silvered path

the moon weaves across the tiled floor, to the bedside,

where now you find yourself, stroking noiselessly

the pillow-pressed hair or arms that splay haphazardly


and unsuspectingly they turn, as

your seductive scent cages their sleepy hearts

into your lustful fingers, and you wander their

vales and ridges delicately, deliciously, a creeping insect

to devour every part of their naive, naked body;

an orchestra silently crescendoing into private heaven


hushed, you leave them mostly untouched,

though your faultless face will probably

stitch itself, unknown, on the faces of

those they envisage late,

when erotica is less lonely and

you are gone away

have i already posted this one somewhere? i don't think so :S i know its still a little rough, but please r'n'r.

succubus - In folkore, A Succubus (plural succubi) is a demon who takes the form of a highly attractive woman to seduce men (wikipedia)